This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Dite was a mysterious world set in an alternate dimension. Appearing to be a remote and desolate wasteland, Dite was mostly populated by lethal humanoid creatures known as the Wanderers and a few human survivors, among other creatures such as sheep. Among its inhabitants was the Lord of Dust, a massive creature of size and strength who appeared to hold some control over Dite. The only known ways of entering and exiting this dimension was through the mysterious and unstable worm holes that spawn randomly throughout Dite. These wormholes transported random individuals, creatures and objects throughout different points in time of the real world. It was suspected that the Lord of Dust was responsible for the worm holes.

At some point, Virgil AT-9 revealed that Dite was not a separate dimension, rather the distant future of the Earth after the Lord of Dust ravaged the planet, infecting it with the virus and going back in time to start the process over.

Behind the scenes

Dite is the main setting of Metal Gear Survive, which the characters travel to through a wormhole. It is named after the city of Dis, pronounced as Di-te, from the Divine Comedy, which encompasses the sixth through the ninth circles of Hell.

The protagonist and supporting characters of Survive build their base, their weapons and kill zombies in a certain area of Dite. There are also several boss characters, such as "Lord of Dust," as well as other secret ones.

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