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Magazines are ammunition storage and feeding devices for various firearms. After the ammunition is spent, it is usually disposed of, though it can also be used to divert enemy attention, by throwing it and creating a noise.


Operation Snake Eater

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

Naked Snake, during his missions in Tselinoyarsk, utilized the magazines as a method of distracting enemies.

Peace Walker Incident

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Emptymag 1-300x170

MSF empty magazine.

The Militaires Sans Frontières, as a military organization, would use magazines and keep empty ones which were used as a method of distracting enemy soldiers. Their R&D Team also created empty magazines specifically for the purpose of diversions.

Ground Zeroes Incident

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During MSF's various missions to Cuba between December 1974 and March 1975, Big Boss utilized several magazines to distract the enemy.

Phantom Pain Incident

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Like with MSF and Big Boss before them, Venom Snake and Diamond Dogs utilized several magazines to distract the enemy.

The Manhattan Incident

See also: Tanker Incident and the Big Shell Incident

During the Tanker Incident, Solid Snake utilized any spent magazines he had as diversions when trying to sneak around the USS Discovery without getting caught. During the same incident, a U.S. Marine on board the Discovery accidentally dropped a magazine into a ventilation shaft below him, during a speech by the Commandant , Scott Dolph, in Hold 2. Raiden, during the Big Shell Incident, used any empty magazines as a diversion.

Guns of the Patriots Incident

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Solid Snake, during the Guns of the Patriots Incident, utilized this as a primary method of distracting enemies after spending ammo.

Behind the scenes

"A used ammo magazine."
―Empty magazine description in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
"An empty ammo magazine. It is useless as a weapon, but it can be thrown to make a noise and thereby distract the enemy.
Added to your inventory each time you reload a gun.
―Empty Magazine description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Although empty magazines do not appear in Metal Gear Solid, they did appear in the 2004 remake, The Twin Snakes. It weighs 0.1 kg.


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