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Ed was the subcommander of Rat Patrol Team 01 in 2014.[1] He served as the unit's radioman and sniper, and was the best friend of Rat Patrol comrade Jonathan.


Guns of the Patriots Incident

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In 2014, Ed and the rest of the Rat Patrol squad were sent to the Middle East in order to monitor PMC activity. There, they rendezvoused with Solid Snake in the abandoned Advent Palace, initially ambushing him after the latter overpowered their least experienced combatant, Johnny Sasaki. After their commander, Meryl Silverburgh, briefed Snake on the current situation, the group were suddenly accosted by a battalion FROGS, the personal troops of PMC leader Liquid Ocelot. During the battle, Ed made use of his sniping abilities, picking off FROGS with great accuracy and distance while Snake and the others assisted in the escape. Making their way to the lower levels of the building, they eventually convened in an underground parking garage before going their separate ways. Ed and the rest of Rat Patrol (barring Johnny) were later incapacitated when the SOP system underwent a lockdown, due to Liquid's failed attempt to hack into it. His emotional state due to the lockdown had him undergoing uncontrollable fits of laughter (suggesting that he may have secretly been amused by the things he did on the battlefield to the extent of even enjoying them).

In Eastern Europe, Ed and Rat Patrol attempted to arrest Liquid Ocelot at the Volta River. However, following Liquid's successful deactivation of SOP, their weapons ceased to function, and a large number of the accompanying U.S. Army and Marine soldiers were slaughtered. Both Ed and Jonathan were injured when Rat Patrol's boat capsized, though they were able to survive.

After Liquid Ocelot's defeat, Ed acted as the minister during Meryl and Johnny's wedding.

Behind the scenes

Ed at Rat Patrol Team 01's hideout in the Middle East.

Ed (エド Edo?) is a supporting character in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. He is based on the Policenauts character Ed Brown, also sharing the same voice actor in the Japanese version. On the Volta River at the end of Act 3, he and Jonathan share dialogue similar to that of their namesakes in Policenauts.


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