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Higharolla Kockamamie was a terrorist from the country of Teristan and the eight-times recipient of the "Merciless Man of the Year," as well as the "world's premiere bad guy." His stronghold, Fortress Fanatic, was located on the outskirts of Ishkabibil.

Kockamamie acquired Metal Gear from Colonel Vermon CaTaffy, after the latter sought asylum from him in the aftermath of Solid Snake stopping his plans, and in part because they were both "Rolla Radicals."[1] He commanded several soldiers utilizing Uzi machine guns. He ultimately perished alongside his new ally when Snake, desiring vengeance against CaTaffy for gunning down his comrades, destroyed them alongside their doomsday weapon.[2]

Behind the scenes

Higharolla Kockamamie is a character mentioned on the packaging,[1] in marketing materials[2] and in the instruction manual for Snake's Revenge on the Nintendo Entertainment System.[3] Like CaTaffy, Kockamamie is not mentioned in the game at all and the ultimate antagonist is a cybernetic version of Big Boss. Kockamamie does, however, have a visual appearance in an advertisement poster for both Snake's Revenge and Super C, which depicted him as a maniacal, thin-mouthed, bearded man with a military cap.[4] While Snake's Revenge was never released in Japan, the game was developed by a Japanese staff, so it can be assumed that Kockamamie was a creation of the game's localization, much like CaTaffy.

Kockamamie's name is a parody of former Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini, as well as a play on the word cockamamie, which means "ridiculous" or "trifling."


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