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Emil Cioran was a Romanian-born philosopher and essayist who published works in Romanian and French. His birthplace Rășinari, Sibiu County was part of Austro-Hungary at the time of his birth in 1911. His works were largely nihilistic in nature. He also gave a speech emphasizing the importance of the Romanian language, claiming it's their true fatherland and that the Romanian people inhabit the language rather than an actual nation.

In 1984, the XOF commander Skull Face, while taking Venom Snake over to Metal Gear Sahelanthropus' hangar via jeep and explaining his motives, briefly quotes Cioran's statement about language when explaining how his own "truth" (referring to his ability to speak Hungarian) was stolen from him.[1]

Behind the scenes

Emil Cioran was a real person who is alluded to in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He is first alluded to as a quote at the beginning of the game, mentioning how the Romanian people inhabit a language rather than a nation, and thus their native tongue is their true fatherland. He is later alluded to in the climax of Mission 30 "Skull Face", where the titular character briefly quotes him when explaining his agenda, although he does not identify him directly, simply referring to him as "a philosopher."

Notes and references

  1. ^ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima Productions (2015).
    Skull Face: [...]A philosopher [Emil Cioran] once said, "It is no nation that we inhabit, but a language." "Make no mistake; our native tongue is our true fatherland." My fatherland - my truth was stolen from me.


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