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This article is about the private military company. You may be looking for their canine pet DD (Diamond Dog).

"We pull in money, recruits, just to combat Cipher... Rubbing our noses in bloody battlefield dirt, all for revenge. The world calls for wetwork, and we answer. No greater good, no just cause."
―Kazuhira Miller[src]

Diamond Dogs was a private military company led by Venom Snake around the 1980s. It was created as a result of the devastation of the Militaires Sans Frontières as well as the attack on the Old Mother Base.[1]


After the destruction of Mother Base, Kazuhira Miller, who had recovered from the helicopter crash that had put Big Boss into a coma, founded a successor organisation in Rhodesia called Diamond Dogs. In 1981, Diamond Dogs managed to situate themselves on an offshore plant modelled after their former base given to them by the government of the Seychelles after they halted an attempted coup by South African mercenaries. The name stemmed from the group's profession as "dogs of war," who were willing to carry out unsavoury jobs for clients, while at the same time maintaining pride in their work.[1] Owing to their name, they also carried diamonds into battle, some converted from the cremated ashes of their fallen comrades,[2] and collected raw diamonds for the funding of their Mother Base. Besides engaging in combat and various mercenary jobs, the Diamond Dogs also retrieved various animals for an environmental NGO.[3]

The Diamond Dogs' practice of carrying diamonds into battle began after an outbreak of parasites occurred, which resulted in Venom Snake being forced to kill a large number of his comrades. After the incident, the cremated bodies' ashes were turned into diamonds.[2]

At some point, the Diamond Dogs had decided to follow the world's example of disarming their own nukes, even installing a monument that both quoted The Boss and referenced the Alamogordo nuclear test upon decommissioning what seemed to be the last nuke in existence as Miller explains Diamond Dogs' new role.[4] They themselves had earlier done nuclear weapons in fear of others doing so, which acted as part of the reason they decided to do their part to stop it for the future.[5] Their first attempt at disarming a nuke had the nuclear material rupture, also irradiating several men in at least two hundred rads and had to be hospitalized as a result, although they had nonetheless contained the leak and presumably put it in cold storage, though Miller estimated it would take a minimum of 30 years before it can be relatively safe to handle, and even then, dumping it in the sea and burying it in the desert were not options.[6] Eventually, they needed to grow stronger to ensure nukes were eliminated, requiring development of several armored vehicles due to viewing the achievement as too good to let go to waste, with Miller when explaining this to Venom Snake also noting the irony that they had to expand the war effort in order to ensure nukes remain eliminated.[7] Some time afterward, Ocelot called Venom Snake to inform him that someone resumed building nukes, and that maintaining a nuke free world was going to be much harder than disarmament.[8]

Diamond Dogs was ultimately suceeded by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven, some time prior to 1995.

Military resources (1984)[]


Some of the recruited personnel were taken from the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, as well as former Mujahideen members, former Private Forces members, former XOF members and several British POWs. At least one was a Soviet soldier operating as a mole for the CIA.[13][14]

Huey Emmerich was not actually a formal member of Diamond Dogs due to his alleged role in the disaster on MSF, but he was kept on Mother Base nonetheless due to both his having intel on XOF's plans and because Diamond Dogs needed his R&D scientist/bipedal weapon developer abilities with his suggested Battle Gear concept. Huey was eventually exiled from Diamond Dogs and Mother Base altogether for his role in the parasite outbreak, with his research notes being left behind, thus ensuring that they can make Huey's proposed inventions without Huey himself being present.


Due to their being a mercenary organization, the Diamond Dogs received several contracts from various groups, both civilian and military-based.

Prior to the events of the Phantom Pain incident, they had previously accepted work to deter a South African-based PF at the Seychelles, which awarded them with a nearby offshore facility which they proceeded to model after their old Mother Base. They also came under the employ of an Environmental NGO to rescue various animals in hot spots across the globe. Initially, the NGO intended to pick up the animals after Diamond Dogs confirmed they got some, but after the latter party was unable to meet their deadline, the PF ended up constructing an animal platform as a holding area for the Environmental NGO to pick up the animals.

During the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, the Diamond Dogs aided the Mujahideen in trying to drive out the Soviets. Aside from their aiding the Mujahideen, they also had come under the direct employ of the CIA twice, once to recover a prototype missile launcher, and another time to rescue a mole.

While in Africa, they came under the employ of an environmental group requesting they shut down an oil spill (in fact, they were their first client). They also worked alongside the Communist-backed MPLA in various missions, initially because of UNITA's ties to Cipher, and later simply trying to draw out war for their own needs. They also worked for the Mbele general a few times, and have also taken a job from The Mbele Squad to rescue their leader. They have also acted in the aid of other PFs in the region if needed, and also had a collaborative relationship with the PF No Alert.

Aside from their primary missions in both Afghanistan and the Angola-Zaire border regions, they have also undergone various hotspots across the globe, with their clientel ranging from local pro-independence movements, western countries (some being confidential) and/or entities such as corporations, Eastern bloc countries, split European countries, South American countries, Central American socialist countries, resource-producing countries in southern and western Africa as well as western Asia, Southeastern Asia, and even the United Nations and other international coalition forces (although the last ones was under a strictly unofficial basis). The various jobs ranged from actual military operations such as securing bridgeheads and taking out enemy forces, to confidential wetworks missions such as assassinations and sabotage, to escorting high government officials, and defending various refugees and ethnic minorities, as well as liberating various locations. At least one had the personal motive of suspicions that the enemy group was backed by Cipher.

Base of operations[]

Similar to its predecessor, Diamond Dogs also had an offshore plant called Mother Base. By the time Big Boss awakened from his coma, the base had been nearing completion, with Ocelot assisting in the finishing touches while Big Boss was off rescuing Miller in Afghanistan. They contained both square struts and hexagonal struts, and were also colored orange. Eventually, it grew to a gargantuan enough size to not only mandate driving across the base, but even create various Forward Operating Bases. Their FOBs were located on territories that had been purchased beforehand, including eastward of the Hawaiian Islands, the North Pacific Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic Ocean, and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, among others. However, this development also led to the FOBs becoming a target for competitors who wish to raid Diamond Dogs of their supplies and manpower.

Aside from Mother Base, it also had an Aerial Command Center, which was situated within a helicopter.

Unit divisions[]

Like its predecessor, Diamond Dogs had various unit divisions, four of which were retained from its reformation from MSF, plus a new sixth unit. The Intel Team from MSF was further split up into two separate divisions: The Intel Unit dealt with any intelligence and enemy movements in areas the Diamond Dogs were currently infiltrating, and the Support Unit sent packages containing requested items by any Diamond Dogs operatives during a mission. They also had a Base Development Unit for building and further improving Mother Base and a Security Team for guarding the base and its various FOBs from intruders.

Training regimen[]

The soldiers underwent various training regimens on Mother Base, overseen by both Ocelot and Venom Snake. In addition, the shooting range was moved outdoors.

In addition, some soldiers would request for training sessions from Snake that composed of the latter beating them into submission.

Recruitment policy[]

Like MSF before it, the Diamond Dogs recruited personnel either by abducting enemy soldiers or rescuing POWs via Fulton Recovery using modified choppers.[15] Fulton Recovery required good weather conditions, otherwise the recovery balloon would be knocked off-course and the would-be recruit would likely die. If the Fulton system was unavailable, personnel could be carried directly to a nearby chopper.


The standard Diamond Dogs uniform consisted of:

  • Balaclava (note: only a few of the standard infantry wear this as part of the uniform)
    • SP Headgear - Balaclava with extra protection to prevent head injuries. Worn by Diamond Dogs members in the field
    • HP Headgear - Balaclava with integrated helmet for even better protection. Used either in the field or on FOB's with Level 5 Battle Dress or Sneaking Suits equipped.
  • Head set (note: only the standard infantry wear this as part of the uniform)
  • Utility SPIE (Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction) Harness
  • IIFS (Integrated Individual Fighting System) Tactical Load Bearing/Carrying Vest, also known as the LBV-88 or M-1988 LBV
  • US LC-2 Individual Equipment Belt w/ QR (Quick-Release) Buckle Hello
  • US M1956 Universal Ammo Pouch
  • US 1-Quart Plastic Canteen w/ LC-1 Canteen Cover
  • US M1967 Nylon Field Pack (Butt Pack)
  • Bianchi M12 Universal Holster w/ Drop Leg Extender
  • Jungle boots
  • Jungle fatigues (olive drab fatigues customized with knee braces on the right side and brassards with the Diamond Dogs insignia on them. Snake however wears Tiger Stripes patterned fatigues with 1 black knee brace on his right knee and black paracord tied on his left leg.)
  • Memorial Diamonds formed from the ashes of fallen comrades to serve as inspiration, post-second parasite outbreak[2]
  • African and Afghan raw diamonds to fund Mother Base.

A special variant of Diamond Dogs soldiers seen accompanying Ocelot.

In addition, there were several Diamond Dogs soldiers accompanying Ocelot who instead donned black uniforms, balaclavas, and red berets with the Diamond Dogs logo (though some wore thermal goggles instead), and wore a different type of balaclava. They bore some resemblance to the Ocelot Unit

Security Team Forces guarding FOB's can also wear either Sneaking Suits or Battle Dress uniforms depending on whether the Security Setting is set to Non-Lethal or Lethal respectively. They will wear balaclavas (or, with Level 5 Sneaking Suits, HP Headgear) on Non-Lethal Security Setting FOB's, but only Back-Up Units on Lethal FOB's will wear balaclavas. However, when equipped with Level 5 Battle Dress armor, the entire security detail will don HP Headgear.

During the second outbreak as well as the events of the Kingdom of the Flies, members of Diamond Dogs wore gas masks covering the mouth and nostrils yet otherwise leaving the eyes exposed, as well as protective boots, due to an outbreak of vocal cord parasites, with the former being under level 3 of Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP).

The various researchers also wore white lab coats and black trousers and shoes, with ID Cards on their person. In addition, Diamond Dogs chopper pilots while off-duty wore beige trousers, yellow T-shirts, yellow head coverings, and headsets, while others wore green hooded jackets, and green trousers with a side holster.


Diamond Dogs utilized a wide variety of weaponry, including various technologies from the Western and Eastern Blocs. They came in three main categories: Primary, secondary and support. Their weapons could also be customized with various parts. In some cases, even the bathroom acted as an armory.[16] During 1984, however, while the soldiers were allowed to carry lethal weapons on the base, they weren't allowed to fire them, Venom Snake included. The only exception to the weapons ban is non-lethal weaponry such as tranquilizer guns and stun-shot grenades, due to their need to use the firing range outside to hone their firing skills.

Close-range weapons[]

  • Combat Knife
  • Bionic Arm (Snake)
    • Stun Arm (Snake)
    • Rocket Arm (Snake)
    • Blast Arm (Snake)
    • Hand of Jehuty (Snake)



A Diamond Dogs soldier practicing with a AM D114 pistol at a shooting range

  • Wu Silent Pistol
  • AM D114 Pistol (Service Pistol)
  • Uragan-5 Revolver
  • Tornado-6 Heavy Revolver (Ocelot)
  • Burkov
  • Geist P3
  • Windurger series 333 revolver (WU S333)
  • WU S324 LB
  • Zorn-KP
  • Water Pistol


  • S1000 Shotgun
    • S1000 Air-S (Standard Issue on Non-Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
  • Kabarga-83 Shotgun (Standard Issue on Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)

Assault rifles[]

  • AM MRS-4 Rifle (Standard Issue on Mother Base and for Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
  • AM MRS-4 Rifle (SL)
  • AM MRS-4 Rilfe M3
  • AM Rifle Type 69 ("AM MRS-4R Rifle"; Standard Issue for Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
  • AM-69 AAS Rifle
  • G44
    • G44K
    • G44-9
    • G44MG
  • PG-76
  • PG-67
  • SVG-76
    • SVG-76U
  • SVG-67
    • SVG-67U
  • UN-ARC
    • UN-ARC-NL(Standard Issue on Non-Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
    • UN-ARC-PT
  • Unidentified assault rifle
  • Secret Weapon

Submachine guns[]

  • Riot SMG (Standard Issue on Non-Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
  • Sz.-336 SMG
  • ZE'EV (Standard Issue for Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
  • Macht 37
    • Macht 37K
    • Macht 37L

Machine Guns[]

  • ALM 48 (Standard Issue for Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
    • ALM 48H
    • ALM 48S
  • LPG-61

Sniper rifles[]

  • Bambetov Sniper Rifle
  • M2000 Sniper D (Standard Issue on Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)
    • M2000-NL
  • Serval AMR-7
  • AM-MRS-73 Rifle (Standard Issue on Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)

Grenade Launcher[]

  • Isando RGL-220


  • CGM 25
  • FB MR R-Launcher
    • FB MR R-Launcher Mk. II
  • Killer Bee (Issued to Soldiers on Lethal Equipment Security Setting FOB's)


  • Personal Ballistic Shield (Issued to Soldiers on FOB's)
    • Olive
    • White
    • Silver
    • Gold

Throwing weapons[]

  • Decoy
    • Active Decoy
    • E-Stun Decoy
  • Hand grenade
  • Flare grenade
  • Smoke grenade
  • Stun grenade
  • Sleep grenade
  • Magazine
  • Threat grenade [17]

Placeable weapons[]

  • C4
  • Capture cage
  • M21 D-Mine

Emplaced weaponry[]

Emplaced weaponry could be procured via Fulton recovery.

The Diamond Dogs would later have access to a nuclear arsenal.



  • D114 barrel
  • D114 HP-barrel
  • D114 L-barrel
  • S.pistol barrel
  • S.pistol L-barrel
  • Burkov barrel
  • Geist P3 barrel
  • S333 barrel
  • S333 R-barrel
  • S324LB L-barrel
  • S324LB R-barrel
  • S362SB S-barrel
  • S362SB MF-barrel
  • Uragan-5 barrel
  • Uragan-SP L-barrel
  • Zorn-KP barrel
Submachine Gun
  • Sz.336 barrel
  • ZE'EV barrel
  • Macht 37 barrel
  • Macht 37 L-barrel
  • Macht 37 S-barrel
Assault Rifle
  • SVG type barrel
  • SVG type R-barrel
  • SVG type S-barrel
  • SVG type SR-barrel
  • SVG type SS-barrel
  • SVG type S2-barrel
  • SVG type FS-barrel
  • SVG type FF2 barrel
  • MRS type barrel
  • MRS type R-barrel
  • MRS type SR-barrel
  • MRS type L-barrel
  • MRS type LR-barrel
  • MRS type FS-barrel
  • MRS type F2-barrel
  • ARC type L-barrel
  • ARC type LR-barrel
  • ARC type S-barrel
  • ARC type SR-barrel
  • ARC type FS-barrel
  • ARC type F2-barrel
  • G44 type barrel
  • G44 type R-barrel
  • G44 type S-barrel
  • G44 type 9-barrel
  • G44 type 9R-barrel
  • G44 type FS-barrel
  • G44 type F2-barrel
  • Rasp barrel
  • Rasp L-barrel
  • Rasp LL-barrel
  • Rasp S-barrel
  • Rasp SS-barrel
  • S1000 barrel
  • S1000 R-barrel
  • S1000 L-barrel
  • S1000 LR-barrel
  • S1000 LLR-barrel
  • S1000 S-barrel
  • KAB83 barrel
  • KAB83 R-barrel
  • Bull-H barrel
Grenade Launcher
  • FAKEL barrel
  • DGL103 barrel
  • DGL103 L-barrel
  • RGL-220 barrel
  • RGL-220 L-barrel
  • RGL-220 LL-barrel
  • HAIL barrel
  • HAIL HP-barrel
Sniper Rifle
  • Renov barrel
  • Renov HP-barrel
  • Renov MF-barrel
  • M2000 barrel
  • M2000 B-barrel
  • Bambetov barrel
  • Bambetov R-barrel
  • MRS SP barrel
  • MRS SP MF-barrel
  • Brennan barrel
  • Brennan HP-barrel
  • Serval barrel
Machine Gun
  • ALM 48 barrel
  • ALM 48 F-barrel
  • ALM 48 S-barrel
  • AAM barrel
  • AAM R-barrel
  • AAM S-barrel
  • LPG-61 barrel
  • LPG-61 R-barrel


  • .45 MAG x7
  • .45 MAG x10
  • AP 9 MAG x10
  • AP 9 MAG x7
  • ANEST.9 MAG x7
  • ANEST.9 MAG x10
  • AP ANEST.9 MAG x10
  • AP ANEST.9 MAG x7
  • 9 MAG x10
  • 9 MAG x7
  • 9 MAG x9
  • 9 MAG x12
  • ANEST. 9 MAG x12
  • ANEST. 9 MAG x9
  • 9 MAG x17
  • 9 MAG x30
  • 9 MAG x42
  • R-magnum
  • R-magnum S-loader
  • R-magnum +P
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA shell (Slug)
  • 12GA shell (Air-S)
  • Grenade
  • Grenade (Smoke)
  • Grenade (Stun)
  • Water
  • Water (HP)
  • Water (UHP)
Submachine Gun
  • SMG MAG x20
  • SMG MAG x30
  • SMG MAG x20
  • SMG MAG x30
  • SMG Dual-Mag x30
  • SMG Long-Mag x40
  • SMG MAG x30
  • SMG MAG x20 (Stun)
  • SMG MAG x30 (Stun)
  • SMG Dual-Mag x30 (Stun)
  • SMG Long-Mag x40 (Stun)
Assault Rifle
  • 5.56 MAG x30
  • 5.56 Dual-Mag x30
  • 7.62 Dual-Mag x30
  • 7.62 MAG x30
  • 5.56 Long-Mag x40
  • 7.62 Long-Mag x40
  • 7.62 Drum-Mag x75
  • 5.56 MAG x30
  • 5.56 Dual-Mag x30
  • 5.56 Long-Mag x40
  • 5.56 Drum-Mag x100
  • 7.62 MAG x20
  • 7.62 Dual-Mag x20
  • 7.62 Long-Mag x30
  • 7.62 Drum-Mag x50
  • 7.62 Mag x20 (Stun)
  • 5.56 MAG x30
  • 5.56 Dual-Mag x30
  • 5.56 Long-Mag x40
  • 9 MAG 30
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA shell (magnum)
  • 12GA shell (slug)
  • 12GA shell (s-slug)
  • 12GA shell (air-s)
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA s-loader
  • 12GA shell (slug)
  • 12GA shell (air-s)
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA shell
  • 12GA MAG x6
  • 12GA Long-Mag x9
  • 12GA Drum-Mag x20
  • 12GA Shell
Grenade Launcher
  • 40mmG
  • 40mmG (Smoke)
  • 40mmG (Stun)
  • 40mmG (Sleep)
  • 40mmG
  • 40mmG
  • 40mmG
  • 40mmG (Smoke)
  • 40mmG (Stun)
  • 40mmG (R-HE)
  • 40mmG
  • 40mmG (Smoke)
  • 25mmG MAG x6
  • 25mmG L-MAG x10
Sniper Rifle
  • .308 MAG x5
  • .338 MAG x5
  • Anest.308 MAG x5
  • .308 MAG x5
  • Anest.308 MAG x5
  • .308 MAG x8
  • .308 MAG x20
  • .223 MAG x20
  • Anest.308 MAG x20
  • AP12.7 MAG x5
  • AP12.7 Long-Mag x5
  • AP12.7 Mag x5
Machine Gun
  • 7.62 H-MAG x100
  • 7.62 H-MAG x150
  • 7.62 H-MAG x200
  • 5.56 S-MAG x100
  • 5.56 S-MAG x150
  • 5.56 S-MAG x200
  • 7.62 S-MAG x100
  • 7.62 S-MAG x150
  • 7.62 R-MAG x100
  • 7.62 R-MAG x150
  • 7.62 R-MAG x200
Rocket Launcher
  • MEM-84
  • MEM-84
  • MEM-84 (HE-1)
  • MEM-84 (HE-2)
  • TCS-M
  • TCS-M VER.2
  • TCS-M VER.3
  • TCS-M VER.4
  • CG-M
  • CG-M MK.II


Submachine Gun
  • Sz.-336 Stock
  • Sz.-336 Slidestock
  • ZE'EV Stock
  • ZE'EV RRS-Stock
  • MACHT 37 Stock
  • MACHT 37 AD-Stock
Assault Rifle
  • SVG Type stock
  • SVG Type SK-stock
  • SVG Type PR-stock
  • SVG Type FS-stock
  • SVG Type F2-stock
  • MRS type stock
  • MRS type AD-stock
  • MRS type FS-stock
  • ARC type AD-stock
  • ARC type A2 stock
  • ARC type stock
  • ARC type FS-stock
  • Rasp stock
  • Rasp sawed-off
  • S1000 stock
  • S1000 SK-stock
  • KAB83 stock
Grenade Launcher
  • FAKEL stock
  • FAKEL SK-stock
  • DGL103 stock
  • RGL-220 stock
  • HAIL stock
Sniper Rifle
  • Renov stock
  • Renov SK-stock
  • M2000 stock
  • M2000 AD-stock
  • Bambetov stock
  • Bambetov AD-stock
  • MRS type stock
  • MRS type AD-stock
  • Brennan stock
Machine Gun
  • AAM stock
  • LPG-61 stock


Assault Rifle
  • SVG type muzzle
  • SVG type F-hider
  • MRS type muzzle
  • MRS type S-muzzle
  • MRS type FS-muzzle
  • ARC type muzzle
  • ARC type S-muzzle
  • ARC type FS-muzzle
  • ARC type NL-muzzle
  • G44 type muzzle
  • S1000 C-muzzle
  • KAB83 C-muzzle
  • KAB83 F-hider
  • Bull-H C-Muzzle
Sniper Rifle
  • Renov muzzle
  • M2000 muzzle
  • M2000 B-muzzle
  • Bambetov muzzle
  • MRS type muzzle
  • AMR type muzzle
  • AMR type HP-muzzle
Machine Gun
  • ALM 48 muzzle
  • AAM muzzle
  • AAM s-muzzle
  • LPG-61 muzzle

Muzzle Accessory[]

  • Sup. Pistol(R1)
  • Sup. Pistol-S(R4)
  • Sup. Pistol(R1)
  • Sup. Pistol-D(R2)
  • MUZZLE-OP D114
  • Sup. Pistol-B(R1)
  • Sup. Pistol-B(R4)
Submachine Gun
  • Sup. SMG-Sz.(R1)
  • Sup. SMG-Sz.(R2)
  • Muzzle-OP Sz.
  • Sup.SMG(R1)
  • Sup.SMG-Macht(R2)
  • Sup.SMG-RIOT(R1)
Assault Rifle
  • Muzzle-OP SVG(A)
  • Muzzle-OP SVG(B)
  • Muzzle-OP PG(B)
  • Sup. GP-W (R1)
  • Sup. GP-W (R2)
  • Muzzle-OP MRS
  • Muzzle-OP ARC
  • Sup. AR-ARC(R1)
  • SUP. SG-S1000(R1)
  • SUP. SG-S1000(R2)
Sniper Rifle
  • SUP. GP-W(R1)
  • SUP. GP-W(R2)
  • SUP. SR-SV(R1)
  • SUP. AMR (R1)
Machine Gun
  • Muzzle-OP ALM

Optics 1[]

  • Dot Sight I
  • Dot Sight III
  • Dot Sight II
  • Short Scope (3x)
  • Rifle Scope E (4x)
  • Rifle Scope W (4x)

Optics 2[]


  • Compact F-Light
  • Flash-Laser Module
  • Flash-Light ST
  • Flash-Light CB
  • Flash-Light TA

Laser Sight[]

  • Compact Laser-M1
  • Compact Laser-M2
  • Laser-A-Module CB
  • Laser-A-Module TA


  • M-foregrip
  • F-foregrip
  • D114 UDBL-CB
  • S-1000 UDB:-SG
Grenade launcher



Several Diamond Dogs soldiers wearing Thermal Goggles to locate Quiet

The Diamond Dogs also possessed various equipment. They came in two categories: Items and Tools.



Storage containers could be procured via Fulton recovery.


Various animals could be procured via Fulton recovery.

Vehicles and aircraft[]

Several of these vehicles could be procured via Fulton recovery. In addition, Mother Base also had some jeeps present to allow for travel between struts.

By late 1984, Diamond Dogs had expanded its vehicular armament to include 12 non-combat vehicles, 32 armored vehicles, 24 tanks, and 25 Walker Gears to better ensure they disarmed all nukes as the world saw fit. Ocelot would later note the irony behind this.

Security systems[]


The Diamond Dogs logo depicted a cut diamond, with a black Rhodesian Ridgeback hound's head snarling in profile. A yellow banner underneath featured the name of the organization.

The "Diamond" in Diamond Dogs alluded to the Greek root for the term, which emphasized "purity", or more specifically dedication to a given duty.

Although technically not its name, a PF soldier in Africa when relaying their exploits to his comrades once referred to them as "Diamond Ducks."

Codename system[]

Similar to FOXHOUND and its predecessor FOX, and especially the Diamond Dogs' predecessor, the Militaires Sans Frontières, the Diamond Dogs utilized an animal based codename system for its various members outside of most of the highest level personnel. Unlike MSF, however, with the exception of Miller and Huey, the higher-ranking members also utilized codenames. In addition, the codenames also contained modifiers to each member, with the exception of those who had originally been of MSF when they were recruited.[20]

Behind the scenes[]

The Diamond Dogs first appeared in the form of an emblem on Big Boss's uniform, in a "classified" artwork unveiled online by Kojima Productions. The artwork was used to promote the recruitment of engineers to help develop the next canonical game in the Metal Gear series, which was later revealed to be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The artwork in question depicts Big Boss accompanied by a dog, presumably either a foxhound or a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Due to the angle of the artwork, only the word "Dogs" is legible, on the right side of Big Boss's uniform. However, Hideo Kojima tweeted a full image of the logo, revealing the entire name. On January 30, 2013, Kojima tweeted that he had an iPhone case that bore the logo of Diamond Dogs, but that it wasn't for sale.[21][22]


Venom Snake wearing a jacket bearing the Diamond Dogs insignia.

Aside from the aforementioned meanings behind the name "Diamond Dogs," it is also a reference to the David Bowie album of the same name,[1] whose work has previously been referenced in other games in the series. It might also be a reference to blood diamonds, which are diamonds that are mined and sold in countries during major conflicts, usually within Africa. Both potential origins of the name were acknowledged by Kojima, who commented that some of these suggestions indeed touched on the meanings behind it.[1] On a side note, Bowie's song of the same name was a cover that summarized George Orwell's book 1984, which was also an inspiration for the plot of the game.

A Diamond Dogs T-shirt was sold at EB Games, GameStop, and GameMania, as well as the Spanish game provider GAME.

The coup against the government of the Seychelles prevented by Diamond Dogs is based on a real event which occurred in 1981 whereby a group of South African mercenaries masquerading as holidaying Rugby players attempted a coup against the government of then president France-Albert René. This was known as The Seychelles Affair.

MGSVQuietMSFmember QuietMGSVDDmember

A comparison of the MSF model used for Quiet's torture sequence the E3 2013 trailer and the Diamond Dogs model used in the final version.

Early trailers depicting Mother Base showed models of MSF members standing in for the (presumably incomplete) Diamond Dogs members models. Examples include the E3 2013 trailer with the soldier torturing Quiet and the soldiers seen when Snake helps Miller off the helicopter (who are not present in the final version).

One of the bonus Mother Base staff members, Canine, has a Diamond Dogs tattoo on either their right or left cheek, depending on whether the soldier unlocked was female or male.

This article assumes that the Diamond Dogs chose to commit to nuclear disarmament. A hidden cutscene found in the PC version of The Phantom Pain shows the Diamond Dogs eventually succeeding in ridding the world of every single nuclear weapon, while continuing to keep on guard for their resurgence.[23] The conditions required to unlock this cutscene have been given some elaboration in both the Famitsu guide as well as a PDF addon to the Piggyback Guides strategy guide for the game, although the "certain event" alluded to has not occured yet. The event eventually was released to the public on December 25-27, 2018, largely due to a mistake by Konami.[24][25][26]

Unlike their MSF counterparts in Peace Walker, female Diamond Dogs members cannot equip a "Naked" version of their uniform.

During several cutscenes, Diamond Dogs personnel can be seen equipped with weaponry not yet developed by Snake.

DD logo

Diamond Dogs logo at OKB Zero, one example of reused assets.

Due to the game reusing several assets, the Diamond Dogs logo frequently appears on various objects even when the groups that are present at the locations are not actually affiliated with Diamond Dogs at all. Examples include some buildings within OKB Zero (which were affiliated with XOF and formerly the Red Army, the former in turn Diamond Dogs had a feud with due to past events), as well as several soldiers and FOB objects belonging to Event-exclusive private forces (ie, Mosquito Stinger Force, Kill Count, and No Alert).


While on Mother Base, Venom Snake can interact with recruited soldiers by walking up to them, raising their morale, attacking them with CQC, boosting their combat skills, as well as their morale, or hide out of sight to listen to conversations.

Some of the conversations Snake can overhear usually are about what's happening in the plot, but more conversations can be heard if players are careful enough.

  1. Miller's rescue from Afghanistan.
  2. DD being fully grown, and a heated debate about whether he's a dog or a wolf. Emmerich will later point out in a tape that DD is clearly a wolf.
  3. One of the soldiers wanting to touch DD's paw pads, while the other has no idea why he would want to.
  4. The expansion of Mother Base
  5. The Animal Conservation Platform.
  6. "That woman" Snake brought back.
  7. Fear over the vocal cord parasite.
  8. Two or more soldiers talking about now being infertile, one states he doesn't have kids but never planned on getting married, another states his ex-wife took his kids and didn't plan on having anymore, a third, female soldier will state her "husband will be pissed."
  9. How the children Snake had rescued are faring on Mother Base, and how poor role models they are for the children.
  10. A male recruit will ask a female how she's liking life on the base, she states that she likes it so far and has decided to stay for the time being. The male recruit points out there was no discrimination of skin color or country of origin and the female recruit agrees.
  11. Two soldiers will talk about why Snake's old unit was taken out, the other will state it was because the unit had gotten too big for comfort.
  12. Some soldiers will comment on how Snake's frequently going to an under-construction area of Mother Base and how odd it is (note, this acts as foreshadowing towards "Paz" actually being a hallucination, as the only place that's under construction after Mother Base is fully built is the area next to where "Paz" was "recovering" at). After her missions are complete, it is revealed that the "hospital room" was still under construction and only consisted of a metal floor.
  13. Soldiers will also complain if a certain unit isn't getting enough attention, examples being, if there aren't enough members in the Security Unit, they will complain there aren't enough people to protect the facility, if there aren't enough in the Medical Unit, they will complain about getting colds, if there aren't enough in the R & D Unit, they will complain about not enough tech being created to keep up with the other PF's, if there aren't enough in the Intel or Support Unit, they will simply state those struts look like "ghost towns."
  14. After the epidemic at the Quarantine platform, two or more soldiers will talk about how "amazing" Big Boss is, while the other will state "Snake isn't a guy to piss off." While the optional third will state they have considered leaving in fear that Snake might snap and start killing people.
  15. After completing the main story, two soldiers will start talking about how "weak the boss has become" after allowing Huey to leave the base instead of killing him. The other will state he can see why Snake chose to spare him, but he still doesn't like it.
  16. Two soldiers will start talking about how Miller is so angry all the time, how he's looking for someone to take their vengeance out on now that Skull Face is dead, and one states he wishes Miller wouldn't "take it out on [them]."
  17. If players use the Butterfly Emblem and keep Quiet past Episode 46:Truth:The Man Who Sold the World, NPCs will start talking about "that woman the Boss brought back", the same as before, however one will comment that "maybe she isn't as bad" as he once thought, while the other states he still doesn't like her.
  18. Two soldiers will talk about why Snake is called Big Boss, how he received the codename, and about The Boss and her Cobra Unit.
  19. Once all the struts are completed to their maximum, soldiers will state their amazement how quickly the base was completed, how big it all is, and how happy they are to be there.
  20. A female soldier will ask another if she's "Team Miller" or "Team Ocelot", also pointing out that most of the female soldiers go for one or another and that "The Boss is... well, the Boss." The other female soldier will say that she has no preference or interest in a relationship at the moment. She'll also say that Miller kind of scares her and that she can never tell what Ocelot's really thinking.
  21. NPCs may also walk up to Snake and ask him to do tasks, offer assistance, or give their input on plot points, these include:
  22. They may ask Snake to expand Mother Base, they may also ask for specific expansions (e.g. "Boss, the R & D needs more support", "Boss, the Intel Unit isn't looking too good"). If there are too many people in the Waiting Room or one of the unit's capacity is full, NPC's will state, "Boss, could you expand Mother Base?"
  23. They may thank Snake for recruiting them, performing certain missions or certain tasks, such as rescuing DD, they will thank him for "rescuing that cute puppy." and tell him that "he's family now." After rescuing two Intel members, they will state "Thank you for getting our men out." After the Quarantine, they will thank Snake for putting those who were suffering out of their misery.
  24. After the main story, the NPC's will start stating they don't care who Snake is (referencing the Truth ending, where it's revealed Snake isn't Big Boss), and they will continue serving him.
  25. NPCs will tell Snake they are ready to help him in the field, "Boss, if you need supplies, let us know!", "Boss, if you need fire support, give us a call."
  26. NPCs will ask for missions, "Boss, send me out on my next mission!"
  27. NPCs will ask Snake if he's got time to train with them.

Although Diamond Dogs itself does not appear in Survive due to it not being formed yet, its logo is plastered on various areas of the game due to reusing several assets from The Phantom Pain. In addition, a nameplate is unlocked called "Dead Dogs" which has the Diamond Dogs logo being modified to have a spike emerging from the "eye" in a manner similar to the crystalline spines on the heads of Wanderers if the player chose to access the wormhole instead of destroying the Lord of Dust, possibly implying that the Captain may have infected Diamond Dogs into becoming more Wanderers after making contact with them as one of the Wandering Mother Base soldiers in the bad ending.


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