Contract Forces of Africa (CFA) was one of the three major PFs operating in the Angola-Zaire border region in 1984, the other two being Zero Risk Security and Rogue Coyote. CFA were known to operate in the western regions of the area. They were stationed in Mfinda Oilfield, Kiziba Camp, Nova Braga Airport and in Bwala ya Masa before the outbreak. They had close ties with SADF and UNITA.


Metal gear contracted forces of africa

CFA was based out of South Africa with headquarters in Pretoria. They were most likely closely connected to South African Defence Force headquarters in Pretoria, most of the CFA's operators were former SADF soldiers.[1] Although most of their key staff were Afrikaner in origin, some of its founding members were British, largely because of Britain's ties to South Africa.[2] One of the founders of the group was the Viscount.[3] Some of the CFA men, however, were locally hired.[4][5] Tensions were high between the South African and British members of the CFA,[6] largely due to the latter group's involvement via nationality in the Second Boer War.[7] At least one member of the CFA implied that he had been a mercenary as long back as Commando 5's quelling of the Simba Rebellion in 1964.[8]

The CFA logo has a green shield background with a yellow circle in the middle. Within the yellow circle is a dagger with two hunting arrows formed in an x-shape on top of the dagger. Above the dagger/arrows is a rectangle that has a red center and a white left and right edge. Within each of the squares encompassing the logo are one of the initials composing the name of the PF.


Contract Forces of Africa, as well as the other PF's operating in the Angola-Zaire border region, were mostly supplied with Western arms and equipment.

Western Equipment


  • AM MRS-4R Assault Rifle
  • UN-ARC CS Battle Rifle
  • UN AAM Machine Gun
  • MACHT-37 Submachine Gun


  • Killer Bee Missile Launcher


However, they were also known to use some Soviet equipment as well.

Soviet Equipment


  • Kabarga-83 Shotgun


Furthermore, in 1984 they were supplied with prototype Walker Gears by Cipher as part of Skull Face's plan. They also have the most access among the PFs to the Walker Gears.


The CFA typically wore beige uniforms that possessed two breast pockets, epaulets with a red stripe, shorts, and the PF's logo on their right sleeve. They also wore green busker caps, and had black boots with beige socks that reached up to the upper calf. In some cases, they wore a waist equipment harness, bandoleer belts, and even a bit of body armor, and in a few cases wore military berets and in even rarer cases balaclavas. Some even had medals attached to the breast pocket, presumably from their time in the SADF.

More heavily armed soldiers, however, wore full-on riot suits, including a tactical vest, full-on shoulder armor, gauntlets, and leg armor, and a tactical helmet complete with a visor. The CFA's armor in particular was primarily colored beige.


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