Throughout the history of the Metal Gear universe, many were born, some have changed the face of the world and some have come to correct the mistakes presented by their past ancestors. Each of the trees are in their present timeline starting from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and onwards. The family tree only presents itself on units, members, and specific people. More trees will be added on to go more in-depth in describing the Metal Gear universe. The first general family tree is "the Snakes" as the games are basically focused on.


  • -- Path: paths are how a person has met up with another person.
  • + Combined: combined can mean that they have met in person or have created a new group.
  • / Friend: a Friend, or an ally.
  • \ Related: blood-line related or in relationship.
  •  % Incident: an incident, battle, campaign

The Snakes (general universe)

Special Forces Unit FOX + Major Zero ------------------------------- Venom Snake  
                        |                                              |
                        |               (see Cobra Unit)               |
                        |                         |                    |
                Naked Snake ---- Naked Snake--%/--The Boss "The Joy"   |                        
                                         |                             |
                                         |                             |
                        "Naked Snake" Big Boss ------------------------+               
                                  |                                    |
                                  |                                    |
                       Les Enfants Terribles                           |
                                |                                      |
                                |               Shadow Moses Incident  |
              +-----------------+--------------+        |              |
              |                 |              |        |              |
       Solid Snake--\--Solidus Snake--\--Liquid Snake---%---Revolver Ocelot                                                       
                               +                        |
                               |                        |
                               |                        |
                             Raiden               Liquid Ocelot


Metal Gear Solid 3 family tree

These are family trees presented in the game Metal Gear Solid 3, it depicts each character in each situation as presented by the game itself and told directly through here for a better understanding.

Metal Gear Solid family tree

In Metal Gear Solid, the terrorist unit known as FOXHOUND took control of Shadow Moses Island during a training mission. They hijack Metal Gear REX and threaten a full Nuclear attack on the United States unless their demands are met. Solid Snake must stop them at all cost.

Metal Gear Solid 2 family tree

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Solid Snake must reveal the existence of another Metal Gear to the world, but before it was done; everything went completely wrong. As Raiden you must stop the known terrorist unit called Dead Cell and discover an even darker secret behind all of it while aiding the anti-proliferation group called Philanthropy with the help by Solid Snake himself.

Metal Gear Solid 4 family tree

In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Solid Snake returns and must stop Liquid Ocelot from achieving his ultimate goal. With the help of Raiden and a newly formed FOXHOUND unit they must now battle against PMCs and Liquid Ocelot himself from igniting World War III.