Communication post

Eastern Communications Post was a Soviet outpost in Afghanistan. It was implied by Kazuhira Miller that this outpost was important for Soviet communications in the region and that destroying equipment there would put a hole in the Soviet base-to-base comms network.


In 1984, The Diamond Dogs subcommander Kazuhira Miller accepted the mission alongside two others as part of Diamond Dogs' goal of rebuilding their forces and exacting revenge against XOF for past events.[1] The mission had been given to them by a Western-backed Arab organization supporting the Mujahideen, although Miller implied that their hiring them was simply a convenient excuse to take out the communications base to ensure a "leg up" in intel operations against the Soviets in the future.[2] As a result, Venom Snake infiltrated the outpost and destroyed comms equipment there in an effort to prevent reinforcements being sent between outposts.

Behind the scenes

In Episode 1: Phantom Limbs, if the player heads over to the Eastern Communications Post instead of heading to Da Wialo Kallai, the player can find the intel file relating to Miller's transfer, with the scene and dialogue otherwise remaining the same as if the player found the intel file at Wialo village.

If the player manages to destroy the communications equipment in the Eastern Communications Outpost before starting Mission 4: C2W, Miller will give the briefing as usual, only for Ocelot to cut in and tell Miller that the equipment is already destroyed, even making sure to confirm that Snake had indeed destroyed all of the equipment, with Miller sheepishly congratulating Snake for completing the mission.[3] It should be noted that if you do this method, you don't get a grade at the end of the mission. The method can only be accomplished if you start the mission while in free roam mode.

If the player neglects to bring C4 explosives with them, Miller will call in and tell Venom Snake that he arranged for a supply drop close by.

Notes and references

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