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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The hospital on the San Hieroynmo Peninsula was a facility where specialized personnel and equipment provided multiple health care services for sick or wounded soldiers on the peninsula.


It was a small hospital with minimal facilities located in the mountains. The buildings are at least two stories high, and besides the main offices, the medical facilities, and the various storage areas, there are also various buildings to the North, East, and West of the main hospital area.


San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

After Roy Campbell fell ill with malaria, a soldier in Big Boss's resistance provided information on the hospital's location, having once been a former member of a squad that patrolled in that area.[1] He also revealed that the hospital had recently received an unusually large shipment of supplies, especially in comparison to the size of the facility. After infiltrating the facility to search for antimalarial drugs, Big Boss discovered that most of these supplies had been transferred to a research lab to the north, from a shipment log in the hospital director's office.

Sometime later, a spy unit deployed in the area uncovered evidence of Claymore mines being placed at the hospital by soldiers under Gene's command. Big Boss's resistance then attempted to defuse the Claymores before any of the hospital staff (who were left unaware) ended up severely wounded or killed.



  • Soviet soldiers
  • Female medics

Personnel equipment

  • M16 (soldiers only)
  • Mk22 (some female medics may have this on their peson when captured)

Alert systems

Story missions

Locate the antimalarial drugs

"We've assessed that the drugs are in that hospital... We're just not sure where. Find those drugs and avoid detection."
―Roy Campbell to Naked Snake.
  • go W to gap in wall (N) crawl through then go W
  • tranq the guard at the wall "gate"
  • go N towards truck then to building.
  • between the building and the wall (N) is another guard.
  • when he moves away sneak to his end (N) of the building.
  • when he moves N again follow behind him and slam him.
  • go through door (E) and go E until you find a stairway (N).
  • at the top of the stairs follow the hallway around until you find an office (E) with the checkpoint.

Optional missions

"Claymore Disarmament"

"Urgent! Report from the resident doctors at the hospital. Soldiers under the command of Gene may have planted multiple claymores at the hospital. If you determine that claymores have in fact been planted, disarm them at once. The hospital staff has not been informed of this incident."
―Spy report from the Hospital.

"Medical Supplies Found"

"Sources indicate that some of the medical supplies intended for the research lab were left behind in the hospital, including medical kits."
―Spy report from the Hospital.

"Para-Medic Sighted"

See Para-Medic

"Para-medic has been sighted inside the hospital."
―Spy report from the Hospital.

Notes and references

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    Soldier: I know where we can find one. // Naked Snake: A hospital? // Soldier: Yes. There's a hospital in the sector my former squad patrols. I can tell you exactly where it's located.