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Fire Trooper was the flamethrower-wielding mercenary of Outer Heaven.


Early career

Fire Trooper was originally a member of the German counter-terrorism unit GSG 9. After leaving the unit to become a mercenary, Fire Trooper mastered his weapon of choice, the flamethrower, training himself to handle it as effortlessly as a rifle. Due to his dangerous choice of weapon, Fire Trooper wore a white flame-retardant suit. He was later contracted by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven.[1]

Outer Heaven Uprising

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In 1995, Fire Trooper fought against FOXHOUND operative Solid Snake within the Outer Heaven fortress. Guarding Building 2's basement elevator to the rooftop, Fire Trooper forced Snake to battle him, threatening to "burn [him] to a crisp!"[2] However, despite the advantage of an even battlefield with no cover in sight, Snake was able to take advantage of Fire Trooper's relative lack of bodily protection and eliminated him.

Behind the scenes

Artwork of Fire Trooper in the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database.

Fire Trooper (ファイヤー・トルーパー Faiyā Torūpā?), along with Machinegun Kid, are the only two mercenary bosses in the original Metal Gear whose names remain unchanged in the re-released versions of the game.

In the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Metal Gear, Fire Trooper guards Dr. Petrovich instead of an elevator, as was the case in the original MSX2 version. This was due to the game's rearrangement of building layout, with the basement floor of Buildings 1 and 2 changed to Buildings 4 and 5.

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, another flamethrower-wielding boss, known as The Fury, is fought in an underground location by the player. GRU flame troopers deployed in the game also wear uniforms that are very similar to Fire Trooper's.

Like the other Outer Heaven mercenaries, as well as many of the characters from the Metal Gear canon, his name is referenced in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as possible word parts of a custom emblem, earned after successfully capturing enemy outposts.



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    Fire Trooper: I am the Fire Trooper! I'll burn you to a crisp!