Gustava Heffner was a member of the STB (the Czech State Security) assigned to protect Dr. Kio Marv during the Zanzibar Land Disturbance. She was fluent in Czech, Slovak, Russian, and English.[2]


Early life and career

Gustava's mother was a Holocaust survivor who spent her days in the sewers under the city of Warsaw, Poland, fleeing from the Nazis during World War II.[3]

Formerly an Olympic gold medalist figure skater, Gustava was known as the "Ice Princess" both in professional ice skating and in the Olympics, where she previously won two championships in a row.[1][2][4] At the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she met and fell in love with a Westerner named Frank Hunter. She tried to elope with him, but she was denied U.S. citizenship and could not leave her country. Because of her failed defection, Gustava was stripped of her competition rights and her family was constantly persecuted and humiliated. With very few places left to turn, Gustava joined the STB. While in the service of the STB, she managed to kill a man.[2][5][6]

Zanzibar Land Disturbance

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During the energy crisis of the late 1990s, Gustava had been assigned as a bodyguard of Dr. Kio Marv, the inventor of OILIX, when he was kidnapped by agents of Zanzibar Land.[1][2] Gustava was able to escape, disguising herself as a Zanzibar Land soldier, although they took away her radio in the process of evading capture.[7] However, she had been able to plant a microtransmitter on both Dr. Marv and Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar prior to their capture.[8][9][4] While incognito as the enemy, she also got a locker, which she used after using a sauna without being caught by the soldiers.[10]

Gustava Heffner (MGS4DB)

Gustava, circa 1999.

Gustava later established contact with Solid Snake, who had infiltrated Zanzibar Land to rescue Dr. Marv as part of Operation Intrude F014. With Snake's help, Gustava was able to ascertain Dr. Marv's location.[4] Accompanying him for a brief time, she eventually developed feelings for him and he in return.[11] She also helped Snake to free Dr. Madnar from his cell.[12] While the trio attempted to cross the suspension bridge leading to the detention camp, they were ambushed by Metal Gear D in an elaborate trap set up by Dr. Madnar. As a result, Gustava was hit by a missile. Ironically, the man piloting Metal Gear was her former lover, Frank Jaeger.[13][14][15] Before she died, she gave Snake a card key and her brooch shaped in the symbol of Zanzibar Land, which was secretly the key to Dr. Marv's locker, where he had hidden the OILIX formula.[11][16][17][15]

Behind the scenes

Natasha.gif Natasha Markova.gif
Original Natasha (left) and revised Gustava (right) MG2 Transceiver Mode portraits.
Gustava Heffner (グスタヴァ・ヘフナー Gusutava Hefunā?) was originally named Natasha Marcova (ナターシャ・マルコヴァ Natāshiya Marukobaa?) in the MSX2 version of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Her name was changed in the re-released versions of the game, presumably either to avoid confusion with the similarly named Nastasha Romanenko or because her surname was taken directly from a similar character in the novel Crossfire. Her backstory of being a Czechloslovakian Olympic ice skater who became romantically involved with an American soldier was likewise derived from Crossfire.[18] According to Hideo Kojima, identified as "Snake Kojima" in the liner notes for the soundtrack for Metal Gear 2, one of the reasons they made several last-minute changes to the story was due to wanting to salvage as much of her backstory as possible due to unexpected real life events that occurred during the game's development that would have otherwise made her backstory unbelievable, such as The Tiananmen protests, the Romanian Revolution, and the Unification of Germany.[19]

In the Previous Operations section of Metal Gear Solid (and its remake, The Twin Snakes), it is stated that Gustava, then referred to as Natasha, was a former Czech International Secret Police agent.[20] This was presumably done to address the earlier fall of Communism in the Eastern Bloc, than what was portrayed in Metal Gear 2. However, in the re-released versions of Metal Gear 2, Gustava is still referred to as an active member of the STB due to the fact that the script wasn't updated.[4][7][9]

Although Gustava's portrait depicts her as a brunette, her sprite depicts her as a blonde. In addition, she is shown having waist-length hair while dying from the missile explosion via Metal Gear D. Finally, her sprite depicts her wearing a bandana though it doesn't appear in her portrait.




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