Da Smasei

Da Smasei Laman was a fort in Afghanistan. It was used by Cipher as a testing ground for vocal cord parasites in 1984. The infection killed all the Hamid fighters in the fort except for one. As a result, Soviet forces rushed in to take control of the area.

The attack had first been alluded when it was suspected that the Spetsnaz commander was responsible for wiping out the Hamid unit there, although he denied any involvement when interrogated.

Venom Snake first infiltrated the Smasei fort to secure a secret weapon that the CIA supplied to Hamid fighters, the Honey Bee missile launcher. After getting the weapon, Venom Snake was confronted by Skull Face and XOF and had to fight the mist squad of the Parasite Unit, also briefly witnessing Metal Gear Sahelanthropus (although due to the fog generated by the Parasite Unit, he did not get a direct look at the mech).

Later, the Soviets attempted to strengthen their forces in Smasei by moving an experienced colonel from Qarya Sakhra Ee with his tank unit to the fort. This plan was thwarted by Venom Snake, who neutralized the colonel and his tanks. However, the fort remained under Soviet control.

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