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Charlie was a helicopter pilot who served as a member of FOXHOUND's Operation Intrude F014.

During the Zanzibar Land Disturbance in 1999, Charlie extracted operatives Solid Snake and Holly White from Zanzibar Land, via a Sikorsky HH-64 Dragoon.[1][2] Charlie was ten kilometers away when Snake contacted him for extraction while under enemy attack.[3] Charlie soon arrived in the area just as Holly and Snake were surrounded, and used the Dragoon's 7.62mm machinegun turrets to eliminate the Zanzibar Land soldiers. When Snake commented on his perceived tardiness, Charlie apologized and jokingly claimed that he didn't want to disturb the "two lovebirds."[4] He was also to have picked up a rescued Dr. Kio Marv as part of the operation,[1] but his earlier death had prevented this.[5] After Snake and Holly boarded the chopper, Charlie then transported the two out of the region.[4]

Behind the scenes

Charlie is a character that appears during the ending sequence of Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, though only his helicopter is actually seen. He is first contacted by Snake automatically via the transceiver, after the player reaches the extraction point.[2] Charlie's radio frequency is shown as "000.00" in the Transceiver screen, the same as another unseen radio contact, "Your #1 Fan."



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