El Cenegal ("The Quagmire" or "Place of Mud") was a region located in Eastern Limón, Costa Rica, featuring a jungle, a ravine, and a swamp. It was home to Juno Silverspot butterflies, with the Rio del Jade boathouse being to the northwest of the region.[1]


El Cenegal was often flooded by the Rio del Jade, resulting in marshes and natural canals carved out by the water. A suspension bridge allowed people to traverse a ravine that was formed by the river, which is an often misty area.

During the time of the 1970s Peace Sentinel occupation, the jungle area had a fenced off area near the ravine, which was both locked and reinforced with wooden barricades. An FSLN boathouse was located in the northwest of the jungle area.

Peace Walker Incident

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El Cenegal - Swamp.


El Cenegal - Swamp at night.


El Cenegal - Jungle.


El Cenegal - Jungle at night.


El Cenegal - Ravine.


El Cenegal - Ravine at night.

After suspecting that Peace Sentinel were bringing nuclear weapons into Costa Rica, the Militaires Sans Frontières decided to seek confirmation and learn more. They first chose to locate the Sandinista Comandante, whose group had been driven from neighboring Nicaragua, to get intel on the lay of the land. MSF commander Naked Snake then sneaked through the jungle and swampland until he located the FSLN boathouse. Finding the group in bonds following their detention by Peace Sentinel, Snake freed them and met their leader, Amanda Valenciano Libre, who had taken on her father's role as comandante after his death. However, they were soon interrupted by the appearance of the Chrysalis AI weapon and its Kidnapper drones. Snake then had to follow the Sandinistas as they headed after their comrades, who had been captured by the Kidnappers. Snake snuck back to the jungle via an alternate path, and crossed the ravine to the other side of the swamp until he reached Bananal Fruta de Oro.

After their mission had been accomplished, the MSF returned to the area, when KGB spy Vladimir Zadornov escaped from their custody and went into hiding in the area, having escaped via using his prosthetic as a blowtorch to escape his cell. They eventually managed to retrieve him due to his being planted with a transmitter.[2] Shortly after Big Boss recovered Zadornov, the latter claimed that he had "just gone on a stroll" when questioned by the former about his motives.[3]

Behind the scenes

While exploring the southern shore of El Cenegal west of Rio Del Jade, the player can find "dinosaur footprints." Chico, Paz, and Miller will react to the discovery if called on the radio. Chico will also hint that the dinosaur that made the footprints originated from Isla del Monstruo. Miller will guess that it is more likely to be some sort of large bird.

There is a bit of an inconsistency of the spelling of the area's name. Although the subtitles and the Briefing files spell it as "El Cenagal," the Costa Rica map that is displayed during transitions to different areas spells it as "El Cenegal."


Main Ops

Contact the Sandinista Comandante

"Miller: Snake, I rigged that radio so you can contact our young lady friend Paz.
Snake: Is she OK?
Miller: No need to worry. She's tougher than you think...
Snake: Still just a kid.
Miller: Which is exactly why she could be an effective source of information. Besides, that little angel de la paz is the one who gave us this mission, right?
Snake: ...I guess.
Miller: I'll put her on.
Paz: Snake...
Snake: Paz. Where are you?
Paz: Ciudad Colón. A school. The teacher told me to stay here until things quiet down.
Snake: Teacher? Oh, him. He's... Yeah, that's probably good advice.
Paz: Si. He has a radio in his room, so we can talk anytime.
Snake: ...Pretty fancy for a teacher.
Paz: Promise me, Snake, that you'll bring back peace. And...
Snake: I know. I'll contact you if I find your friend.
Paz: Thank you. Snake, if you need to know about Costa Rica - the geography, the climate, the wildlife, anything - just ask me. I know about its history and laws, too. We learned it all in school.
Got it. I have a question, I'll ask.
Paz: ...I, uh...
Snake: What?
Paz: In school I also learned that peace is an unnatural state for human society. And that war is a constant threat to our relationship with others.
Snake: That's right.
Paz: So, to achieve peace, we have to create it ourselves. Crying about it won't bring it about, or make it last. Each one of us must go and seek it out.
Snake: You won't find it without making sacrifices. No offense, but I don't know what peace is. Never felt what it's like. Never even been interested in it.
Paz: Snake...?
Snake: Ah, sorry. Listen Paz, I think your ideas are... admirable, and I hope they turn out to be right.
Yeah, me too.
Snake: Peace is in your name. Who better to help bring it back?
Paz: Thanks, Snake. I will be here whenever you need me. See you later.
Miller: Snake, use your radio to call people. But stay alert. You're in the middle of a mission, and you can't afford to let your guard down.
Snake: Got it.
Miller: Need to know more about Costa Rica? Paz can help you out.
Snake: Good to know.
Miller: We'll follow their transport route. That should take us straight to their main base.
Snake: From what I've seen, it looks like nukes.
Miller: Agreed. The key thing now is to confirm whether those "spears" really are what we think they are, and if so, why they're here.
Snake: Follow the transport route, find the nukes.
Miller: That's what I'm thinking. First we should make contact with the Sandinista comandante. They can tell us more about what's up ahead. But it looks like their hideout's already come under attack.
Snake: We'd better hope they're still alive.
Miller: Snake, infiltrate that cabin and secure the Sandinistas' comandante. Neutralize any guards by knocking them out, putting them to sleep, or even using the Fulton recovery system. You choose how to handle it, Boss.
―Mission select briefing for "Contact the Sandinista Comandante"

Pursue Amanda

"Miller: The direction Amanda's Sandinistas were going corresponds to the location of the next outpost, a supply depot. We should be able to make contact with her there."
―Mission select briefing for "Pursue Amanda"

Zadornov Search Mission 1

"Miller: Snake, Zadornov has escaped custody. Find him!"
―Mission select briefing for "Zadornov Search Mission 1"

Optional Missions

[006] Marksmanship Challenge

"Miller: Commencing training mission. Missions like this are key to building your basic skills. Be careful out there."
―Mission select briefing for "[006] Marksmanship Challenge"

[050] Perfect Stealth

"Miller: Time for your mission briefing. This is going to be a tough one. Be ready for a protracted fight. I know you can do it. Get out there and kick some ass!"
―Mission select briefing for "[050] Perfect Stealth"



  • Anest. (S) x8



  • Rations x3 (FSLN Boathouse side)
  • M10 Specs (Bananal Fruta de Oro side)

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