The Guns of the Patriots Incident, also known as the Outer Haven Incident, was an insurrection mounted against the Patriots in 2014 by Liquid Ocelot. Possessing both the mind of Les Enfants Terribles subject Liquid Snake, and the body of Patriot agent Revolver Ocelot, Liquid Ocelot gained control of the world's five largest private military companies (Pieuvre Armement, Praying Mantis, Raven Sword, Werewolf, and Otselotovaya Khvatka), combining their might under a single mother company known as Outer Heaven. To bring this might to bear, Liquid planned to remove the restrictions placed on the PMCs by the Patriots' battlefield control system, Sons of the Patriots.

Liquid successfully hijacked Sons of the Patriots after obtaining the DNA code of Big Boss, and using the repaired AI GW from Arsenal Gear as a backdoor into the system. Intending to remove the Patriots' power completely, Liquid next planned to take the core AI JD offline, by firing a "naked" nuclear warhead with Metal Gear REX's rail gun, and destroying the orbital satellite in which it was housed.

Although it was initially believed that Liquid intended to usurp the Patriots' power for himself, he had in fact manipulated Solid Snake into shutting down the AI system altogether via infection of GW with the virus FOXALIVE. "Liquid" Ocelot had faked possession to ensure his alongside Big Mama and Naomi Hunter's goals of saving and resurrecting Big Boss were accomplished. Although he had met with success regarding the Patriots' destruction as well as Big Boss' resurrection, he had failed to implement complete anarchy due to modifications to FOXALIVE that were secretly implemented by Sunny, Olga Gurlukovich's daughter.

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