ID cards are cards that are used to verify a person's identity, often within a professional workplace. Depending on the security level, they can grant clearance to enter restricted areas, and may themselves function directly as card keys.


Peace Walker Incident

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Peace Sentinel used ID cards while working on the Peace Walker project. They also doubled as film radiation badges to measure personal exposure from the environment, due to the transportation of nuclear weapons for use in the project.

After Huey Emmerich joined the Militaires Sans Frontières, he supplied them with his Peace Sentinel ID card to allow them access to an AI laboratory. However, he was unaware that Strangelove had since invalidated his card from the security system until Big Boss attempted to use it on a locked gate. Likewise, all the guards stationed outside the AI laboratory are invalidated from the system. Cécile Cosima Caminades stole a guard's ID card shortly after her escape from the AI lab, but it was soon taken from her by another guard. Big Boss later recovered this card and used it to enter the AI lab, where he met Strangelove.

When Big Boss was captured by Peace Sentinel, he attempted to escape and succeeded in swiping Strangelove's ID card, but was imprisoned. Strangelove let Snake keep it, however, indicating that she intended to let Snake escape.

Phantom Pain Incident

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The hospital staff in Cyprus wore ID cards during the 1980s. At least one was discarded under the bed on March 11, 1984, when XOF invaded the hospital.

The Manhattan Incident

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Emma Emmerich and the various Arsenal Gear researchers carried ID cards to traverse the various struts of the Big Shell offshore plant. Emma later supplied her card to Raiden to grant him a security clearance, while escorting her to the Shell 1 Core.

Guns of the Patriots Incident

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Liquid Ocelot wore an ID card on his coat during the events of his insurrection against the Patriots.

Behind the scenes

Huey's ID card is the only one of the ID cards that is included among Mother Base's Equipment section of the R&D Lab. The guard's ID card can only be obtained in the mission itself, and Strangelove's ID card requires successful completion of an interactive cutscene, at the end of the infiltration mission into Peace Walker's hangar. Huey's card still remains in Mother Base's Equipment section after the mission is completed even though it is no longer a useful item, presumably because the mission requiring Huey's ID card is replayable. However, hacking the game would allow the ID card supplied by Strangelove to appear on Mother Base's Equipment section of R&D.[1]

In-game descriptions

"ID card received from Huey. Enables access to Strangelove's lab."
―ID Card (H) description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"ID card stole from enemy patrolman. Unlike the card received from Huey, this will actually enable access to Strangelove's Lab."
―ID Card (C) item menu description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"ID card stole from Strangelove. Appears to open locks inside the prison, but which ones is unclear."
―ID Card (P) item menu description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Notes and references

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