MPOP Chiba Soldier

The Chiba Soldier

The Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (MPO+) features 47 local soldiers based on the prefectures of Japan. These Japanese prefecture soldiers (都道府県兵 todōfuken hei?) can be recruited by either, using the PlayStation Portable's GPS Receiver device (sold separately) within said prefectures or by inputting a password. Each prefecture soldier has the name of the prefecture written in kanji on the front, a map of the prefecture on the back, and are colored based on the region the prefecture is located. Kanto soldiers are dressed in blue camouflage, Kyushu soldiers are in red, Chubu soldiers are in brown, Shikoku soldiers are in orange, Chugoku soldiers are in yellow, Tohoku soldiers are in green, Kansai soldiers are in pink and the Hokkaido soldier wears light blue. Unlike the local soldiers in the other versions of Portable Ops Plus, these are counted in the game's soldier list, resulting in a much larger number of soldiers that the player needs to recruit in order to complete the list (115 in contrast to the 68 in other versions). As such, the soldiers also come with their own biography giving the general outline of their character plus a unique trait about them. Their general bio implied that they joined FOXHOUND specifically to gain enough combat experience to become mercenaries.

At the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, a special version of the Chiba Soldier was offered as a wireless download at the Konami booth. This soldier was given the name of "Tiba," 50000 EXP, 260 Life, 560 Stamina, 60 Sense, and the careers of Gambler and Deliveryman.


  • Chiba - WCEKUUIFYL
  • Ibaraki - BCANLQFFYIQH
  • Kanagawa - PUDUHLGYI
  • Saitama - CWAITBCOOCK
  • Tochigi - IVPKYLLOZ
  • Fukuoka - VNTNXRTARE
  • Kumamoto - JLNKHPNPUG
  • Kagoshima - TIPTJBPBDRC
  • Nagasaki - DQGNINYDFJ
  • Miyazaki - RGVHMBNGZW
  • Oita - TLHNUWGAH
  • Okinawa - WRIUTFAXHJEY
  • Ishikawa - UAXXPUVPDO
  • Nagano - MCLUDUHVYXK
  • Niigata - YUWFXOSWCL
  • Shizuoka - USHSRCKAFXP
  • Yamanashi - JLCLIKTLNUDF
  • Kochi - ODCGGWXSR
  • Tokushima - IPXSOXSXJR
  • Hiroshima - OKTCYGRIJ
  • Okayama - LOUFENBOU
  • Shimane - HMUWKMFTCNNS
  • Tottori - JQWIZYFFEKZ
  • Yamaguchi - QDALFVESWDP
  • Akita - DHZRJHNUSK
  • Aomori - SRTUDQCNW
  • Fukushima - WNLDBQMKKOO
  • Iwate - BVXHFXWBIU
  • Yamagata - PHEIYETKZBIH
  • Hyogo - WJEYUQZKQ
  • Kyoto - QCHHYLUCO
  • Nara - KUYLPAGRY
  • Osaka - TBRGXQUZQU
  • Shiga - QVNHQRKFKL
  • Wakayama - VDBEUCYTQF
  • Hokkaido - WMFNYURDKEK



A member of a specially enhanced unit who has been deployed to his hometown. A certain "device" seems to be required in order to contact him. Moreover, he apparently wants to become a freelance soldier by joining a unit with as much real combat experience as possible.
―Japanese Local Soldier basic biography (Japanese and English translation, respectively) in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus.
His favorite dish is Jingisukan.
―Hokkaido Soldier description
Likes apples.
―Aomori Soldier description
Loves Wanko Soba.
―Iwate Soldier description
Loves beef tongue.
―Miyagi Soldier description
Likes Kiritampo.
―Akita Soldier description
Loves cherries.
―Yamagata Soldier description
Likes ramen and peaches.
―Fukushima Soldier description
Loves natto soybeans.
―Ibaraki Soldier description
Loves strawberries.
―Tochigi Soldier description
His favorite treat is yaki-manju.
―Gunma Soldier description
Likes senbei crackers.
―Saitama Soldier description
His favorite snack are peanuts.
―Chiba Soldier description
Likes radio towers and sushi.
―Tokyo Soldier description
Has an interest in Chinatowns and giant Buddha statues.
―Kanagawa Soldier description
His favorite meal is rice.
―Niigata Soldier description
Loves trout sushi.
―Toyama Soldier description
Has an interest in lacquerware and gardens.
―Ishikawa Soldier description
Loves snow crabs.
―Fukui Soldier description
Likes grapes and peaches.
―Yamanashi Soldier description
Likes soba and mountains.
―Nagano Soldier description
Has an interest in cormorant fishing.
―Gifu Soldier description
Likes tea.
―Shizuoka Soldier description
Loves Miso Katsu.
―Aichi Soldier description
His favorite dish is the Japanese spiny lobster.
―Mie Soldier description
Loves funazushi.
―Shiga Soldier description
Loves the Gion Festival.
―Kyoto Soldier description
Loves takoyaki.
―Osaka Soldier description
Loves akashiyaki.
―Hyogo Soldier description
Has an interest in giant Buddha statues and deers.
―Nara Soldier description
Likes apricots and mikan oranges.
―Wakayama Soldier description
Likes sand dunes and pears.
―Tottori Soldier description
Loves izumo soba.
―Shimane Soldier description
Loves millet dumplings.
―Okayama Soldier description
Loves okonomiyaki pancakes and oysters.
―Hiroshima Soldier description
Loves puffer fish.
―Yamaguchi Soldier description
His favorite fruit is sudachi.
―Tokushima Soldier description
His favorite dish is sanuki udon.
―Kagawa Soldier description
Likes mikan oranges and hot springs.
―Ehime Soldier description
His favorite dish is minced jack mackerel.
―Kochi Soldier description
Loves mentaiko with mustard.
―Fukuoka Soldier description
His favorite snack are maruboro cookies.
―Saga Soldier description
Likes sara udon.
―Nagasaki Soldier description
Loves horse meat sashimi.
―Kumamoto Soldier description
His favorite dish is toriten.
―Oita Soldier description
Loves charcoal cooked jidori chicken.
―Miyazaki Soldier description
His favorite meal is Berkshire steak with imojochu liquor.
―Kagoshima Soldier description
Loves Okinawa soba.
―Okinawa Soldier description

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