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Isla del Monstruo was a legendary island located near Costa Rica.


It was allegedly discovered in the 18th century by Caribbean pirates that were sailing over to the Pacific, and apparently served as the basis for the island in the novel Treasure Island. The pirate duo Anne and Mary were also believed to have landed on Isla del Monstruo. It was also the subject of a legend in Nicaragua where it was the home of a flying monster at sea, with some of them claiming to have landed on Isla del Monstruo, although they still didn't know exactly where it was. In fact, the only one known to actually know where Isla del Monstruo is located is the Trenya of the Felynes, although he implies that he seemed to only know of the island recently.[1] It contained a Barbecue spit for cooking various foods, especially rations.

Big Boss was invited to the island by Trenya, although he needed convincing first. It was home to Velocipreys, Felynes, Rathalos, Tigrex, and Gear REX (although the last was presumed to not be native, as there was not a history of nuclear weapons being tested nearby.).

Behind the Scenes

Although the Monster Hunter related missions can only be unlocked by meeting Trenya, Isla del Monstruo itself (or at least a similar island) was used as the setting for one of the Pooyan missions even if the player hadn't actually activated the Trenya event.


Extra Ops

[064] Pooyan Mission

[121] <<Hunting Quest: Rathalos>>

[122] <<Hunting Quest: Rathalos / Twilight>>

[123] <<Hunting Quest: Tigrex>>

[124] <<Hunting Quest: Tigrex / Twilight>>

[125] <<Hunting Quest: Gear REX>>

[126] <<Hunting Quest: Gear REX / Twilight>>


Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions (2010)
    Trenya: Sigh... Over the hill and over dale, through rain and snow I come all the way out here from Pokke Farm to find work, and not a single customer so far...
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