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This article is about a subject from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." Its canonicity within the continuity is disputed, therefore reader discretion is advised.[?]
"Kept you waiting, huh?"
―Boris to Raiden[src]

Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov (Russian: Борис Вячеславович Попов)[2] was the president of the PMSC Maverick Security Consulting, Inc., as well as the instructor of Raiden.


Early life[]

A former Soviet soldier in the USSR prior to its fall, Boris was once stationed at Abkhazia when it was still a region of the Soviet Union, and was a friend of Sergei Gurlukovich. He also participated in the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. In addition, some time after the Soviet Union fell, he once let his emotions run wild on the battlefield, which gave him a lot of regret and shame. After his discharge, he began taking "gray area" jobs for PMCs.

Formation of Maverick Security Consulting, Inc.[]

Boris had been acquaintanced with Raiden since the latter had saved Sunny, granddaughter of the late Sergei, at Area 51. Besides his friendship with Sergei, he also was aware of the threat of the Patriots to the world, not just to America, so he was more than eager to aid Raiden. After the events of the Guns of the Patriots Incident against the Patriots in 2014, Boris founded Maverick along with several former members of the Paradise Lost Army under the condition that they fight for what they believed in, and they keep their actions clean. He did this largely because he didn't feel it was right to simply abandon the PLA. At some point, he met Kevin Washington. His kind-hearted nature convinced Kevin to join Maverick. In addition, he also offered a full-time employment spot in Maverick to Raiden, to which the latter accepted, to his surprise.

World Marshal Incident[]

See also: Raid at World Marshal, Ambush in Africa, Abkhazian Coup, Investigation in Guadalajara, Raid in Denver, and Operation Tecumseh

Ambush in Africa[]



During Maverick's three-year mission at an African country, Boris, upon being notified of a cyborg ambush on the Prime Minister's convoy, ordered for the checkpoints to be notified. Afterwards, he learned that the limo had been ambushed by Desperado, and ordered for Raiden to return to the limo. He then ordered Raiden to stop the RAY unit and go after the Desperado leader Sundowner, who had abducted N'mani. After Raiden was caught in a duel with Samuel Rodrigues and was severely wounded, Boris informed Raiden that he was sending a group on his way, stating to Raiden that he just needs to survive long enough to reach the end of the train tunnel. He then aided Raiden with the APCs, and attempted to shoot down the tiltrotor plane while escaping with both Sundowner and Sam with a portable missile launcher. However, the aircraft emitted flares to prevent the missile from reaching its target, and had passed through a ridge before Boris could get a good aim on it again.

Providing unofficial support[]


Boris is visibly upset over Raiden's impromptu resignation

Afterwards, Boris oversaw Raiden's missions into Abkhazia and Mexico, the latter of which was found that Desperado had support from World Marshal Inc., the largest PMC on the planet. Eventually, Boris discovered that Raiden had abruptly resigned from Maverick without any warning beforehand, and angrily demanded that he provide an explanation for his behavior. Raiden, however, had cut the conversation short after discovering that cops were approaching at him (Raiden was in the middle of a cop chase by the Denver Police Department at that time). After fully explaining himself and his actions, Boris stated that Maverick would still support Raiden, albeit unofficially. When Raiden briefly succumbed to his Jack the Ripper persona upon fighting Monsoon, and then explained the full details of his Jack the Ripper self to Boris, Boris initially regretted allowing Raiden to sign up for Maverick, as he had "always known" that Raiden possessed a dark past, although Raiden reassured him that he'd need to do this regardless to prevent more Jack the Rippers from being created. After Raiden finished Sundowner, Boris, alongside Raiden, Kevin, and Courtney Collins, discovered that the event Sundowner alluded to, Operation Tecumseh, would involve starting a false flag operation by arranging to have President Hamilton assassinated and framing Jihadi rebels for the death. After deducing that Mach 23 would reach Pakistan in less than half an hour, they then arranged for Solis Space & Aeronautics to dispatch Raiden to Pakistan.

Boris later informed Raiden of some bad news when Raiden encountered Steven Armstrong and Metal Gear EXCELSUS: photos had leaked on the Internet of a Jihadi attack on the base, with several people demanding for blood, and Hamilton had been redirected to America before Raiden's arrival.



Maverick, eager to hear of the progress on their cyborg firm

Later, upon learning of Doktor's success regarding the creation of the cyborg firm, Boris mentioned that the kids would have to work, as they aren't running a charity, before accidentally spilling Courtney's coffee (which Kevin had earlier stopped from spilling).

He later contacted Raiden, where he relayed that World Marshal was still in existence, albeit financially crippled due to Raiden (literally) killing off their funding (Armstrong), and that the PMC market was back on the rise. He also understood Raiden's decision to not return to Maverick, but wondered what he'd do on his own. Raiden simply informed him that he "[had] his own war to fight."

Behind the scenes[]

Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov (ボリス・ヴャチェスラヴォヴィチ・ポポフ Borisu Vyachesuravovichi Popofu?) is a character who appears in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He is one of the few characters who was originally slated to appear in Metal Gear Solid: Rising who was retained for Metal Gear Rising.[3][4] An interview with the Metal Gear Rising development team, however, had the editors erroneously refer to him as Boris Volgin.[3] His full name was eventually revealed in the Jack the Ripper trailer during Raiden's call from Boris, immediately before Raiden interrupted the call to evade a roadblock.

When Boris rescues Raiden from Sam in the prologue, Boris says "Kept you waiting, huh?", a phrase uttered in some form throughout the Metal Gear series starting with the Tanker Chapter in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

He acted as Raiden's mission controller during his VR training in the demo, which was stated as being designed for him to test out Raiden's new Cyborg Ninja body that he gained after his injuries against Desperado.




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