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Directional microphone

The directional microphone is a handheld, long-range sound amplification system. It can be used to penetrate walls and soundproof barriers in order to listen in on sounds and conversations from far away.

Usage by Naked Snake and Raiden

Naked Snake made some use of the directional microphone during Operation Snake Eater. Equipped with it from the start of his mission, it did not serve a specific purpose, but still came in very useful in locating enemies, for lack of a better device. It also proved particularly handy in locating The End during Snake's sniper duel with him.

Although Snake, rechristened Big Boss, did not use a directional microphone by itself during his missions into Cuba in December 1974-March 1975, his binoculars were equipped with one, allowing him to eavesdrop on the Marine personnel at the U.S. Naval Prison Facility in Cuba in addition to sighting them.[1]

The item was used by Raiden during the Big Shell Incident. After he found it in the computer room in the B2 level of Shell 1, he made use of it in locating Richard Ames. Raiden did this by using the microphone to listen to Ames' distinctive heartbeat - a result of his pacemaker. He also used it to eavesdrop on several conversations that he would be otherwise unable to hear, such as Solidus Snake and Revolver Ocelot's debriefing on Fatman's mad bombing spree, and the radio conversation between Solidus and Olga Gurlukovich.

Behind the scenes

Weight: 1.5kg.

The D. Mic. is listed under weapons when it is equipped. It is operated in first person view, with Raiden/Snake holding the device like a pistol. It can be aimed to amplify sound coming from that direction. Any captions transcribing the dialogue of a character it is aimed at change size depending on how well the microphone is targeted at a character (smaller for quieter).

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the Directional Microphone can be used to listen in on several secret conversations involving Johnny Sasaki (see Metal Gear Solid 2 secrets).

The method in which Raiden acquired the directional microphone was slightly different in the novelization for Metal Gear Solid 2. In the game, he could acquire it by going down to the Computer Room in Shell 1 Core B2 Floor. In the novel, however, he had to access a storage area within the Computer Room allegedly to get "camera lenses", and also made sure that he grabbed some camera lenses in addition to the directional microphone to keep his alibi secure, although he disposed of the camera lenses after leaving the Computer Room.

"A high-performance directional microphone. Picks up sound in the direction it is pointed. Can be used to pick up the footsteps of distant enemies and other sounds normally too faint to hear."
―Directional microphone description in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Notes and references

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    Kazuhira Miller: Your Binoculars are equipped with a directional microphone. You should be able to listen in on whatever they're pointed at.


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