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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

The guest house was a large mansion located on the San Hieronymo Peninsula. Only a select few personnel, such as elite government officials and high-ranking patrols, knew of its precise location.


It was mainly comprised of two buildings: the main building was gigantic, essentially consisting of one whole room, with three stories. The second building was noticeably smaller, but also contained several rooms and pantries. The basement of the building contained a makeshift prison.


San Hieronymo Incident

Main article: San Hieronymo Incident

After being captured at the silo entrance, Naked Snake was once again imprisoned and tortured, this time at the guest house. During this time, an incident occurred where Null managed to escape from the stasis-tank and slaughtered a few of the FOX soldiers, demanding to Gene that he kill Snake as he feels that his mission to kill Snake in battle was not accomplished, before being subdued by Gene. After gathering enough intel, Roy Campbell orchestrated a rescue mission, carried out by several of the soldiers they had managed to recruit on the peninsula.

However, the rescue operation almost ended in disaster when FOX Lt. Cunningham ambushed the group, after they emerged from a secret passageway, leaving two of the soldiers escorting Snake wounded. Snake and his men were later rescued by Elisa, who had defected to their side and stolen a transport truck. One of the wounded men requested that Snake leave him and go, with Snake refusing due to the bullet going straight through the soldier.



  • Soviet soldiers
  • FOX soldiers (cutscene only)

Story missions

"Snake Found"

"Sources indicate that Snake is being held prisoner in the basement inside the guest house. To get to the basement, head for the back of the main building."
―Spy report from the guest house

In front of you is a building with guards on it next to the guest house. In the gap between them there is one guard that you can easily stun. Walking along the gap there is a crawl space followed by a door to a room with a connection to the same crawl space. Take the crawl space and eventually you will be led to the room with the goal.

Optional missions

"SAA Discovered"

"Sources indicate that there is an SAA stored in the guest house. We assess that it is available for procurement at any time."
―Spy report from the guest house

"Government Official Sighted"


"The government official has been sighted at the guest house."
―Spy report from the guest house

"Alien Sighting?"

See Teliko

"A female wearing a bizarre outfit has been spotted at the guest house. The subject appears to be armed."
―Spy report from the guest house