A prisoner at the United States Naval Facility in Cuba attempted an escape in March 1975, before eventually being rescued by Big Boss and the Militaires Sans Frontières.


The prisoner was detained at the facility's Camp Omega. During the time of Big Boss's infiltration of the camp to rescue captured ally Chico, the prisoner managed to escape from his cell and went into hiding.[2][3] Two of the base personnel were later alerted to the prisoner's location and that an execution order had discreetly been given.[4] Hiding inside a storage shack, he was sighted by Big Boss, who proceeded to rescue him.[5] In return, he gave Big Boss some advice on infiltrating the base's admin building.[6]

When word came to him that Big Boss had survived the attack on MSF nine years later, he then proceeded to join him under the successor group Diamond Dogs, to repay him for helping him out earlier.[1]

Behind the scenes

The escaped prisoner is a character from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, whose rescue by the player is optional, but is assumed to have taken place by the article. This prisoner first appeared in the night gameplay demo for Ground Zeroes, first showcased in TGS 2013 and eventually given an English translation. In the demo, it was implied that the reason why the prisoner was rescued was because Snake mistook him for Chico, causing Miller to reprimand Snake for rescuing the wrong prisoner before nonetheless recruiting him into MSF due to his formidable appearance in the ending of the demo.[7] He appears in the final version in either a makeshift sorting shed in the northwest area of the western refugee camp, or in the southeast portion, the latter location only after rescuing Chico. In addition, Miller does not mention recruiting him but does say he could have intel, although it is nevertheless implied in The Phantom Pain that he did ultimately join the group, or at least its successor group Diamond Dogs (see below). The prisoner's appearance uses the same character model as that of the other male prisoners on the base, which despite his escape, feature bolts in the Achilles tendon and a black bag over the head.

If the prisoner is rescued, he'll tell Big Boss that he can infiltrate the admin building via the drainage channel. When the mission is complete, the player will unlock Chico's fourth cassette tape and a "Rescue" trophy/achievement. In addition, rescuing him will result in him being transferred to The Phantom Pain as a Mother Base staff member. By creating a new Ground Zeroes save file with only him rescued, and then transferring to The Phantom Pain, we can identify him as Gray Wallaby [E C C C B C]. He will be unlocked by Main Mission 6.[8]

If the player fails to rescue the prisoner in time, some Marines will congregate at the prisoner's location and carry out the execution order, before returning to their posts, with one remaining behind to await collection of the body.[9] If the player manages to rescue the prisoner and return to the rough area of Camp Omega, the soldiers will also express annoyance at their inability to find him.[3]

If the player manages to rescue the POW while he is hidden (i.e. before rescuing Chico) while synced up to the Ground Zeroes app, it will result in an Ocelot soldier being unlocked for the Mother Base development menu.

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