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This article is about close quarters battle, or close quarters combat, in general. You may be looking for the basic form of close quarters combat developed by The Boss and Naked Snake.

Close quarters battle (CQB) is a type of fighting style utilized in the military.


CQB is the discipline of assaulting, or "taking down" an enemy-held building room-by-room. CQB often involves hostage rescue. In CQB, the enemy is generally confined to a specific building or complex. Friendly forces generally have some intel concerning the building layout and number of enemy personnel. CQB is always a team exercise, and utilizes practiced room-clearing techniques in which each team member upon entry scans a specific area of the room and engages targets within that area. This may be done one room at a time or with multiple teams clearing multiple rooms simultaneously. Distraction devices (i.e. flashbangs), stun grenades, tear gas, frag grenades, and explosive breaching charges may be used in CQB, depending on the situation.

CQB was subdivided and further developed into the fighting style of CQC by The Boss and Naked Snake,[1] which was itself derived from the former's experiences in World War II.[2]

Notable users

Behind the scenes

In real life, the terms close quarters battle and close quarters combat are used interchangeably, whereas in the Metal Gear series, the two refer to separate techniques, with CQC being derived from CQB.

Advanced CQB techniques were first introduced in Metal Gear Solid as a means of fighting unarmed. The player can either beat up the enemy using a combo of punches and kicks, throwing them on their back after grabbing them, or placing them into a choke hold. It was eventually replaced in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater with CQC, which can either be performed unarmed in a limited capacity, or with a combination of melee weapons and short-range firearms to maximize its effectiveness.

If the player performs a CQB maneuver towards an enemy soldier while he is near a ledge and knocks him off of it in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a cutscene will play where it pans upward near the place the soldier fell down and features the soldier falling down from above and screaming before making a grunting sound as the screen quakes from the impact.


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