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Glaz (Russian: Глаз, "Eye") was a member of an infamous sniper-spotter team from the Marine Corps involved in the Laotian Civil War, acting as the spotter. His partner was Palitz. Their interaction suggested that Glaz was Palitz's commanding officer.[1]


Glaz, alongside Palitz, were a sniper-spotter team within the United States Marine Corps. They were stationed in Camp Omega[2] and eventually ended up making a trade as assassins during the Laotian Civil War before they withdrew due to the U.S. halting their involvement in the war. They were responsible for taking out Soviet personnel, several NVA high ranking members, as well as the latter's families and children. This left them feared by the East even after the war was over. At one point during their time in Laos, they worked as part of the LRRP, only they ended up in an ambush by various enemy scouts in the mountain region of Laos that would have proven fatal had it not been for Glaz.[1]

After they were withdrawn from the Laotian Civil War, Glaz, alongside Palitz, resumed work at Camp Omega on December 2, 1974, also doing some inspections for the base to the annoyance of some of the Marine Corps members at the base.[3] Their current assignment also acted as a loophole preventing their extradition to Laos for war crimes they committed, despite talks about doing so as part of peace negotiations. Their actions resulted in the East living in constant fear of their return. Because of this, on December 3, 1974 at 13:18, almost a day later, some KGB contacts Kazuhira Miller knew back when he was a trainer for Colombian guerilla group before meeting Big Boss and joining the Militaires Sans Frontières gave a tip on their location with the intention of having MSF assassinate them.[4]

During this time, Glaz, when not acting as a spotter, worked primarily at the Admin Building.[5] Glaz, alongside Palitz, had a foreboding view of what was going to happen to them that day, having the same feeling they had back in the ambush at Laos as they related to each other during a status report.[1] According to Miller, his name alongside that of his partner were nicknames meant to reference that they were "less than human - no heart, just an eye to find their prey and a finger to pull the trigger." Despite their inhuman reputation, the two were not immune to the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Glaz has a glass eye (which he presumably hid with his sunglasses) due to an act of self mutilation as a result of his tormented memories of his actions during the war, which neither therapy nor drugs alleviated him of it.[6] They were apparently horrified by their station being converted into a black site.[7]

Behind the scenes

Glaz, alongside his partner Palitz, are central characters to the side op Eliminate the Renegade Threat in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. The player can either kill them or otherwise capture them though Miller prefers the former. Doing the latter will earn the player the Depth achievement/trophy. In addition, Miller's post-credits debriefing will be different depending on the player's actions: If the player managed to kill them, Miller will mention that their deaths will probably bring the war to an early end, although he will note to Snake that they seemed deeply afraid of something, possibly even moreso than of death itself, causing Miller to question what was going on at the camp (implying that Glaz and Palitz were horrified at the inhumane treatment of the prisoners at the prison facility and the facility's conversion into a black site).

If the player extracted them, Miller's debriefing will reveal that they discovered that Glaz and Palitz, upon searching them during their arrival, had possessed artificial prosthetics: a glass eye and a prosthetic index finger, respectively, indicating that they had committed self-mutilation due to trauma that neither drugs nor therapy could fully alleviate, with Miller deciding that they were human after all. It should be noted that killing them does not impact the S-rank outcome of the mission. If one non-lethally extracts either one of them, they'll be transferred over to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain despite the side op being a "pseudo-historical recreation." They will be unlocked by Main Mission 6.

If Big Boss interrogates Glaz, the latter will ask if Big Boss is a phantom.[8]

Glaz is a smoker. He can be seen smoking a cigarette in the admin building's tower.

If the player waits long enough and finds them, but does not do anything to trigger anything suspicious, Glaz and Palitz will engage in conversation, where Glaz admits he has an ominous feeling, and that it's similar to an ambush in Laos that would have proven lethal to them had it not been for Glaz. During the interaction, Glaz is implied to be the commanding officer between the two due to Palitz constantly addressing Glaz as "sir", which in the military is only done when speaking with one's commanding officer.[1]

If transferred to The Phantom Pain, the names of Glaz (Eye) and Palitz (Finger) are mixed up with one another. "Eye" is mistakenly named "Finger" and vice versa. This is most likely an oversight.

Notes and references

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