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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The harbor on the San Hieronymo Peninsula was the main docking area for overseas transportation in the region. It was also on the same shipping route as the Soviet security base.


It contained two buildings, one was one story with a small penthouse on the top, whereas the other was two stories in height. The latter contained various lockers on the ground floor.


San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

In 1970, an unflagged supply tanker was used to transport the stolen Metal Gear unit to the harbor. Red Army colonel Skowronski went into hiding aboard the tanker, after FOX commander Gene usurped his command on the peninsula. After Scowronski was discovered and locked in a cage by Python, Naked Snake decided to set him free as he searched the area for Metal Gear. After realizing the weapon had already been moved, Snake was contacted by a man calling himself "Ghost", who explained the true nature of Metal Gear to him.

After being rescued by his unit from the guest house, Snake returned to the harbor after learning that Ghost wanted to contact him with new information. Snake learned that the Metal Gear unit was to be launched via a Soviet-modified Saturn V rocket, and Ghost also requested the blueprints of the Saturn V rocket.

Shortly thereafter, a truck suspected to be delivering supplies to the security base was discovered at the harbor by a spy unit belonging to Snake's resistance group. It was later destroyed by the group during a demolition operation to reduce the combat effectiveness of the security base's personnel.



  • Soviet soldiers
  • FOX soldier (inside the ship during the daytime)

Soldier equipment

  • Vz-61 Scorpion (Soviet soldiers, first visit)
  • M16 (Soviet soldiers)

Story missions

"Cargo Ship Docked"

"An unflagged cargo ship has been seen entering the harbor. It has already completed docking procedures."
―Spy report from the Harbor.

"Cargo Truck Located"

"A cargo truck has been located carrying supplies for the security base. We assess that destroying this truck will reduce the combat effectiveness of enemy units in the security base."
―Spy report from the Harbor.

Optional missions

"Cargo Information"

See Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov

"Some kind of parts have apparently been left behind in the crate used to offload Metal Gear."
―Spy report from the Harbor.

"M63 in Storage"

"Sources indicate that there is an M63 light machine gun stored at the Harbor. We assess that it is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the Harbor.