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Demo Theater is a feature of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection for Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It appears in Subsistence, the first disc of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. players can watch all of Metal Gear Solid 3's cutscenes in the Demo Theater.

A similar feature was included in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as well as Metal Gear Survive, the latter via update.

Demo list(MGS3)[]

  1. Commencing Virtuous Mission.
    • HALO Jump(Snake/Jack) - Naked Snake makes a HALO jump from Tselinoyarsk in the Soviet Union and Zero tells him about the Virtuous Mission earlier.
    • Time for the Snake to shed his skin - Naked Snake takes off his mask to reveal his appearance.
    • Commencing Virtuous Mission. - Naked Snake takes the equipment from the tree and shows the CQC after landing.
    • Finding the enemy unit - Naked Snake found KGB soldiers stationed around The research facility and was warned by Zero not to be seen during The mission, while The boss warned Snake to use camouflage to hide himself.
    • Beehive - Naked Snake sees a beehive above a KGB soldier and smiles.
  2. Contacting Sokolov
    • Reconnaissance of Deserted Factory - Naked Snake came to the target of the mission -- the abandoned factory where Soviet scientist Sokolov was stationed and several KGB soldiers on patrol.
    • Contacting Sokolov - Naked Snake made contact with Sokolov and took him to the rendezvous point. Naked Snake managed to subdue them, though they were surrounded on their way out by Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Recolver Ocelot and his team.
    • I'm defecting to the Soviet Union. - Naked Snake and Sokolov found the weapon Shagohod being transported as they approached the drawbridge. Snake then sees Vorgin, a former Soviet Colonel in GRU, The boss, who is armed with nuclear weapons, and her Cobra unit. He was defeated by the “Renegade” The boss and thrown off The drawbridge. Sokolov was captured.
    • Seizing the Shagohod - Naked Snake survived and recovered from his injuries on the shore. At The same time, Vorgin used The nuclear weapons brought by The boss to destroy Sokolov's research institute in order to cover his tracks.