A bomb blast suit is a heavy suit of personal armor designed to withstand the force released from a bomb. Also known as an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) suit, it consists of a helmet, explosion-proof plate, and many layers of foam and Kevlar; When worn together, the suit can weigh up to forty kilograms. It mainly protects the head and chest from shrapnel caused by bomb blasts, as well as absorb the force of the blast wave.


Solid Snake and Outer Heaven

The fortress nation of Outer Heaven housed a bomb blast suit within its armory. During Operation Intrude N313, Solid Snake procured one of the suits in order to bypass the wind barrier atop the fortress's rooftops. The suit's weight allowed Snake to remain grounded and safely traverse wind turbulent areas.


Dead Cell member Fatman utilized a bomb blast suit that guarded the front of the head and body with a laminated ballistic insert, and included a protector plate in the back to ease the impact on the spine from a fall after a blast. It also contained a cooling system to mitigate any chance of overheating should he wear the suit for a prolonged period of time. With these configurations, the total weight of the suit exceeded fifty kilograms. After Raiden managed to defeat him, he removed a part of the ballistic insert while interrogating Fatman about what he just activated, after the latter ignored his initial question.

Hi-Tech Soldiers

Although technically not bomb blast suits, the Land Warrior System-derived ceramic-plated exoskeletons for the Hi-Tech Soldiers in the terrorist group Sons of Liberty bore a superficial resemblance to bomb blast suits.

Behind the scenes

The Bomb Blast Suit appears in Metal Gear and is required for accessing the rooftop of Building 1 in Outer Heaven. It also provides moderate protection against explosions, reducing the amount of health lost by Snake by a considerable amount. In the original MSX2 version, it's referred to as the BB Suit.

Game Item description for Bomb Blast Suit Icon
Metal Gear Protects the wearer from strong winds and explosive blasts. Protective clothing for bomb disposal work. MG Bomb Blast Suit

It was also intended in the Grand Game Plan for Metal Gear Solid 2 that Fatman's bomb blast suit come in different patterns, including a tuxedo pattern, a Hawaiian shirt pattern, and a voluptuous bikini model pattern.


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