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EVA, also known as Tatyana (Russian: Татьяна), and later known as Matka Pluku, and Big Mama, was a spy who fought alongside Naked Snake during Operation Snake Eater. While posing as a KGB agent, she actually worked as a spy for the Chinese People's Liberation Army, tasked with obtaining the Philosophers' Legacy. She later became the surrogate mother of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake.


Early life[]

EVA was born in Meridian, Idaho, on May 15, 1936.[2] At some point in her childhood, prior to the start of World War II, she, along with several other children across the world, were taken by the Philosophers and raised in a joint U.S.-Soviet-Chinese facility, receiving spy training at one of the Philosophers' "charm schools," so she could become a "sleeper agent." As a result of this, she was indistinguishable from any other native-born American.[3]

EVA eventually joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Staff Headquarters - Second Division. There, she learned techniques such as "bandit shooting," a horizontal sweep using the Chinese Type 17 Mauser pistol.

Operation Snake Eater[]

See also: Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater

Prior to the CIA's Virtuous Mission in 1964, EVA, posing as KGB operative Tatyana, was sent to Tselinoyarsk to oversee the development of Nikolai Sokolov's Shagohod and retrieve data on the weapon.[4] A few days later, she was taken prisoner by Colonel Volgin, along with Sokolov, during the theft of the Shagohod by GRU forces. By posing as Sokolov's lover, and pretending to serve the Colonel, she successfully infiltrated the Soviet military fortress of Groznyj Grad, while Sokolov was forced to continue his work on the Shagohod.

More than a week later, EVA met Naked Snake in Tselinoyarsk, during Operation Snake Eater, as a supposed KGB spy sent by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, and one of the former NSA code breakers who had defected in 1960 along with ADAM. She used her position in Groznyj Grad to supply Snake with information relating to Tselinoyarsk and its environment and to acquire intelligence on the Shagohod. EVA considered killing Volgin's subordinate, Major Ocelot, following a brief battle, in order to cover their tracks, but Snake convinced her not to, so she instead decided to rush back to Volgin before Ocelot returned to maintain her cover.


EVA, 1964.

Afterwards, EVA (as Tatyana) was tortured by Volgin in order to coerce an uncooperative Sokolov into completing the Shagohod's development. When it began to rain, Volgin decided to have her "entertain" him until the weather cleared. Throughout their respective missions, EVA and Snake began to develop romantic feelings for one another, but Snake was initially hesitant. EVA later stole C3 explosives, from a vault containing Western weapons for research purposes, which she would later provide to Snake. She also suggested that he disguise himself as Volgin's subcommander and lover, Major Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov, due to Raikov having access to Sokolov's location, and was of a similar build to Naked Snake. She also supplied her plan of escaping from Tselinoyarsk via a WIG that she stole before returning back to Groznyj Grad. She, in her disguise as Tatyana, was later threatened by Ocelot when he strongly suspected her of being the spy feeding Snake information with the recently deceased The Fear's crossbow. However, she was then told by Ocelot that she had "nice boots" in a subtle way of hinting that she's wearing the wrong boots (having left her officer boots back at the ruins). In addition, after Snake mentioned that he saw Tatyana again from his scouting, Zero reported that he hasn't found Tatyana under any of the data they found, suggesting that she was either obscure to the point of their having overlooked her, or that she was an important enough VIP for the KGB to have her details extremely classified.[5]

EVA later recovered the Shagohod data from Sokolov, and proceeded to interrogate him in regards to the location of the Philosophers' Legacy, threatening him with her supposed "Kiss of Death." When he was unable to answer, she revealed her bluff by using her lipstick. Unbeknownst to EVA, Snake eavesdropped on the two after having successfully infiltrated Groznyj Grad, though he was eventually captured by Volgin shortly thereafter. She then bore witness to Volgin's torture of Sokolov, where she vainly attempted to stop the Colonel brutally beating the scientist by proclaiming his innocence, eventually expressing disgust after Volgin seemingly killed the scientist. While observing Volgin's subsequent torture of Snake, she eventually learned the location of the Philosophers' legacy when the Colonel arrogantly divulged its location openly to Snake. EVA nearly broke her cover as the torture continued, and was nearly killed by a suspicious gun-toting Ocelot, before Snake put himself between the two, costing him the use of his right eye in the process.

While Snake knew of EVA's infiltration into Volgin's ranks, he didn't realize Tatyana was EVA's alter ego, and EVA herself never divulged it either, presumably in order to better maintain her cover. When Snake pressed her for information about Tatyana after Major Zero had came up empty, EVA pretended to think Snake had a crush on Tatyana, and gave small details about her in third person, while promising to "look into it." Only after Volgin had finished torturing Snake did EVA reveal her guise to Snake, giving him an escape route before she was forced to leave the cell block in order to not arouse suspicion.

Snake followed EVA's instructions after breaking out of Groznyj Grad's prison, but the escape route was locked down while GRU and Ocelot soldiers cornered him in the sewers, forcing Snake to risk his life by jumping from a waterfall. Afterwards, EVA met with Snake at Tikhogornyj, resupplying Snake with his confiscated equipment as well as the C3 she had stolen earlier, and gave it to Snake to aid him in destroying the Shagohod. She would also plant some of the C3 on a nearby rail bridge to prevent Volgin's forces from following them, when they made their escape. In addition, she also modified the C3 on the bridge with detonators that activate if touched, having anticipated the possibility that the GRU soldiers would discover them, and thus ensure that they don't remove them.[6]

However, EVA's deception was discovered by Volgin when she attempted to steal the Philosophers' Legacy from the underground vault, and was nearly killed by the Colonel until The Boss volunteered to execute her personally (in reality, The Boss was actually trying to get her out of harm's way). Later, after the Shagohod and Volgin survived Snake's attempted sabotage, EVA came up with the plan to lure Volgin to the C3-laden rail bridge to destroy it. When that plan failed, EVA helped Snake defeat Volgin and the Shagohod once and for all by distracting Volgin while Snake shot at him. She eventually broke down after witnessing Volgin's seeming violent death.


EVA, in her disguise as Tatyana.

During their escape through Lazorevo, EVA became distracted by her motorcycle's ruptured fuel tank, causing the bike to crash. She received two lacerations: one a wound to her abdomen after being impaled on a tree branch, and another, lesser laceration on her left shoulder, although she survived thanks to Naked Snake, using Para-Medic's medical advice. She later helped Snake escape from Tselinoyarsk by piloting a WIG she had arranged to be located at Rokovoj Bereg, making a brief stop in Galena, Alaska. After she and Snake share a night of passion, EVA disappears the next morning, leaving an audio tape behind to explain her actions. In this tape, she revealed that she had been ordered to kill anyone who knew about her mission, though she made the distinct decision not to kill him as he slept on the cabin floor; not because they had fallen in love, but because she had promised The Boss not to. She also revealed that The Boss's true mission had been to recover the Legacy, by pretending to defect, with the knowledge that she would have to die to prove America's innocence to the Soviets, following the nuclear destruction of Sokolov's research facility.

Post-Snake Eater[]

EVA retrieved the microfilm containing the Philosophers' Legacy and the Shagohod's missile launch data for the Chinese government. With the launch data, the Chinese government eventually developed its own nuclear weapons technology later that year. However, the microfilm that EVA recovered turned out to be a fake. Unbeknownst to her, half of the real Legacy made it back into the hands of the CIA thanks to Ocelot, who had deduced that EVA was in fact a double agent and had covertly switched the real microfilm for a counterfeit one before she could get her hands on it. This blunder cost EVA her job at PLA Intelligence and she was expelled from China.[7]

Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." Its canonicity within the continuity is disputed, therefore reader discretion is advised.[?]

Around the same time, Snake tried to locate EVA but could not find any trace of her.[8]

Non-"Metal Gear Saga" information ends here.

EVA disappeared in Hanoi during the Vietnam War in 1968 according to official records.

The Patriots[]

Young Twin Snakes

EVA gave birth to the Twin Snakes, Solid and Liquid.

Circa 1971, EVA was reunited with Big Boss (Naked Snake) after he rescued her in Hanoi.[9] After traveling to America, she joined Zero's new organization, the Patriots, whose initial members included Big Boss, Para-Medic (Dr. Clark), Sigint and Ocelot, a.k.a. ADAM from Operation Snake Eater.

In 1972, EVA volunteered to serve as a surrogate mother for the Les Enfants Terribles project designed to clone Big Boss and maintain his image as an icon for the organization. She was originally implanted with eight clone fetuses, though six were intentionally aborted in order to encourage stronger growth in the remaining two. EVA later gave birth to the clones who would become known as Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. Despite the fact that Big Boss disapproved and left the group to form his own private military company in opposition to Zero's methods, EVA saw the clones as her own children but left the Patriots in support of Big Boss.

Peace Walker Incident[]

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

EVA would remain in contact with Big Boss, passing on cassette tape recordings to his Militaires Sans Frontières in 1974. In them, she detailed further information on The Boss's final mission in Groznyj Grad, and the motivations behind her actions, having been entrusted to pass this on to him. These tapes were later supplied to Big Boss by MSF's subcommander Kazuhira Miller, with the latter explaining that they were delivered with no return address except with the name EVA, with Big Boss hesitantly explaining that she was an "old acquaintance."[10]

Post-Peace Walker[]

After the destruction of Mother Base, Zero and EVA had Big Boss and his soon to be look-a-like Venom Snake moved to a hospital in Cyprus where the former was protected by Ocelot (although he was surprised that EVA was following Zero's orders).

After young rookie Solid Snake unexpectedly foiled Big Boss's coup d'état in Zanzibar Land, the Patriots put Big Boss in a nanomachine-induced coma. EVA and Ocelot enlisted the assistance of Naomi Hunter and Gray Fox to kill Para-Medic (Dr. Clark) in 2003. Ocelot killed Donald Anderson (Sigint) himself during the Shadow Moses Incident, but Zero was the last one alive and was still in hiding (albeit in a vegetative state). Some time after Solidus Snake's Big Shell Incident, EVA fled to Eastern Europe and became "Big Mama", leader of the Paradise Lost Army. In addition to taking in war orphans, she worked to stop Zero's proxy-AIs and the war economy forever.

Guns of the Patriots Incident[]

See also: Liquid Sun, Solid Sun, Third Sun, Twin Suns, Old Sun, and Naked Sin/Naked Son

In 2014, during Old Snake's mission to terminate Liquid Ocelot, Raiden revealed that he had worked with Big Mama to steal Big Boss's body from the Patriots in exchange for help in rescuing Sunny. Snake went to Eastern Europe to find the body and keep it out of Ocelot's hands.


Big Mama, 2014.

Snake followed a member of the Paradise Lost Army and ultimately reached Big Mama's hideout. There, she revealed to him the creation of the Patriots. She also revealed Big Boss's body, which was being kept alive, but unconscious, by nanomachines. However, in reality, this was really Solidus's body as Big Mama had acquired it to stand in as a ruse while she was repairing the damage done to Big Boss's real body, with parts from Liquid and Solidus, as well as waiting for the AI system to be brought down so Big Boss could be revived from his nanomachine-induced coma.

Soon after, it was discovered that a trio of Dwarf Gekko had followed Snake to the hideout, and PMCs were closing in on them. As EVA, members of the resistance, and Snake moved out, decoy vans were set to allow the van with the corpse of "Big Boss" to get away. Riding with EVA on her motorcycle, Snake protected her and the van from PMCs in a frantic chase through the city (which she also quickly recovered after being sniped by a Haven Trooper),[11] until Raging Raven's continuous attacks caused them to crash. EVA fell from the motorcycle and became impaled on a protruding spike, in a manner identical to her bike crash in Tselinoyarsk, fifty years earlier. After Snake defeated Raven, he tended to the injured Big Mama, and they headed for their getaway cruiser and the corpse of "Big Boss" only to find Ocelot waiting for them. After Liquid beat Snake with CQC techniques and defeated Meryl Silverburgh and her troops by activating Guns of the Patriots, Ocelot had Vamp toss the corpse of "Big Boss" to Snake and EVA as it burnt (since Ocelot no longer needed Big Boss's DNA). EVA, in an exhausted and hallucinatory state, threw herself into the fire in order to save "Big Boss." Snake saved her from Ocelot's gunshot but badly burnt the left side of his face in the process. Snake held his "mother" in his arms until the moment she died.

After death[]

It appeared she died from the combination of her injuries from the motorcycle crash and from the fire into which she leapt attempting to save the biomort. Later, Big Boss revealed to Snake that EVA had actually died from a new strain of FOXDIE within Snake, and that she had been partially involved with the master plan of reviving Big Boss in order to stop the Patriots.[12]


The codename EVA is derived from "Eve," the first woman according to the Book of Genesis of The Bible who was created from Adam, the first man's, rib while he was sleeping. This was also referenced by Naked Snake in a radio conversation with Major Zero, when he mentions that he broke a rib in the conclusion of the Virtuous Mission and speculated whether she came from that. Eve also ended up betraying God's trust alongside Adam when tempted by the serpent in the Garden of Eden by eating from the forbidden fruit of knowledge, causing her and Adam to be exiled. EVA also refers to this account regarding her joining the Patriots, and also earlier, after Operation Snake Eater, when she mentioned that she "deceived the Snake" and "got away with the forbidden fruit" (referring to Naked Snake and what was then-believed to be the Philosophers' Legacy microfilm, respectively).

Her alias while acting as a member of the KGB, Tatyana, is the romanization of the Slavic feminine name "Tatiana," which is derived from the Latin and Sabine languages, in which it was the diminutive-feminine equivalent of Taitus, or "Titus."

Personality and traits[]

During Operation Snake Eater, EVA never revealed her real name to Naked Snake. When Snake asked her for it, she refused to tell him and asked "What's wrong with Tanya?" "Matka Pluku", one of two names she adopted during her anti-Patriot activities, the other being Big Mama, is a Czech phrase that means "Mother of the Regiment."

As a spy, EVA used her feminine charm to infiltrate Volgin's ranks. During Operation Snake Eater, EVA told Naked Snake "the least you can do is call me Cynthia"; a reference to the codename of Amy Elizabeth Thorpe, known as the most successful spy in history. She was active during World War II, and used her wit and charm to elicit countless secrets, even the Naval codes of French Vichy government. Snake also called her "a regular Mata Hari", a Dutch exotic dancer during World War I who was accused and executed for being a spy. As "Tatyana," she was also one of the few Groznyj Grad personnel to be allowed in Groznyj Grad's weapons lab's west wing in spite of not holding the rank of Colonel.[13]


EVA, with her Chinese Type 17 pistol.

EVA's personal data as of 1964 revealed that: her eyesight was 20/16; her blood type was "A"; her favorite beverage was wine (She is seen drinking it with Naked Snake in a CIA safehouse after they returned to the United States); her measurements were 36-23-33; her favorite flowers were roses; her favorite jewellery were emeralds; and her ring size was 5½.[14] Her medical history reveals that she has had breast enhancements and proctitis.[15] Prior to posing as EVA, she received a wound near her breast, but refused to answer Naked Snake when he asked her how she got it. Besides the wound near her breast, she also received multiple burns, cuts and other injuries because of Volgin's practicing his sadistic love of torture on her via "hentai play."[16] Snake when discovering these injuries and that Volgin gave them to her initially thought that Volgin did this to her because he found out she was the spy, though she was quick to remind Snake that if he had found out about her role in aiding Snake, he would have had her killed her on the spot instead of just torturing her before explaining that it was simply done by him as part of his "hobby".[17]

Because of the origin of her "codename," EVA often referenced the Book of Genesis, such as: playfully asking if Snake had come to "seduce her" when they met; her monologue about her successfully seducing the snake and getting away with the forbidden fruit; her mention of her being exiled from China regarding her theft of the forbidden fruit (or more specifically, her failure to steal the real forbidden fruit); and her attempt to get "Adam" (Ocelot) to remember her while he was seemingly possessed by Liquid Snake by holding out an apple to him. Likewise, when she was leading the Paradise Lost Army resistance movement, she based their headquarters inside a church.

Despite her job as a female agent, as well as her personal admission to Naked Snake that she would fall in love "if it was required in her mission," EVA did genuinely love him. She would later volunteer to give birth to Big Boss' clones for Les Enfants Terribles. EVA thought of Solid Snake and Liquid Snake as her sons. She also didn't attempt to seduce people who were uninterested in her, or any woman for that matter, and felt uncomfortable having to explain it to someone who didn't understand why.[18]

EVA's hobby was motorbiking.[14] Rosemary speculated that one of the reasons why she was so skilled with a bike was because she was afflicted with rider's high. According to her in both Operation Snake Eater and Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection, the only time she'd ever disembark from her motorcycle was either if she "fell in love" or if she died. Similarly, she was also skilled with piloting aircraft, having done so with a WIG nearing the conclusion of Operation Snake Eater.

EVA's favorite food were instant noodles, while her least favorite food were potatoes (which is ironic since she was born and raised in Idaho, where potatoes are famously grown).[14] According to her food history, she has also eaten a Tsuchinoko. EVA planned to have a sushi dinner with Naked Snake, upon returning to the United States at the conclusion of Operation Snake Eater, expressing surprise when Snake mentioned that he wanted to try Otton Frog. In addition, because of her supposed "training" under the KGB, she also frequently had various luxury meals like French and Italian.[19]

EVA's favorite animals were dogs.[14] She once owned a dog named Fido with whom she had much difficulty housebreaking, and was so happy upon succeeding that she sometimes dreamed about that day.[20]

In 2014, EVA carried a Chinese Type 17 pistol similar to the one from Operation Snake Eater, which she lost during the bike chase at Groznyj Grad.


Big Boss[]

EVA loved Big Boss after the events of Operation Snake Eater, although she implied that even that would not have stopped her from potentially killing him under orders of the Chinese Philosophers. Her loyalty to Big Boss was such that she sent a series of tapes to explain what The Boss had done during the mission that she left Snake earlier, and had also spearheaded the operation to bring Big Boss's comatose body to Dhekelia SBA Memorial Hospital, and later on her ultimately fighting the Patriots faction led by Zero to revive Big Boss. However, her loyalty to him was not such that she ignored flaws to his character, as evidenced by her admission to Snake that he misinterpreted and eventually forgot about The Boss's will. In addition, during the mission, she nearly broke her cover when trying to stop The Boss from cutting Snake's eyes out on Volgin's orders.

Revolver Ocelot[]

EVA initially viewed Ocelot as an enemy, and was perfectly willing to kill him in order to silence him about her being the spy before Big Boss stopped her. However, after Operation Snake Eater, they entered into an alliance, with EVA becoming one of the few people to refer to him by his real name. They ultimately shared a closer relationship in the 2000s, until the latter adopted the persona of Liquid Ocelot.

Solid Snake[]

EVA loved her surrogate offspring, viewing Solid Snake as her own son. However, she was not above using Snake to further her goals.

Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov[]

While she played the role Sokolov's extramarital lover, Tatyana, EVA's relationship to him was actually that of liaison for the KGB. She was willing to threaten his life with a supposed kiss of death during interrogation, in order to discover the location of the Philosophers' Legacy. Sokolov later acknowledged she was a user after she obtained the Shagohod data from him. However, EVA did care for his well-being to some extent, as she repeatedly attempted to stop Volgin from beating him to death while under torture.

Colonel Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin[]

Although he was the true target for her attempted seduction techniques, EVA nonetheless was fearful and disgusted with Volgin. Indeed, during their first meeting, she initially considered trying to use the Kiss of Death on him before he forced her to confiscate it. When meeting with Snake, she freely admitted that Volgin was "scum" who enjoyed watching others suffer when explaining the source of her wounds, making clear her disdain for Volgin. After several failed attempts at stopping Volgin from brutally interrogating Sokolov and apparently killing the latter, she referred to Volgin as a monster out of disgust for what he did to Sokolov. Eventually, after getting caught, she cursed at Volgin and tried to kill him with the Kiss of Death, but Volgin confiscated it from her. Despite her hatred of Volgin, however, she nonetheless was shocked and unwilling to watch as Volgin got zapped by a lightning bolt, immolated, and had his bandoleers painfully discharge inside him from the fire.

The Boss[]

EVA had immense respect for The Boss, to the extent that she often dreamt about her helping her carry things. In addition, her respect was such that she ultimately relented in her initial plan to kill Naked Snake after The Boss told her not to do so.

Behind the scenes[]

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater[]

Tumblr n3lyo7bRd91tseeqxo1 1280

EVA's introduction in Metal Gear Solid 3.

EVA makes her first appearance in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In an IGN interview relating to the E3 2004 trailer, when asked about her (as well as IGN's assumption that she was a female assassin), Kojima compared her to female agents in the James Bond franchise, where she cooperates with Snake à la the female agents with James Bond, although Snake needs to remain wary of her since she'd do stuff to him if he trusts her 100%.[21] EVA's character model was based by Hideo Kojima on a gravure idol he liked ("○○里", possibly meaning Chisato Morishita (森下 千里)),[16] and her personality traits were inspired by Fujiko Mine from Lupin III.[22] According to Kojima, EVA's character was disliked by the English cast due to her personality.[16] The defection of NSA code breakers ADAM and EVA is based on a real life incident that occurred in September 1960. EVA's alias, Tatyana, is also the name of the Bond Girl in From Russia with Love. The biking goggles that EVA wears is a reference to the epilogue of Policenauts, where Meryl Silverburgh is seen wearing Dave Forrester's goggles around her neck in her final appearance.[23]

Even though EVA in the ending of the game explicitly stated that she had never worked as a KGB spy,[24] Kojima's commentary for the scene in Tikhogornyj had him indicating that the vacuum-tube radio transmitter that Snake briefly glanced upon entering was used by her to contact her handlers at the KGB.[25] In addition, despite the KGB lacking rank insignia, she nonetheless had rank insignia on her uniform, with the markings (a single star over a gold line) implying that she held the rank of Lieutenant.

Even though Volgin forbade anyone with a lesser rank of Colonel from entering the West Wing, Tatyana was present inside the area when Naked Snake bypassed the security. Volgin implied in the scene where he discovered Raikov was being impersonated that he included Tatyana as being among those exempt from the usual rank required for entry for the same reason as why Raikov was exempt.[26]

After the scene where Volgin killed Granin in a torture session, if the player uses the binoculars to follow where Tatyana went, they'll find her mimicking Ocelot's trademark gesture and laughing. This had been an ad-lib by her motion capture actress due to thinking her mocap equipment was off.

Although Laughing Octopus holds the distinction of being the first character to use the word "fuck" in the English version of the series, it was first used by EVA in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid 3, when she says "Fuck you" in English to Volgin. This line was changed to "Go to hell" during localization.

First-person view cutscenes[]

After meeting EVA at Rassvet, the player can press R1 to enter first-person view during some cutscenes, which reveal that Snake is either looking at EVA's cleavage or behind.

Prior to the battle with Volgin at Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge, pressing R1 will show Snake looking directly into EVA's eyes, before she kisses him.


EVA provides radio support to Snake regarding the various locations in the game. However, information regarding some areas is inaccessible unless the player backtracks to those locations on certain occasions, including Dremuchij, Dolinovodno, Ponizovje, and Graniny Gorki. After contacting EVA in these areas, she will question Snake as to why he has gone back there, and remind him to continue forward to the next area. Similarly, because the player accesses these areas after fighting Volgin, EVA cannot be contacted for information regarding Lazorevo, Zaozyorje, or Rokovoj Bereg (as Volgin had destroyed EVA's radio by that point). The player instead gets information on all three when contacting EVA at Groznyj Grad when she reviews the escape plan, accessible after getting Raikov's uniform, but before the player sets C3 explosives in the Shagohod hangar.

If the player has the Book weapon in Snake's inventory, during his capture in Groznyj Grad, and contacts EVA after escaping, she will comment that she didn't throw anything away, not even the magazine that Snake had. She sarcastically refers to it as a "fine piece of literature," to Snake's embarrassment.


If the player refrains from removing the transmitter from Snake, after escaping Groznyj Grad, the path to Tikhogornyj: Waterfall will be guarded by an Ocelot Unit. Navigating this hazard, however, will reward the player with an additional cutscene, in which EVA removes the transmitter from Snake's body herself. The scene is depicted in a humorous fashion, with the accompanying dialogue and shadows on the cave wall laced with double entendres. After noticing the transmitter, EVA has Snake lift up his hips as she attempts to yank it out, the way she had been "trained" to do within the KGB. At one point, the scene shifts to the shadows on the wall, where it shows EVA and Snake's shadows engaged in a wrestling match, with EVA's shadow winning over Snake's. Snake comments that EVA has good female intuition before tossing the transmitter into the fire.

Arriving at Tikhogornyj: Waterfall during an Alert phase will alter the cutscene portraying EVA's arrival, whereby gunshots can be heard as she kills the guards, before jumping through the waterfall into the cave on her motorcycle.


Metal Gear Solid 3 Cast Eva

Artwork of EVA by Yoji Shinkawa.

During the escape through the woods of Zaozoyorje, the player can interact directly with EVA, as she and Snake head to Rokovoj Bereg.

  • EVA can be interrogated for her personal information when placed in a CQC hold by Snake. One of her responses will be, "up up down down left right left right...", referring to the Konami Code.
  • If the player places a Book on the floor, EVA will be disgusted.
  • Tranquilizing EVA will cause her to start talking in her sleep about Snake, The Boss, and "Fido," repeating the phrases, "mmm, right there" and "that feels so good..."
    • The player can call EVA in Bolshaya Past South, where she will tell Snake about The Boss carrying her bags for her, and comments that she sometimes dreams about it. In addition, she will also tell Snake that she used to have a dog, commenting that she sometimes dreams about the day she finally housebroke it. This provides a significantly different context regarding her sleep talking about The Boss and "Fido."
  • If the player drags a tranquilized EVA through mud, it will change her hair color brown.
  • If the player attacks EVA while her Stamina Gauge is above 50%, she will respond by kicking Snake. Attacking her multiple times will cause her to knee Snake in the groin.
  • EVA's character model can be viewed in the Survival Viewer.
    • Viewing EVA's model at certain points in the day at full health, provides a 50% chance that she will be performing a certain animation. In the early morning, she will perform morning exercises. At prime time, she will be making alluring poses that involve her putting her hand on her hip and chest. At midnight, she will either lie down or make a suggestive poses.[27]
    • If EVA's Life Gauge is greater than 50%, and she doesn't have any serious non-story related injuries upon reaching Zaozyorje East, she will be wearing her black bikini in the model viewer, instead of her biker outfit,
    • If the player utilizes the x-ray mode in the Survival Viewer's "Heal" section, the outline of EVA's nipples can be seen.
    • EVA's medical and food history can also be accessed.

Below is the Medical and Food data relating to EVA, prior to Zaozyorje:

Food Medical
Instant Noodles Electrical Burn
Instant Noodles Blow Sustained
Grappa Electrical Burn
Espresso Electrical Burn
Russian False Mango Gelato Blow Sustained
Grilled Duck Breast with Herbs Blow Sustained
Gorgonzola Cream Fettuccini Blow Sustained
Octopus Carpaccio Blow Sustained
Foccacia Bread Procitis
Wine Lower-back Pain
Scallop Marinee Electrical Burn
Bellini Cocktail Stomachache
Instant Noodles Finger Sprain
Tea Stomachache
Chinese Almond Jelly Food Poisoning
Seafood Fried Rice Leech
Tsuchinoko & Shark Fin Soup Poison
Grilled Peking Duck Broken Nail
Abalone in Oyster Sauce Lower-back Pain
Steamed Soup Dumpling Blow Sustained
Steamed Shrimp Gyoza Stomachache
Vine Melon Spring Roll Lower-back Pain
Cold Vegetables Electrical Burn
Apple Blow Sustained
Instant Noodles Hypoxia
Cointreau Blow Sustained
Coffee Blow Sustained
Golova Creme Brule with a Milk Sorbet Cold
Filet Mignon Sauteed Bordeaux Style Sprain
Yabloko Moloko Sorbet Stomachache
Sole Meuniere with Beurre Noisette Broken Nail
Moules served Saffron Soup-style Cold
Duck Foie Gras Sauteed in Apple Sauce Stomachache
Wine Inner Ear Infection
Baguette Stomachache
Salmon and Vegetable Marinee Cavity
Chilled Ratatouille Cold
Kir Royal Night Terror
Ural Luminescent Mushroom Gastritis
Green Tea Stomachache
Chilled Red Beans with Sweet Flour Dumplings Breast Enhancement
Rice with Dried Sardines Bronchitis
Shrimp and Russian Oyster Mushroom Fried with Dandelions Cold
Tuna, Sea Bream and Amber Jack Blow Sustained
Tick-borne Encephalitis
Blow Sustained
Stab Wound
Gunshot wound
Blow Sustained
Gunshot Wound
Plastic Surgery

The listing of procitis, an STD involving an inflamed rectum, in her medical history was presumably a result of her sexual activity with Colonel Volgin. Similarly, the reference to a leech in her medical history implies that she may have gotten one from Chyornyj Prud while trying to rush back to Groznyj Grad earlier.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops[]

In Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, EVA briefly appears in a flashback to Operation Snake Eater in the opening cutscene, when Cunningham questions Naked Snake about the aforementioned mission. She appears in the game proper as a bonus recruitable character, and is the only unique hidden character to have a graphic novel still of her, as seen during her recruitment debriefing. Two images of EVA are also featured on the pages of the Magazine item.


EVA can be recruited as a unique character in Portable Ops.

EVA is indirectly referenced in an optional radio conversation with Roy Campbell, when he advises Snake about using psychology to have him find a girl. Sokolov also mentions "Tatyana" in another optional radio conversation, when he tells Snake to stay away from "women like that."


According to the recruitment mission in Portable Ops, EVA left the PLA after Operation Snake Eater due to the threat of execution for her failure to obtain the Philosophers' Legacy. She later became a freelance cargo pilot, and had made several deliveries to the San Hieronymo Peninsula, Colombia. Despite the fact that the CIA had supplied her with a fake microfilm, she had no hard feelings against Naked Snake, as she realized that this was naturally expected in the spy business. EVA intended to rescue Snake after he contacted her by radio, having discovered her frequency at the peninsula's security base. However, she was shot down by a surface-to-air missile before she could land at the airport, resulting in her crash-landing in the western wilderness. After she is rescued by Snake, the two embrace and are given some privacy by Snake's ally Roy Campbell.

The events of the recruitment mission, in which Snake is first reunited with EVA after Operation Snake Eater, are non-canon. This is due to the contradictory account given by EVA herself in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, in which she was rescued by Big Boss in Hanoi around the time of the Patriots' founding (as she went missing there in 1968 according to Metal Gear Solid 3).[9]

The procedure outlined below details how the player can recruit EVA:

  • Wait for a Spy Report from the Guest House regarding another Government Official to arrive. Head to the Guest House, locate the Official, and interrogate him twice. He will then reveal that there is a radio frequency written inside one of the lockers at the Security Base.
  • A Spy Report from the Western Wilderness will then be received, regarding yet another Government Official. Head to the Western Wilderness, locate the Official, then, rather than interrogate him, capture him instead.
  • Travel to the Security Base, and locate the radio frequency in a locker in the northwestern building: 142.52.
  • Next, travel to the main building of the Comm Base, and relay the second frequency (142.52). EVA will answer, and inform Snake that she will arrive on the peninsula in a week
  • After waiting a few days, return to the Airport, Roy will contact you and tell you to take over thecControl room, afte reaching the control room, EVA will be shot down and then a Spy Report will be received, regarding the crash of EVA's plane in the Western Wilderness.
  • Head to the Western Wilderness, and locate EVA in the basement cell. After the following conversation, EVA will automatically be recruited.

If the player fails to recruit EVA on their first run but recruits Ocelot/Sokolov, then the player can still repeat these steps despite there being no in-game indication. (For instance, the characters that the player needs to interrogate for the Ocelot Recruitment will no longer have special dialogue but will still need to be interrogated to trigger the flags for EVA's recruitment despite the fact they only give generic dialogue.)

The PAL password, used as an alternate means of unlocking EVA as a playable character, is 016K/HYH: the motorcycle license plate for the motorcycle she used during their escape from Groznyj Grad during the climax of Snake Eater. Her NTSC passcode is a brief allusion to her namesake's role in the fall of man according to the Book of Genesis.

"A female spy encountered by Snake during Operation Snake Eater. Once worked with the National Security Agency (NSA), but later defected to the Soviet Union, posing as lovers for both Colonel Volgin and Nikolai Sokolov. She would later aid Snake in his mission."
―Official description in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots[]

During development for Metal Gear Solid 4, it was originally planned that EVA, as Big Mama, was to have brunette colors with a different hairstyle, although it was changed in the final version to blonde with some resemblance to her earlier hairstyle.

This game is the first to reveal that EVA was the surrogate mother of the Twin Snakes for the Les Enfants Terribles project. Previously, this individual was unidentified, as they were simply referred to as "someone" by Liquid Snake in the original Metal Gear Solid. Coincidentally, Big Boss' bio in Millennium Books' 1998 Metal Gear Solid: Official Mission Handbook claims that the project was also known as the "Eve Project."


Big Mama's introduction in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Though Metal Gear Solid 4 states that EVA was involved in Ocelot's plan to destroy the Patriots, it is unknown if she was truly aware of Ocelot's willing assumption of Liquid Snake's persona as part of said plan. Piggyback Interactive's Complete Official Guide states that EVA died believing Liquid's ambitions had really taken over those of Ocelot, and that Ocelot had intentionally concealed the truth of his possession from her.[28] On the other hand, in the Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots novelization by Project Itoh, EVA is not only aware of Ocelot's deception, she is also partially responsible for it by using a prototype version of the system used for the S3 Plan and the SOP system that she stole upon defection from the Patriots.[29]

EVA's Type 17 pistol can be obtained in Metal Gear Solid 4 by either earning the Hound emblem in a single-player session, or by using a password (See Secrets).

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker[]

EVA herself does not physically appear in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, but she is referenced a few times. In addition, her final message to Big Boss after Operation Snake Eater can be heard shortly after Big Boss was forced to euthanize The Boss's horse, and is also selectable in the Data Files entry of the Briefing Files. She also supplied Snake with tapes detailing The Boss's history during Chapter 5.

EVA's revelation to Big Boss about The Boss's true mission in Tselinoyarsk is heard during Peace Walker, after Big Boss fails in his pursuit of Peace Walker into Nicaragua. Also, EVA is briefly referenced by Big Boss and Kazuhira Miller in a conversation shortly after Extra Op. Mission # 29.

Other appearances[]

EVA makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an obtainable sticker, usable exclusively by Solid Snake in The Subspace Emissary.

News a

EVA's and Olga's outfits in Rumble Roses XX.

EVA's and Olga Gurlukovich's outfits can be used as costumes in Rumble Roses XX.[30]

EVA is featured in the Versus Battle feature on the series official website. Coincidentally, similar to how Rumble Roses XX used the costumes of both EVA and Olga, EVA's opponent is Olga Gurlukovich.

Sexy Sleeper Agent & Snake Surrogate
FOXDIE, Motorcycle Crashes
Also known as Big Mama, EVA loved Naked Snake and was the surrogate mother of Big Boss’s cloned children, Solid Snake and Liquid Snake
―EVA's bio on Versus Battle

EVA appears as several cards in Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, as her regular Metal Gear Solid 3 self, as Tatyana (spelled Tatiana) and as her Metal Gear Solid 4 self. She also is tied with Raiden and Liquid Ocelot with possessing the second most bios on the game's website (second only to Big Boss), where she has bios on her regular Metal Gear Solid 3 self and as her alias of Tatiana.

Although EVA neither appears nor is mentioned in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes itself, she does appear in the companion app as an unlockable officer character in the Mother Base Developer. She is unlocked by, while linked to the app, achieving the Fastest Marking of All Enemies trial on the main mission by marking all the enemies on the map in under 9 minutes. She doesn't appear in The Phantom Pain, either, although she is mentioned in Ocelot's report to Big Boss, where he reveals that EVA spearheaded the operation to save Big Boss and relocate his comatose body after the events of Ground Zeroes. In addition, an outfit based on her MGS3 attire will also be a DLC outfit for the game.[31]

Accessory Eva

EVA's Jumpsuit in Metal Gear Survive.

In addition, her jumpsuit from the Snake Eater era is an unlockable equipment in the Event Episode "The Encounter: Begin 1964 Event!", requiring 5000 Battle Points to unlock.





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