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IdeaSpy 2.5 is a story included as a bonus feature in the Japanese and European versions of Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. The story is presented in-game as an audio drama that can be listened to by contacting Codec frequency 140.07 during a second playthrough. Contacting the frequency on each stage will play a different chapter of the story (13 in all).

The story follows an agent named 2.5 (or Two-Han) who must infiltrate the corporate headquarters of the nefarious Junker Expensive of America (or JEA). JEA is an evil company that sells horrible, useless junk to the mindless consumers. Products such as the Bod Bed (beefs you up while you sleep) and the Interpersonal Back Scratcher (now longer than your arm) are top sellers. 2.5 is sent in by the FBI to stop JEA, and with the help of his buddy (who speaks to him via radio) and his ex-girlfriend (who is also an Agent), 2.5 must defeat all the company Execs and put an end to JEA. It's a parody of 1960s spy movies and TV shows.

IdeaSpy 2.5 was adapted in an actual audio drama titled IdeaSpy Two-Han Daisakusen, with Hideo Kojima himself providing the voice of Two-Han. The drama was released through the HIDEBLOG website in 2006, spanning thirteen weekly episodes uploaded from August 25 throughout November 31. Each episode was uploaded on the Hidechan! Radio website for a few days before being removed. The entire drama was later collected in a 2-CD set titled HIDECHAN! Radio. 2.5 TWO-HAN PRINCESS SINGLES + MUSIC & DRAMA CD, released on February 14, 2007.

References to other Kojima series

The primary antagonistic group was a reference to the name of the protagonistic group in the Kojima game Snatcher.

References in other series

Junker Expensive of America (JEA) is alluded to in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots as being the company responsible for the creation of the Arsenal Compress item.


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