This article is about a non-canonical topic in the Metal Gear series.

Charles Schmeiser, also known as Hans Davis and Emilio, was a CIA operative who worked under Roger McCoy during the Lobito Island Incident.


As Hans Davis, Schmeiser was a research scientist at the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Lab, who participated in the development of Metal Gear KODOQUE in the early 2010s. He later assumed a different identity, and he was presumed missing.

In 2016, Schmeiser provided support to Solid Snake, during his mission to Lobito Island to recover "Pythagoras." In reality, he was responsible for orchestrating the incident from the very beginning. During this time, Alice Hazel used her psychic powers to create false memories in Snake's mind. With the help of Dr. William Flemming, Alice convinced Snake that he was actually Hans Davis. She had hoped that Snake (as Davis) and his partner Teliko would kill each other, but her plan failed and she was forced to give up on it.

In order to cover his own tracks, Schmeiser successfully pinned the blame for the incident on Senator Viggo Hach, stating that he was Hans Davis, a.k.a. Emilio.