In 1984, a Soviet informant gathered intelligence for the mercenary company Diamond Dogs.

After the events of Skull Face's death during the Phantom Pain Incident, Diamond Dogs' informant investigated the existence of the "extraordinaries" (specifically, the Third Child and the Man on Fire) on Ocelot's orders, largely to provide closure to the organization due to some remaining questions regarding Skull Face's plans. The investigation ultimately uncovered that they had been related to top-secret research conducted by the Kremlin, as well as several other details, including why they were active and how they had been responsible for XOF's attack on Big Boss in Cyprus.[1]

The informant's actions eventually caught the attention of KGB Directorate S. Anticipating the possibility that he would be killed, the informant managed to hide what he had uncovered in a film canister and placed it in Spugmay Keep, Northern Kabul, Afghanistan. Just before his death, he also sent a VI to Diamond Dogs of its location, although the transmission was cut off part-way through. Diamond Dogs worked to fix up the VI, but received word that a Spetsnaz unit had been sent to retrieve the canister, and hurriedly dispatched Venom Snake to find it first.[2][3] Snake was ultimately able to retrieve the canister before the KGB could locate it, with Ocelot debriefing Snake on the informant's findings upon decoding the report.[1]

Behind the scenes

The informant is a character mentioned in Mission 38: Extraordinary in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although he isn't actually seen due to his death prior to the mission, he is nonetheless an important character in the mission due to his being the reason the mission needed to be conducted.


Notes and references

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