Gamescom is an European-based video game showcase that occurs annually on August since its inception in 2009. It is based in Cologne, Germany.

Relation to the Metal Gear series

Aside from Konami and Kojima Productions covering their games (particularly the Metal Gear series with the latter) since Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions also unveiled several merchandise for their games, and in addition had only a single special site dedicated to Gamescom in its entire run, largely because of the events of the Next viral marketing method.

When accessing the site, regardless of the language chosen, the viewer will be taken to a tranquil tropical beach with a dock, with a wooden sign being focused on containing various stuff, including a poster of Big Boss similar to the Electronic Entertainment Expo special site Peace Walker poster (including its function of showing the trailers), only colored green, giving an overall summary of Peace Walker with the word "trailer" etched underneath it, some shrubs, five screencaps teasing Peace Walker with the word "screencap" etched in above them, a green sign linking towards the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow teaser site, a red Peace sign button that directs to the "Peace Walker next stage" (which is Tokyo Game Show 2009), and a yellow sign directing the viewer to the E3 equivalent (as thanks to the Next viral marketing site, the Gamescom special site is interconnected to the E3 special site). The green poster upon clicking on it will vary, though both settings will include trailers. On the Japanese site, there will be only two trailers, while on the English site, there will be three. The Japanese site has the Japanese trailer for the Gamescom 2009 trailer, as well as a variant with Ken and Aki giving commentary on the game in Japanese. On the English site, there is the English-language equivalent of the Gamescom 2009 trailer, a German-language version of the same trailer, and the Ken and Aki commentary trailer that's translated into English. The Japanese version of the site, besides the difference in trailers, also includes a blue cassette tape on the shrubs that was unoccupied in the English site that directed the user to the Hideochannel site covering Gamescom 2009.

On Gamescom 2016 (occurring August 16-21), Konami announced Metal Gear Survive with a trailer.

On Gamescom 2017 (which will occur between August 22-26), it is confirmed that Survive will be getting a playable demo at the event.[1]


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