The FIM-43 Redeye was a man-portable surface-to-air missile system.


The FIM-43 Redeye was first designed in July 1959. It developed several versions of the missiles, known as Blocks I, II, and III, each with a variance of the warhead. By 1965-1966, General Dynamics developed the final configuration, and was eventually mass-produced in 1968.

Peace Walker Incident

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During the 1974 Peace Walker Incident, Big Boss managed to procure design specs after neutralizing a Hind A unit at Catarata de la Muerte while attempting to locate the AI Lab in Central Heredia. The MSF then developed their own version.

Post-Peace Walker

In 1984, 50 redeye systems were delivered to the Mujahideen during the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, which they used to shoot down Su-25s, Mi-24 and Mi-8 choppers, as well as various other Soviet aircraft. By November 1985, it was largely replaced by the FIM-92 Stinger, and the Redeye's service was discontinued by 1995, by that time more than 85,000 rounds were created.


In-game weapons description

"A man-portable, disposable surface-to-air missile launcher.
While not necessarily all it could be performance-wise, it does provide infantry with excellent anti-air capabilities and is now widely used in the U.S. and throughout the free world.
The missiles use a passive infrared guidance system, making them the perfect weapon to counter airstrikes by attack choppers. If you're going to be facing enemy aircraft in a mission, you can't go wrong with the FIM-43.
―FIM-43 Redeye weapons description from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
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