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During the Soviet-Afghan war, a Soviet soldier became a CIA agent, leaking information while stationed at OKB Zero.

After discovering XOF's plans to use vocal cord parasites, the agent went into hiding among the CIA's mujahideen allies. The agent feared that he would be killed for knowing too much, unaware that XOF's plans were actually independent of the CIA, and also felt regret that his actions may have placed his Soviet comrades in danger.[1] After the death of XOF's commander, Skull Face, OKB Zero was retaken by the Soviet forces, with the agent being suspected of having returned to the base.[2][3] The agent tried to cut his ties to the U.S. military and rejoin, but he ended up ambushed by unknown individuals, forcing him to go into hiding again.[1]

Around this time, the CIA hired Diamond Dogs to retrieve the agent. Although the PF subcommander Kazuhira Miller was personally against having the agent on Mother Base due to his trade, he nonetheless decided to recruit him instead of handing him over, even going as far as to fake his death to ensure he couldn't be returned to them, ensuring that neither the Soviets nor the Americans learned about the parasites.[2][3]

The CIA agent eventually ended up captured by several Soviet soldiers, and brought over to Lamar Khaate Palace. In addition, when he was brought over to Lamar Khaate Palace to be detained, the guards were ordered to keep contact with him to a bare minimum as a precaution due to suspecting he contracted the Communicable disease, and because of his suspected spying for the West, orders were for him to be shot on sight if he does anything suspicious. This ultimately worked in Diamond Dogs' favor, since his being quarantined meant that he had a bit easier access to them extracting him.[4] The agent is nearly executed by a supposed Soviet soldier, who arrived from a captured observation post to the north, with Diamond Dogs learning about his impending arrival due to a report from their Intel Team and suspecting that the capture of the observation outpost and the soldier's departure was tied to that agent's capture.[1][5]

Upon being brought back to Mother Base, the agent filled them in on what happened back there. Miller also suspected that the group trying to kill him were remnants of XOF, which was made more sound with the subsequent extraction of the soldier who nearly ordered for his execution, who admitted to his ties to XOF.[1]

Behind the scenes

The CIA Agent is a key character in Mission 32: To Know Too Much, where the player is required to extract him.

Notes and references

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