Juntaro Saito (斉藤 淳太郎 Saitō Juntarō?, born April 18, 1981), known professionally as JNTHED (pronounced "Jay-Enn-Tee-Head") or JNT, is a freelance Japanese artist. He was the founder of Team Fullmecha and served as its most active member. He joined Konami Computer Entertainment Japan in 2000 as an intern from KCE School and worked as a pixel artist for Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, providing the artwork for the stage select screen. Since then, he had a role in providing art assets in almost every game in the series released afterward up until Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (when he decided to leave the gaming industry). His most notable contribution was providing mecha designs for all four Metal Gear games released for the PlayStation Portable. He also worked as an illustrator and pixel artist for the first two Boktai games and also designed the ADA boot-up sequence for the original Zone of the Enders.

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