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Charon Logo

Charon Corps was a military unit part of the Wardenclyffe Section tasked with investigating the world known as Dite, accessible through wormhole. They were supported by an Artificial Intelligence designated Virgil AT-9.

Their logo consisted of a circle with a banner with the group's name on top, and inside the circle was a cloaked figure carrying a scythe and standing on a boat with the moon overhead, resembling the titular figure in Greek mythology.


While investigating the reality of Dite and Kuban Energy, the group was wiped out. Due to the ceased contact with them, the Wardenclyffe Section sent a soldier known as the Captain, a former member of Militaires Sans Frontières to investigate their disappearance. The Captain and a former XOF member known as Reeve encountered some of their abandoned bases and outposts trying to recover motherboards to find a way to escape the dimension via a Wormhole Digger.


Behind the scenes

Charon Corps is a group that appears in Metal Gear Survive. It was first hinted at in the open beta where the Game Over screen showed their logo, and was later mentioned by name in a leaked gameplay video for the game.[1] The unit was named after the mythological ferryman Charon who carrired departed souls across the rivers Styx and Acheron to the afterlife in the Divine Comedy.[2]


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