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Groznyj Grad (Russian: Грозный Град, "Terrible Fortress" or "Terrible City") was a large military fortress located in Tselinoyarsk, USSR. The mountain stronghold of GRU colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin, it was here that Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov was forced to complete the nuclear-armed Shagohod.


Groznyj Grad was a significantly immense base. There were ten major areas of the base. They were the central weapons lab (which was further subdivided into three areas: The East Wing, the main hangar, and the West Wing), the southeast portion, the southwest portion (containing the base prison), the northeast area (containing a provisions storehouse), the northwest area, Groznyj Grad sewers, Groznyj Grad Runway South, Groznyj Grad Runway, Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge, and Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North. Aside from these main areas, there were also buildings located to the south of the area. In addition, there are large buildings to the south, east and west portions of the base that presumably were for storage or communications purposes, due to radio towers being positioned in close proximity as well as at least one truck being parked in the south. Around the southeast perimeter were some water containers.

Groznyj Grad - Southwest Area

To the southwest was what was presumably a cargo storage area with various large crates in rows, the area also containing some MAZ-535 later production heavy transport trucks, as well as several large-scale hangars. In the Southwest area was a hatch that led to an underground passage linking Groznyj Grad with Krasnogorje. The passage acted as an underground air-raid shelter for the personnel of Groznyj Grad and Tselinoyarsk in case Tselinoyarsk was ever attacked by an air-raid.[1]

Groznyj Grad - Northwest Area

To the northwest was an armory containing weapons of both Soviet and Western origin, as well as an armor pool housing Objekt 279s, as well as devices that were presumably fuel tanks. A smaller hangar as well as an armory was also located near the larger hangars just beyond the West Wing/Main Wing glass bridge.

Groznyj Grad - Southeast Area

To the southeast was a prison and torture chamber that dissident personnel and intruders were placed in.

Groznyj Grad - Northeast Area

To the northeast was a provisions storehouse containing supplies for the base and its personnel, as well as various mini hangars and some BTR-152s parked. It was also where a large portion of the base's weapons lab (more specifically the East Wing and the main hangar sections) were located.

Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab

The Main Wing of Groznyj Grad.

The weapons lab was divided into three parts: The East Wing, the main building, and the West Wing. The East Wing was where the research facilities are located. The Main Building was where Groznyj Grad's weapons and war machines are developed, and the West Wing, which was technically separated from the actual weapons lab save for a glass bridge/passageway, was where researchers of high importance are held. The West Wing, because of this, was also restricted to all save for personnel with the rank of Colonel, although exemptions were made for personnel who either acted as lovers towards the base's commander, Volgin,[2] or for their relation to the legendary Cobra Unit.[3] On both sides of the weapons lab are searchlight towers. The skybridge separating the main building from the west wing was also sturdy enough to remain largely intact with comparably minor damage (specifically, the windows being broken) and bar the Shagohod from plowing through.

East Wing

The base's weapons lab's East Wing contained a library, which was frequently visited by GRU major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov, some storage rooms/pantries (one of which was locked both ways by a frequency based-lock that can only be opened by Major Raikov or the other guards due to circuitry within their uniforms, or a specific radio frequency per door), a restroom, and a break room/locker room at the southwestern side of the second floor in addition to the research facilities (themselves located on the second floor). Soviet scientists were present within the East Wing, mostly being held there against their own will. Because officers are not allowed to use radios while indoors, alarm systems are also installed and triggered by personnel if an intruder is detected.[4] Medical herbs from Tselinoyarsk were also grown within the main lobby, presumably as a way to maintain medical supplies.

Main Wing

The main wing was composed of three stories, including the roof. Owing to it being the place where various vehicles and other weapons are manufactured, the main wing was a massive hangar. It had various platforms with various computer consoles that were presumably used to monitor the status of any weapons being developed. Several crates and trucks were also located in the vicinity. There was also a cargo elevator used for bring stuff from down below into the hangar if needed.[5] Aside from the hangar itself, there was also a connecting passageway above that overlooked the hangar that transitioned between the East Wing and the glass bridge leading to the West Wing, which also has a door leading directly to the hangar via key. There were also fuel canisters in the area.

West Wing

The West Wing contained the entry room, two unnamed rooms to the left and right, and the holding area in front. The holding area contained various shelves with various materials as well as some pro-Soviet propaganda posters.

Groznyj Grad Sewers

Below the northwest section of Groznyj Grad was a sewer system that also led directly to a waterfall, which itself led to a river that flows through Tikhogornyj, as well as a secret passageway below the Objekt 279 parking area that led to a waterfall cave in Tikhogornyj. There was also a door in close proximity to the waterfall area in the former underground area that led to the outside of the fortress.[6] Should the base be placed on Red Alert, particularly regarding a prisoner escape, the sewers entrances and exits, save for the waterfall area, end up being sealed shut.

Groznyj Grad Runway South

To the north of the weapons lab is the barracks section,[7] which contained various large hangars (approximately six, four westward and two eastward), storage tents/small storage buildings, oil drums, forklifts, a watch tower and at least one radio building, within the western and eastern sides, respectively.

Groznyj Grad Runway

The base also contained a runway for the liftoff of several aircraft north of it, with the storage/hangar areas north the weapons lab leading directly to the road leading to the hangar, and was originally going to be used in the Shagohod's first test. The runway had various watchtowers.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge

To the north of the main Groznyj Grad base/airfield is a rail bridge that is used as the primary entrance to Groznyj Grad for personnel, as it is separated by a large river within a canyon. It is identifiable from a building near the entrance/exit that was presumably a check-in booth as well as a pair of watchtowers on either side of the entry way and two buildings below it.

Beyond the rail bridge is a minor base that presumably acts as the main gate towards Groznyj Grad that is enclosed with a fence as well as a gate. Two large radio towers are also present, as well as a provisions building, a water tower, and other large buildings. This area also has at least one ZU-23 turret as well as a DShK turret, and some sandbags.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North

To the north of the rail bridge is a winding path, with two buildings high on two different sections of a cliff wall as well as a watchtower that eventually leads to Lazorevo, the watch tower also being near Lazorevo's entrance.



Groznyj Grad was created through Volgin's use of the Philosophers' Legacy. The center of the stronghold contained a weapons lab; the Hind prototypes as well as the flying platforms were developed at this location. To the northeast was a provisions storehouse containing supplies for the base and its personnel, as well as various mini hangars and some BTR-152s parked. To the southeast was a prison and torture chamber that dissident personnel and intruders were placed in. To the southwest was what was presumably a cargo storage area with various large crates in rows, the area also containing some MAZ-535 later production heavy transport trucks, as well as several large-scale hangars. To the northeast was a large portion of the base's weapons lab (more specifically the East Wing and the main hangar sections), as well as a provisions storehouse. To the northwest was an armory containing weapons of both Soviet and Western origin, as well as an armor pool housing Objekt 279s, as well as devices that were presumably fuel tanks. Below the northwest section of Groznyj Grad was a sewer system that also led directly to a waterfall, which itself led to a river that flows through Tikhogornyj, as well as a secret passageway below the Objekt 279 parking area that led to a waterfall cave in Tikhogornyj. There was also a door in close proximity to the waterfall area in the former underground area that led to the outside of the fortress.[8] Should the base be placed on Red Alert, particularly regarding a prisoner escape, the sewers entrances and exits, save for the waterfall area, end up being sealed shut. Also, Groznyj Grad contained at least two underground vaults, one containing the Philosophers' Legacy, and the other containing weapons of Western origin used for research purposes.

The various MAZ-535s on the base premises had been utilized for delivering various supplies throughout the base as well as the entire region. Because of the immense size of the base alone making loading, unloading and delivering various supplies a very daunting task, the various Groznyj Grad personnel usually cannot afford to take the time to thoroughly inspect the contents of each cardboard box that was on the truck.[9] The overall size of the base, as well as its horrific reputation, earned it its name of The Terrible City. Because of its high altitude and close proximity to Krasnogorje (which acted as a natural barrier), Groznyj Grad often experienced snowfall.[10]

Operation Snake Eater

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

During Operation Snake Eater, Volgin tortured and murdered Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin thinking he was the spy helping Naked Snake. As Granin died before he could talk, Volgin did not get direct confirmation as to whether he was the spy. However, he nonetheless discovered a tracer in his shoes, meaning that even if Granin wasn't the spy, there was indeed a spy within their ranks. The Boss also told Volgin that The Fear and The End were both dead, and that Naked Snake may have been arriving to steal the Philosophers' Legacy. Naked Snake used an underground tunnel from Krasnogorje (the underground air-raid shelter) to first enter the base, where he encountered the Cobra Unit's Flame Soldier, The Fury. After defeating him, a section of the tunnel caved in, preventing Snake from backtracking the way he had come. Air raid sirens were also heard blaring throughout the base, most likely due to Khrushchev's forces attempting to enter Groznyj Grad. After arriving and avoiding the guards, Snake located Major Raikov and knocked him out, stealing his uniform and locking him up in a locker. Afterwards, Snake went over to the West Wing of the weapons lab and attempted to rescue Sokolov. However, his plan backfired when Volgin realized that Snake wasn't Raikov and were both captured. Snake managed to escape, having to take the sewers after the original escape route that EVA provided was cut off by Volgin's forces after Volgin discovered Snake's escape and placed the base on red alert which resulted in the sewers being sealed off.

The Shagohod's hangar within Groznyj Grad.

Afterwards, Snake returned to Groznyj Grad, and thanks to the Shagohod's completion, the actual design area of the weapon was left heavily unguarded: personnel called for a day of rest due to Volgin's refusal to let the engineers and scientists rest while working on it, resulting in a mass amount of exhaustion. Two GRU soldiers were also conducting a drill involving one soldier running back and forth, and the other giving commands of "Move!" and "On the double!", firing up in the air with his machine gun when giving the latter command. Snake successfully planted C3 explosives, supplied by EVA, on the fuel tanks intended for the Shagohod, but he was discovered and captured as he attempted to leave. A fight ensued between Snake and Volgin, with the former emerging victorious, just as the GRU soldiers began evacuating the facility. Snake met with EVA outside, who arrived on her motorcycle with a sidecar, and the two used it to make their escape, as the hangar exploded behind them. However, the EOD had removed all the fuel from the tanks earlier, so the explosion only took out the assembly line. The Shagohod was unscathed by the blast, and emerged from the smoldering hangar with Volgin at the controls.

WIG parked in the middle of the runway, with the turn towards the rail bridge seen nearby.

Volgin went on a rampage, tearing through Groznyj Grad in the Shagohod, in pursuit of Snake and EVA, without regard for any of his troops or his base. They eventually decided to lure Volgin and the Shagohod onto the rail bridge (which was rigged by EVA with C3 earlier) and then detonate it while he is on it, before being chased by Ocelot through the burning remains of the weapons lab main wing. Eventually, the two spies reached the main runway, evading GRU soldiers on motorcycles, as well as the Shagohod. As they headed for the nearby rail bridge, Volgin plowed through the parked WIG aircraft before activating the Shagohod's rocket engines, running over various GRU bike drivers in the process, but eventually crashed into a fence. EVA and Snake lured him to the bridge, which had been rigged with explosives earlier, in the hopes of taking out the Shagohod with it. The bridge explosives were set off, and it collapsed as the "Treading Behemoth" attempted to cross it. After EVA and Snake fought against a heavily damaged Shagohod and defeated the Shagohod and Volgin for good, EVA and Snake were then pursued down the mountain path north of what remained of Groznyj Grad's rail bridge, until they were ambushed by GRU forces manning motorbikes and BTR-152s, resulting in them diverting to Lazorevo.

Groznyj Grad was later destroyed by The Boss in a nuclear explosion, just before she fought against Naked Snake at Rokovoj Bereg, using a Davy Crockett missile. Later, Ocelot reported the incident to the Director of the KGB, who disapproved of the fortress and research lab's destruction, with Ocelot replying that "they were necessary sacrifices."

Behind the scenes

Groznyj Grad, as it is seen in Metal Gear Online.

Although Groznyj Grad is located in Russia, the "Stop" signs painted on the roads are Serbian. There is a similarly named city in Russia known as Grozny, which serves as the capital city of the Chechen Republic. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Grozny has been the scene of numerous vicious battles between the Russian Army and Chechen separatists. The word Grozny means "fearsome", "awesome" or, as was the case with the first formally crowned Tsar of Russia, "terrible." Grad comes from the Proto-Slavic word gordÑŠ which was used to refer to fortified settlements. Grad or gorod is now used to refer to cities, and has been used in a number of Russian city names such as Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) and Leningrad, (formerly Petrograd), now called Saint Petersburg.

The two Soviet officers that guard Groznyj Grad's West Wing in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater disappear after letting Snake in. They are not seen in the cutscenes that show EVA and The Boss leaving the West Wing.

According to a director's commentary by Hideo Kojima, the scene layout of Snake's first arrival at Groznyj Grad was intended to imitate the first generation of Metal Gear Solid.[11] In addition, when Snake was scouting the base at the Krasnogorje vista via his binoculars before witnessing Volgin torturing Granin to death, it was originally intended that, besides the guards and tanks parked in rows, he also scout the jeeps, military trucks, and armored cars parked in rows, the runway with a parked WIG, and a fenced-off area containing various soldiers and scientists. These were removed in the final version.[12]

Snake's escape from the prison area of Groznyj Grad via the sewers is a reference of The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

Return of the Living Apes.

Groznyj Grad's main Weapons Lab hangar is reused in the Snake vs. Monkey level Return of the Living Apes, exclusive to Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, with the Shagohod being replaced with Mesal Gear. In addition, the Big Boss-esque monkey makes a reappearance.

The assembly plant on the San Hieronymo Peninsula, featured in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, heavily resembles Groznyj Grad. Groznyj Grad itself was also mentioned by the soldier Jonathan upon recognizing Snake as being Big Boss.

Groznyj Grad was remade for Metal Gear Online using Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' graphics engine. It was made slightly smaller, however, and given a run-down and more dilapidated (i.e. post-Soviet) look. On a related note, Groznyj Grad is the only online map based directly on a level from Metal Gear Solid 3, Portable Ops, or Metal Gear Solid 4 to retain its name, due to the other names being changed for alliterative purposes.

In the intro of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Groznyj Grad is misspelled as "Groznjy Grad."

While disguised as Raikov in the weapons lab, if the player knocks a guard out while another is nearby, the other guard will walk over to investigate. Picking up the knocked out guard while the other walks over will cause the other guard to glitch and loop "Huh?" very rapidly.


Underground Tunnel

Krasnogorje/Groznyj Grad underground tunnel

Prior to reaching the fortress proper, the player must pass through the underground tunnel, leading from Krasnogorje. Run down the stairs and follow the path. Be wary of bats in the darkness. When the player gets to the open walkway, one can reach the items behind the barrels by swinging over the railing and shuffling along. Once the player is properly prepared, follow the walkway to the ladder and descend.

Boss: The Fury

The Fury is most dangerous when the player gets in front of him. Never under any circumstances engage him in a front-on attack, as his flamethrower will prevent the player from closing in. Because of this, the best approach for the battle is a "run-and-gun" approach, though, if going for a stamina kill, rolling into him can be surprisingly effective here.

The Fury

When the battle begins, the player has to run directly south and hide in the centre of the passage behind the pillar. The player can knock on the pillar to attract The Fury to their position; whichever way he comes, stalk round the other way and shoot him from behind (either three times with the MK22 or once with the M37; the latter is the player's weapon of choice for most of this battle if going for a lethal kill). If the player is going for a stamina kill, the Mosin-Nagant seems to be more effective than the Mk22.

Immediately after knocking him down, get a pillar between The Fury and the player, so as to protect from his flamethrower. Use the direction of the flames to figure out which way The Fury is looking and run to him from behind either rolling into him or shooting him again (the former for non-lethal, the latter for lethal).

The player can repeat this process indefinitely. Use the directional microphone, or another sensor to determine his position, lure him to the player's position, and then get behind him. The player can even occasionally hit him several times in succession before he flies off by running behind him WHILST he is using his flamethrower.

If going for a lethal defeat, the survival knife can be useful from behind - not only will it inflict a lot of damage if done correctly, but it will also cut his spacesuit open, making him more vulnerable to other types of damage. The player can also use the environment to their advantage; shooting the barrels will make them explode, and the pipes can be shot at to extinguish any lasting flames. If the player is set on fire, either roll a couple of times or switch the camouflage. On the topic of camouflages, black camouflage (or any other dark-colored uniform) is most effective in this fight. Though obviously, if the player has previously unlocked the Fire camo, use it.

The Fire camo is the reward for defeating The Fury non-lethally. It is completely resistant to fire, though the player still can be hurt from the force of any fire attack).

When Snake exits the area, it is nighttime, and several searchlights scan the area. There are attack dogs and numerous guards patrolling.


  • Grenades
  • M37 Bullets x16
  • M1911A1 Bullets x21
  • XM16E1 Bullets x80
  • Bandage
  • Antidote
  • Mk22 Bullets x24
  • AK-47 Bullets x120
  • Battery
  • SVD Bullets x120
  • M1911A1 Bullets x21
  • Mk22 Bullets x 24
  • AK-47 Bullets x120
  • XM16E1 Bullets x 80
  • Grenades
  • Bandage
  • Mk22 Bullets x 24
  • Disinfectant
  • Ointment
  • Fire Camouflage (non-lethal kill only)


The exterior of Groznyj Grad is divided into southwest, southeast, northwest, and northeast sections. The southwest section is where Snake first emerges. The southeast section contains the jail/torture rooms. The northeast section contains a provisions storehouse and the entrance to weapons lab. And the northwest section contains an armory and sewer entrances.

After climbing the ladder from the underground tunnel, Snake will enter the southwest section of Groznyj Grad. Head up the steps and run north. Crawl under the crates to the northernmost one. Either tranquilize the two guards, or wait until neither of them are on the northern path and run. At the turning, dispatch the guard just round the corner and then run, without hesitation, to the north door.


  • XM16E1 Bullets x80 (2)
  • M1911A1 Bullets x21
  • Styptic
  • Chaff Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Mk22 Bullets x24
  • Disinfectant
  • M1911A1 Suppressor
  • Grenades
  • SVD Bullets x40
  • Bandage


Once through the door, run immediately right and peek round the corner. A guard will be walking away from you. He would probably have gone too far north for the player not to be seen, so wait until he patrols north and then comes back south again. Once he is back at the corner and has turned away, CQC him.

Crawl north to the end of the path and tranquilize the two guards patrolling by the door, starting with the one on the right. Note, however, that, upon tranquilizing the right guard, the left guard may notice and start a Caution alert. However, this actually makes it easier, as he will retreat to behind a crate to make his transmission to HQ, allowing the player to run straight to the door unnoticed.


  • M1911A1 Bullets x21
  • Book
  • Cardboard Box C

Weapons Lab: East Wing

Groznyj Grad at nighttime

In this area, Snake must capture Major Raikov and steal his uniform to disguise himself and get clearance into the west wing.

In addition, a Scorpion submachine gun can be obtained in a locked room here. The doors can be unlocked with a frequency obtained by interrogating the officers in the building. Alternately, since the doors automatically open for the guards here, Snake can closely follow a guard into the room, drag an unconscious guard through the doorway, or enter the room himself while wearing Raikov's uniform. In addition to several guards looking out for intruders, there is also a large number of scientists working in the east wing, most of them on the second floor and another one at the library at the first floor. Raikov can be found often in the toilets as EVA describes him as having a weak stomach despite a large appetite.

When Snake returns to the East Wing at daylight, he can obtain the Sneaking Suit in the locker Raikov was put, as well as the Maintenance Uniform to disguise as one of the workers at the hangar where the Shagohod is held.


  • Mk22 Suppressor
  • XM16E1 Suppressor
  • Bandage
  • Suture Kit
  • Ointment
  • Antidote
  • Book
  • Russian Ration (2)
  • Raikov uniform
  • Maintenance Uniform
  • Sneaking Suit
  • Scorpion Sub-Machine Gun

Weapons Lab: West Wing

This high-security wing is accessible only to those who have Colonel class, and is where Sokolov is kept. Snake meets up with him here using the Raikov disguise and learns about Phase 2. However, Volgin shows up, and when he realizes "Raikov" is actually Snake, he beats him to a pulp. Make sure to pay attention during the next cutscene, as an R1 prompt will give the player a radio frequency that can be used in the next sequence. If it is missed, there is another way to find out the frequency.

Torture Room

After being placed in a cell, Snake will possess no weapons or equipment, except for the revive pill implanted in his tooth. In the Cure menu, he will have two wounds - a transmitter and a fake death pill, both embedded in his body. To remove them, use the fork that is located in the cell. Leaving the transmitter inside him will cause an Ocelot unit to pursue him later on, in Tikhogornyj, but also triggers two cutscenes, one of which has a humorous tone. The fork can be used to spear and eat the rat in the cell, in order to recover some stamina. It can also be used as a lethal weapon, in the same manner as the survival knife, but CQC actions cannot be performed.

To escape from the cell there are three options:

  • Firstly, the fake death pill can be used to fool the guard (Johnny) who will open the cell to investigate (it has the same effect to the ketchup from Metal Gear Solid).
  • Secondly, the Cure menu can be used to rotate Snake's character model around several times, until he vomits. When he does so, the guard will enter the cell to make sure he is all right, but if Snake waits too long, he will realize it is a trick and the Alert phase will ensue. Make sure to incapacitate Johnny, either using hand-to-hand combat or the fork, before this happens.
  • Thirdly, the radio can be used to contact frequency 144.75, which will open the door remotely. If the frequency was not discovered in the previous scene, it can be found by throwing three pieces of food back to the guard, which he initially gives to Snake. To show his thanks, he will show the player a picture of his family in the cutscene that follows; the frequency can be seen written on the back by pressing R1. Afterwards, Snake will be rewarded with the Cig Gas-Spray, which can be used to knock Johnny unconscious. Another idea is to use the frequency when Johnny heads to the bathroom (due to stomach problems), allowing the player to escape without having to engage him.


Once Snake has escaped, the player enters one of the most difficult portions of the game, due to lack of weapons, equipment, and camouflage, and timing is everything. Press up against the wall and go south to the corner of the building. The guard just round the corner should be looking in the player's direction. When he turns round, use the D-Pad to sneak behind him and to his right; once he passes the gap between the car and the wall, run south to the hole in the wall without pausing.


  • Fork
  • R. Bat (supplied by Johnny)
  • R. Frog A (supplied by Johnny)
  • R. Fish A (supplied by Johnny)
  • Cigarette gas-spray gun (supplied by Johnny, should the player toss the above food back at Johnny)
  • Cardboard Box C
  • Book
  • Camera
  • Disinfectant
  • Styptic
  • Ointment
  • Bandage
  • Suture Kit


In Groznyj Grad Southwest, keep crawling until the player is under the crate. Watch for when the two guards patrolling across the top row of the crates walk south into the crates, and then crawl out north and run west. Stop on the corner to check the guard is looking the other way and then go (sneak if he is too close) west again. Follow between the two bunkers and then north to the door (no one should see the player).


Groznyj Grad Northeast is easiest. Simply run west without stopping to the door. A guard may see the player, but he won't trigger an alert if one continues running and stay close to the south wall. The player is far from over, though, as Groznyj Grad Northwest is the most difficult one.


Once through the door immediately run west and then south and then west again, following the wall and the corners round. Stop when the player gets to the corner of the railings and the south wall. Use First Person View to check north, and one should see a guard patrolling between the two rows of tanks, moving east. After a few seconds he will stop and turn north; when he does so, wait for one second and then run north, U-turn around the railing, run south again, and then run west/north-west, cutting the corner if one wishes to.

Go past the parked car to the first tank, go inside and get the ration (it's not for eating, as the player will need it in a moment). Crawl straight out the way the player came. If done properly, the dog in the north-west should be waking up at that moment. Run north slightly to the second tank and then wait, then find a position where the player can quickly crawl under the tank (though remain standing). The second time the player hears the alert sound of the dog seeing then, crawl under. The player should hear the guard go "Huh?" about two seconds before reaching the styptic. If the guard's cry comes too late, wait for a second or two. Then crawl straight out the other side.

Stand up straight away and run north, curving slightly once the player sees the parked car by the green-blue crate. Crawl straight under the parked car and wait. Out the other side, the player should see a guard strolling either north or south, and a dog either sleeping or standing. Wait for the guard to move in a southern direction until he is directly in front of the car. Then, crawl out the north side of the car. Run east ever so slightly so as to expose the player from behind the crate and alert the guard to the north-east.

Go to the west side of the crate and wait for the guard to come close enough so that the guard won't see the player if they emerge from behind it. When he does, go the northern side of the crate and throw the ration all the way over to the bottom of the stairs. The second it hits the ground, run directly towards. When the player is inches away from picking it up (do not) turn north and run all the way to the open wire door. The dog, attracted by the meat, will ignore the player completely. Crawl under the pipes and Snake will automatically descend to the sewers.

The player may also attempt to make a break for the armory, located at the north end of the area. In the armory, the player can obtain an M63, allowing them to shoot their way through the next few areas if needed.


  • Disinfectant
  • Bandage
  • Styptic
  • TNT
  • M63


Sewers map.

Descend the steps to the main path. One can navigate left and right through crawlspaces. After following it north to the end, take a left and then a right. Go forward and dive into the water, emerging on the other side via the ladder. Drop down to the central pathway and notice the sets of steps on the right. Ascend one to the side on the right and crawl through the crawlspace at the far end. Once through it, take a left and the player will notice, quite literally, a light at the end of the tunnel. Run towards it to trigger the cutscene.


  • Life Medicine
  • Styptic
  • Russian Ration (2)
  • Instant Noodles

Weapons Lab: Main Wing

Key C

The central hangar where the Shagohod and the assembly line are located. After returning to Groznyj Grad, Snake must plant C3 explosives on the four fuel tanks to sabotage the system and destroy the hangar.

However, as he leaves after planting the last explosive, he is detained by Volgin and The Boss, who discovered EVA stealing the Philosophers' Legacy. As the timer counts down, Snake and Volgin battle it out on a lowered platform. During the battle, the explosives are discovered and EOD are called in as an evacuation is ordered.


  • Life Medicine
  • Russian Ration
  • Instant Noodles
  • Cold War Camo

Boss: Colonel Volgin

General Strategies:

Volgin uses several electricity-based attacks during this match, which in any case should obviously be avoided. Visual clues indicate what kind of attack he is going to use, and this time should be used for evasive preparation.

Colonel Volgin.

In one attack, he raises both his hands over his head with electricity between them. The player has to avoid it by immediately dropping to the ground. The attack consists of Volgin firing bullets around him, capable of reaching the player even if they're behind him. This attack is also the starting attack he uses in the start of the second phase.

Another one of his standard attacks involved him "charging up" one hand, (i.e. raising it over his head) and then firing shots after the player, normally very low along the floor. If the player is hit, it will result in a serious injury. The best way to avoid this is basically just maneuvering around him. Don't try to roll, even if the player immediately gains a little momentum, Snake will take some time regaining his posture after this, and the player is most likely to take damage.

He also employs "shock-beams" which he sends after the player. Normally in one hand, but he can employ several at once. This attack "homes" after the player if they have a weapon equipped, and if the player is caught by the beam, the ammunition in the current magazine will detonate. When Volgin uses this attack, the player should unequip their weapon immediately, and maneuver around it as they normally would. This attack cannot be avoided if the player is equipped with a weapon. This attack can be countered by dropping a glowcap anywhere in the arena (which causes it to target the glowcap instead of the player), or by having a chaff grenade active (which disables the attack's homing altogether).

Volgin also has the ability to create electric beams which run across the platform the player is fighting on. To avoid these, simply roll over them.

He can also attack the player with hand-to-hand combat, which can be avoided by running and rolling. If he manages to connect, the damage is devastating, and the player be sent up in the air before coming down, and vomiting before the player can resume the match. These blows also run the risk of causing broken bones.

Regardless if the player is going for a no-kill defeat or trying to kill him, his back is always unguarded, and is the place the player should attack vigorously. Maneuver around him during his attacks (he usually is stationary during these attacks). The player can also hit him while he is knocked down, he won't have his "shield" during this time.

Regardless of the kill method, taking too long will have the the PA announcer come on and report that explosives have been detected in the hangar, as well as proceed to count down the estimated amount of time left before the C3 explodes.

Stamina kill:

Stamina Killing Volgin is actually the simplest way to deal with him, since the player can combine firepower (albeit with tranquilizer weapons) together with CQC. The best way to approach this situation is using the Mk22, together with CQC. Hit him in the back when one has the chance, and when he doesn't have electricity visibly around him, run up and knock him down with CQC. This will damage him, and this is the chance to get several shots off while he is downed.

Another more efficient way to stamina kill Volgin is to make use of the SAA, CQC, Mk22, and in some cases, stun grenades. At the start of the fight, execute a CQC throwdown. While he is kneeling down on the floor, take out the SAA, and smack him around with it while he is on the floor. After that, roll over him for additional damage. The player can also use the Mk22 instead of smacking him with the SAA, although this attack is slower and wastes ammo In the second half of the match, it is more difficult to do this method as he uses more attacks and has electricity around him more, but if one is patient, he will let his guard down at times. If the player combines this method in the second half along with throwing stun grenades (if one has any) when he is not attacking the player, they should be able to defeat him easily. The player can also use the Cig-Spray or Handkerchief, although it is more dangerous since it requires the player to be very close to Volgin, which can leave the player vunerable for Volgin's punches.

Regular kill:

Volgin can be taken down in the same way as stated above under the "Stamina Kill" section, but with lethal weapons. The player can use the M1911A1 for this, or a more powerful weapon such as the RPG-7 or M37. Hit him in the back, as stated above. CQC can also be used in the same way as under the "Stamina Kill" section, though the stamina bar-damage won't help the player if they are trying to kill him.

A second strategy is to equip an automatic weapon such as the M63 or AK-47 and hammer away at him. After around 20 rounds his shield will fail for a second or so.

There is another strategy that allows the player to easily end the first part of the boss fight. Take the fake death pill and make Volgin think Snake is dead, then take the revive pill and secretly sneak up to him. Equip the TNT and lay down as many charges possible (preferably in one place). Walk away and detonate the charges one by one.

Groznyj Grad

After defeating Volgin, the Shagohod (being piloted by Volgin) will break free of the weapons lab, with EVA and Snake having to escape via motorcycle. The weapons all have infinite ammunition, meaning running out of ammo is not a concern. Also, the only thing to worry about is firing weapons, meaning that there isn't any need to worry about also driving the vehicle. The starting point is just on the eastern side of what remains of Groznyj Grad's weapons lab. After looking back to see the Shagohod, EVA will drive to the front. Take out as many soldiers as possible. Afterwards, the Shagohod will arrive. EVA will then narrowly evade the Shagohod and drive through gates that were burst open, and eventually drive through the Southwest section. Take out the soldiers passing through and then head to the Northwest section and take out the soldiers present there, including some on the Main Wing/West Wing glass bridge. Eventually the Shagohod will arrive and smash the tanks and EVA will pass under the glass bridge, where a cutscene will play involving EVA making plans to blow up the bridge and lure the Shagohod towards the bridge as well as Ocelot chasing them. If the player managed to gain the Cold War camo beforehand, they won't have to fire on Snake, thus also making firing on them almost unnecessary.

Groznyj Grad Runway South

After the cutscene ends, EVA will arrive in this area and pass by a fence before heading northwards, turning west, and going past two buildings before backing up while taking out the soldiers nearby. When she does the latter action, take out the soldiers ahead of her. Afterwards, she'll go through the alleyway between the middle building and the eastern one and go there, u-turn, go back the way she came, at which point, take out the pursuing soldiers. After this, EVA will then go past the western building and go northward and then head east, circle back, and circle forth, where she'll pass the eastward building and go through it, going under the gate of the final building onto the runway road.

Groznyj Grad Runway

Groznyj Grad runway, 1964.

Afterwards, a cutscene will play where the Shagohod catches up with Snake and EVA, along with various motorbike riding GRU soldiers. Just keep firing at them while EVA turns left, or, if wearing the Cold War camo, just continue to face them. Eventually, a cutscene will play as they arrive at a WIG on the runway. Afterwards, equip the RPG-7 and start blasting at the Shagohod (and if not wearing the Cold War camo, blast the other soldiers as well). Although Volgin will claim that he isn't feeling a thing, the blast of the RPG-7's shell does at least slow him down by a few feet.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge

After a cutscene, Snake will use the SVD or the RPG-7 to blow up the C3 on the bridge. It requires timing to achieve this: Do it too soon, and the mission is failed because it was blown up before it got on. If it is too late, the mission is failed because the Shagohod got past the bridge. When EVA says "It's Here!", that's the cue to blow up the C3. Afterwards, a cutscene will play where the Shagohod will fall off the blown up bridge, only for the main pilot version to escape.

Boss: Volgin and the Shagohod

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North

After the motorcycle chase, the Shagohod survives the subsequent destruction of the rail bridge with the C3, although its rear module and rockets have now been jettisoned, making it vulnerable to attack from behind.

Stage 1 strategy

The Shagohod.

Use the RPG-7 to damage the Shagohod's augers. This will lock them up and the motorbike can circle around to where the weak spot is. hit it with RPG-7 rounds, If the player quick-reload, they should be able to hit it a couple of times before the Shagohod restarts.

After sustaining significant damage, Volgin is forced to use his electric abilities to direct the Shagohod manually.

Stage 2 strategy

This time, EVA will distract Volgin while the player attacks on foot. This is similar to the previous stage, but the player will have to attack Volgin from behind or the sides, and after each attack, he will use the Shagohod to attack the player. After each attack there is a slight pause, use this to attack the augers with a grenade. This allows the player to run to a position where they can attack him.

Another strategy is to stand near the mounted guns at the perimeter of the area. use the RPG to lock up the auger. Then use the gun on Volgin. When Volgin can move again he will charge the gun to destroy it. Before he gets there, jump off and run to a safe spot. The player can then easily hit the augers since one will know where the Shagohod is going to be.

The player can also try to knock out the augers with the RPG then shoot Volgin with the SVD or the Mosin Nagant for a non-lethal defeat< which only takes 3-4 shots on normal.

After defeating him, a stray lightning bolt strucks Volgin, finishing him off and destroying the Shagohod for good.

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North

Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North (building at the base of the mountain), 1964.

Afterwards, EVA will drive, similar to the previous chase. However, instead of it being the Shagohod and the GRU motorcyclists, it will be GRU motorcyclists and flying platforms in pursuit of them. Like before, either focus on shooting them or, if the Cold War camo was procured earlier, simply face them. Eventually, EVA will be stopped by a blockade of two BTR-164s, forcing her to circle around and then go left, making it to Lazorevo

Easter eggs

  • When Snake is putting Raikov's body into the locker, a poster of Metal Gear Solid 2 featuring Raiden is seen on inside of the locker door.
  • Using the R1 viewer in the scene after Volgin is defeated will show The Sorrow's ghost.

Metal Gear Online

Groznyj Grad acts as a map on Metal Gear Online. It includes two catapults. The southwest surveillance tower on the map can be climbed, which also allows the player to use it as a makeshift sniper crow's nest, although it will also result in the player being shot at as well. Because of the wide-open spaces, players are also very vulnerable to firearms and grenades, and thus it is advisable to locate holes in the walls to crawl through in order to maintain cover and limit exposure. Similarly, the bunkers, tanks, vehicles, large shipping containers, etc. will also act as good protection. Because stealthy intrusions without getting caught by Snipers in the central hangar are difficult due to the feet clanking on the metal walkways, there are two indirect methods of infiltrating: The first is via catapult (preferably the northeast catapult unit, as it is marginally less likely that snipers will locate the player), and the next is by climbing up via the building from the west, and then methodically make way downstairs. The west side of the map (which MGS3 veterans will recognize as the West Wing) also has a stairway leading to the second floor as well as a ladder that reaches the roof of the same building, which players can use as a sniper's nest.

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