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Jennifer was a member of FOXHOUND, who formerly served in the Resistance in Outer Heaven.


Operation Intrude N313

Having infiltrated the Outer Heaven fortress by posing as a member of the medical staff, Resistance member Jennifer provided support to Solid Snake of FOXHOUND during Operation Intrude N313. After gaining her trust by rescuing other POWs in the fortress, Jennifer prepared a rocket launcher for Snake to use against the "Arnold" cyberoids. Later, she supplied him with a compass and antidote, both of which were necessary for traversing the scorpion-inhabited northern desert to reach Metal Gear. In return, Snake managed to save her brother from the mercenary Coward Duck. During Snake's battle against Big Boss, Jennifer told Snake to come back alive.

Operation 747

SR Jennifer portrait


Three years later, Jennifer worked as a double agent for both FOXHOUND and a terrorist group. Eventually, she ended up having her cover blown by the terrorist group, an action that resulted in Nick Myer's death. Snake managed to save Jennifer before he went on to destroy Metal Gear 2.

Behind the scenes


Jennifer's bio in the Snake's Revenge manual.

Jennifer (ジェニファー Jenifā?) appears in the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Metal Gear, where she provides the player with essential equipment required for completing the game. This forces the player to achieve a four-star rank, by rescuing POWs in the fortress, so that she can be contacted over the radio.

Jennifer returns in the non-canonical sequel, Snake's Revenge. In the manual for the game, Jennifer is jokingly described as possibly being related to "Ginger from Gilligan's Island" and is referred to as "Jennifer X." The manual also implies that her secret codename is "Yr. Person." Likewise, because of a translation error, Nick's revelation made it seem as though Jennifer was actually spying on FOXHOUND for the terrorist group rather than it being that her cover was blown by the terrorist group she was spying on for FOXHOUND. Her appearance in the manual is also somewhat different from her appearance in the (Japanese MSX2) manual of Metal Gear.[1]


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