Evolution Skateboarding is a 2002 skateboarding video game released by Konami for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. It consists of several popular skateboarders, such as Rick McCrank, Arto Saari, Kerry Getz, and Danny Way. There is also a create-a-skater feature and an unlockable character for every skater the player completes the game as. There are also sets of level specific songs such as the skate-punk-remix of the "Metal Gear Solid Main Theme" and a Castlevania theme after unlocking the Vampire Hunter. Levels are unlocked by beating a certain amount of objectives in a current level, such as collecting items like boots and other objects, performing tricks in certain areas of a level, and the occasional grinding a certain amount of meters. This game includes music by Agent Orange and H2O. The Evolution Skateboarding engine was used in the bonus skateboarding mode included in the PlayStation 2 version of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. If the game is completed 100% with certain characters the player can unlock hidden characters.

Besides Metal Gear characters, a Skateboarder based on Simon Belmont from the Castlevania franchise can also be unlocked, as well as a boss fight against a vampire that is presumably based on Dracula.

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