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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." Its canonicity within the continuity is disputed, therefore reader discretion is advised.[?]

A scientist served as the chief researcher at a Desperado-owned laboratory in Mexico, in 2018.


He and his staff carried out brain surgery on children that they had abducted across the world, to place into cyborg cranium canisters for VR training by Desperado and World Marshal.

World Marshal Incidents

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A day prior to Maverick's investigation in Mexico, Sundowner and Colorado Senator Steven Armstrong arrived at the scientist's lab to inspect his team's progress. Aware of the impending investigation, he was ordered by Sundowner to hurry up with the brain transplants, and later to kill off the unharvested children by Armstrong, after the latter agreed with the scientist regarding the difficulty of doing so. He was reluctant to do so, largely because his funding would be cut as well, although he relented under the condition of getting his payment.

One of the abducted children, a Guyanese boy named George, escaped from the lab and was saved by the Maverick agent, Raiden. However, before Maverick could retrieve the boy from his safe spot, the scientist had beaten them to George. He later attempted to poison the children with chloroform rather than allow them to be rescued by Raiden, and also attempted to use George as a human shield, although Raiden ultimately killed the man by cutting him clean in half before he could do anything to George, at George's request.

Personality and traits

The scientist was very cowardly as he acted as such around Armstrong and Sundowner and was fearful when Raiden menacingly walk towards him. His main motivation was money, constantly bringing up his payment and showed glee when Armstrong said he would pay.

He had no problem with taking the brains of children and killing them as he gassed the children with chloroform and threatened to kill George and would have killed him if Raiden had not killed him first. He was sadistic as he tauntingly said goodbye to the dying children and smiled when he thought he had Raiden trapped.

Owing to his Hispanic ethnicity, the scientist frequently used Spanish words interchangeably while primarily speaking English. When expressing surprise at Armstrong's order during his inspection, he says "Que?!" ("What?!"), then later, as he prepares to gas the remaining children, he says "adios, muchachos" ("Goodbye, boys") and called George "Pendejo" and "Callate!" ("Stupid!" and "Shut up!" respectively) when he tried to tell Raiden to not worry about him.

Behind the scenes

The character was first alluded to in a tweet by Quinton Flynn, Raiden's English voice actor, where he mentioned working with Benito Martinez (the scientist's English voice actor).

When trying to force Raiden to choose between the children and George's life, he also asks Raiden whether he should aid the needs of the many or the needs of the few, a paraphrase of Spock's final words in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.