The Diamondback Tactical FAPC is a tactical combat vest.


The Fast Attack Plate Carrier Gen. 2 was designed by Diamondback Tactical to meet the needs of operators who want a high mobility plate carrier with great load carrying capacity. The F.A.P.C-2 has 1/4" closed cell foam in both the shoulders and upper torso regions to relieve load stress on the operator’s back and shoulders. It also allows for quick adjustments and modifications when loads, clothing or operational positions change. Available with optional Level 3A inserts.[1]

FAPCs were used by the members of Rat Patrol Team 01 during the Guns of the Patriots Incident.

Behind the scenes

Worn by Meryl Silverburgh and the members of Rat Patrol 01 in Metal Gear Solid 4. Furthermore, Jonathan seems to wear the side cummerbund system to carry extra ammunition.

The Plate Carrier (RATPT01 Type) is an item of chest gear available in the Reward Shop of Metal Gear Online, based on Rat Patrol Team 01's equipment.

"A battle harness that can be attached to customize all types of equipment.
Also used by Meryl's Rat Patrol Team 01.
―Plate Carrier (RATPT01 Type) description in Metal Gear Online


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