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Chaigidiel was one of SaintLogic Inc.'s test subjects that were released by Dr. Thomas Koppelthorn as part of his revolt.


Koppelthorn's Insurrection

During Koppelthorn's Insurrection against SaintLogic, Koppelthorn released several test subjects relating to the EGO system against several of the personnel, Chaigidiel being included among them.

Chaigidiel encountered Snake and Venus at the main hangar's Central Command Room shortly after Venus searched the computer for the Lucinda File, having overheard Venus' plotting with Snake to destroy Metal Gear Chaioth Ha Qadesh. He introduced himself, stating that he got his name from the Queen, and that he wouldn't let Snake or Venus reach Metal Gear, or halt the almost-finished fertilization. He also promised to reveal everything he knew about Koppelthorn's plans if Snake and Venus defeated him. Despite his abilities, and even his blacking out the room to enhance the room via darkness, he was defeated. True to his word, he explained to Snake and Venus that Koppelthorn was planning to revive Lucinda via the EGO system, and that her revival was successful. He also explained the process, specifying that her mind was reanimated into a new body via nano-chip expansions, and that Koppelthorn's experiments related to the case Dalton was looking into regarding human trafficking of children for experimentation. Finally, he explained that Koppelthorn wasn't just going to view the perfect match as his wife or their mother, but he's also going to view her as the daughter. He also implied that Snake was cut from the same cloth as himself and the other test subjects before he breathed his last.

Behind the scenes

Chaigidiel (カイギデュエル Kaigidueru?) is one of SaintLogic's test subjects in Metal Gear Acid 2. Chaigidiel's specialty is in hypnosis and psychic powers, which he can use to walk on ceilings and take control of one of the characters, saying things such as "give in" or "there is no hope." He is armed with an M79 Grenade Launcher. However, he is extremely vulnerable on the ceiling, because it is much simpler to set up cover fire attacks on him. Yet another unholy Sephiroth of the Kabbalah faith.

He has an AKS-74u slung over his back.

His appearance is loosely that of a stereotypical Chinese person in traditional, heavy garb. He wears his hat and shawl to cover his face, which is implied to be disfigured.

Chaigidiel is, with Chaigidel, Zogiel, and Oghiel, another name for Ghagiel (hebrew: גגיאל, english: Roaring Beast of God), the Qliphah corresponding to the Sephirah Chokmah in the Tree of Life, in the belief system of Kabbalah.


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