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The Elite Scum Squad of Outer Heaven were comprised of mercenaries serving a variety of roles, and were commanded by Colonel Vermon CaTaffy.


Soldier of Fortune The standard henchmen of Colonel CaTaffy in Outer Heaven, Soldiers of Fortune acted as his peons in his global terrorist network, as well as the guards of his facilities.
MG Soldier Of Fortune
Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie was one of Colonel CaTaffy's henchmen in Outer Heaven. He was in charge of overseeing who was allowed entry into the various bases in Outer Heaven. During Operation Intrude N313, he manned the checkpoint to Building Two, but was fooled by a disguised Solid Snake.
MG Checkpoint Charlie
B. A. Dozer B.A. Dozer was one of Colonel CaTaffy's henchmen in Outer Heaven. He frequently slept on the job.
MG BA Dozer
Corporal Watchman Corporal Watchman was one of Colonel CaTaffy's henchmen in Outer Heaven. He frequently guarded the various buildings at Outer Heaven until his shift was over, after which he would leave his post unmanned.
MG Corporal Watchman
The Electrocutioner The Electrocutioner was one of Colonel CaTaffy's henchmen in Outer Heaven. He would activate the electrified floors during an enemy alert.
MG Electrocutioner

Attack animals

The Dogs of War The Dogs of War were German Shepherds used as attack dogs by Outer Heaven. They guarded various jungle areas and would attack intruders on sight.
MG Dogs Of War
Trained Killer Scorpions Colonel CaTaffy had various venomous scorpions conditioned to attack anyone who attempted to cross his territories. They were utilized in desert areas.
MG Trained Killer Scorpions

Behind the scenes

The subjects in this article are an invention of the English manual How To Play Metal Gear for the NES version of the game. Although the characters' names appear to describe individuals, most actually represent multiple soldiers that exhibit particular behaviors within the game. Most of the character artwork was also used in Japanese advertisements for the Famicom version.[1]

In the Worlds of Power novelized adaptation, the trained killer scorpions are depicted as giant mutants, raised to grow to between fifteen and seventeen feet high, with scaled bodies and green eyes on stalks. They emitted a high-pitched buzzing sound, and though relatively slow-moving, were impervious to small arms fire and grenades. Solid Snake was forced to face three of the scorpions in Colonel CaTaffy's artificial desert zone, and only succeeded in destroying them with the use of a rocket launcher.



  • How To Play Metal Gear

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