The Electromagnetic Wave Gun, known as the EM Wave Gun or EMW Gun for short, is a revolutionary weapon that utilizes electromagnetic waa tracer beam to lock.[1] Peace Sentinel originally owned blueprints for this weapon, though they were later acquired by the Militaires Sans Frontières who proceeded to develop it. Although it is incredibly powerful, it cannot be used by itself, and requires another Electromagnetic Wave Gun in the same battlefield to realize its full power.

Behind the scenes

The Electromagnetic Wave Gun was first shown in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's second gameplay trailer, which had Ruinas de Xochiquetzal as the setting (more specifically the mission where Snake recovers Cécile Cosima Caminades's stolen ID card to enter the AI Lab), alongside the Stealth Gun. Calling Kazuhira Miller will prompt him to explain what the Electromagnetic Wave Gun does.

How the weapons operate is similar to the Proton Packs from the blockbuster comedy movie Ghostbusters.

The Electromagnetic Wave Gun's design specs are unlocked after S-ranking the Extra Ops mission [079] Tank Battle: T72-A Custom.

"A device that generates multiple electromagnetic waves which cross paths with each other. The resulting interference creates a concentrated burst of energy that instantaneously heats and expands the surrounding air, resulting in a powerful explosive effect.
Its power is undeniable, but it cannot be used alone. Make sure to bring a CO-OPs teammate with you when carrying it into battle.
―Model Viewer description of the EM Wave Gun in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Notes and references

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    Kazuhira Miller (radio): That weapon emits a tracer beam when you aim it. Press the Attack Button to fire the main beam. When two main beams cross, things go BOOM. Now! Hit the Attack Button! Ultimate CO-OP weapon. Electromagnetic Wave Gun.
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