Front of Fuerte la Ladera.


Front of Fuerte la Ladera at night.


Side of Fuerte la Ladera.


Side of Fuerte la Ladera at night.


At the top of the fort of Fuerte la Ladera.


At the top of the fort of Fuerte la Ladera at night.


Behind the fort at Fuerte la Ladera.


Behind the fort at Fuerte la Ladera at night.

Fuerte la Ladera ("Strong Hillside") is an old fort at Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica, dating back to the Costa Rican Civil War. In the early 1970s, it was occupied by the CIA mercenary group Peace Sentinel, and was infiltrated by the Militaires Sans Frontières during the Peace Walker Incident.


Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

Big Boss and the MSF snuck through Fuerte la Ladera in order to get to Peace Sentinel's Crater Base and stop the offload of nuclear weapons. Sandinista National Liberation Front leader Amanda Valenciano Libre warned them of machine gun turrets while briefing them on the location. Snake also reminisced back to when he infiltrated Krasnogorje ten years prior during the same briefing when Amanda suggested commandeering one of the machine gun turrets and using it against Peace Sentinel.

The MSF later returned to Fuerte la Ladera to locate KGB agent Vladimir Zadornov, who had escaped from Mother Base. When briefed on Zadornov's fifth escape attempt, Big Boss's suspicions about someone in their ranks deliberately releasing Zadornov were increased and attempted to ask his deputy commander, Kazuhira Miller, if he is sure someone isn't doing so, causing Miller to explain he doesn't have the time to assemble a mole hunt, while being somewhat disturbed by Zadornov's escape attempts.[1] They also rescued a prisoner after disarming some nearby Claymore mines planted, and committed both a stealth and a sweep operation in the area.


An easy entry through the fort is through the side of the structure, where players can hang on the ledge and move to the large opening without having to climb to the top of the fort, which is well-guarded.

Main Ops

Infiltrate the Crater Base

Zadornov Search Mission 5

Extra Ops

[014] Fulton Recovery

[024] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers

[046] Perfect Stealth

Notes and references

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    Kazuhira Miller: Snake, you're not gonna believe this, but... // Naked Snake (Big Boss): Yeah. // Miller: Zadornov's missing again. // Snake: Kaz, are you sure somebody's not... I don't know, letting him out on purpose? // Miller: You think I have time to assemble a mole hunt? Man, this guy isn't just good, he's so good it's scary. // Snake: If he's doing this alone, that is. // Miller: Anyway, he left a trail, so we've got a good idea of where he's probably hiding. You know what the mission is... Find Zadornov, Snake!