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Blueprints, also known as design specs, are reproductions of various technical drawings relating to either an architectural (such as buildings) or engineering design (such as various weapons, equipment, devices, vehicles, vessels, and aircraft). They are so-named because of the general color of the drawings, the results of applying negatives from copying. Though outdated, they have been used informally to refer to any plans. In several cases, these documents are sometimes considered extremely classified depending on how sensitive the subject of the blueprints are, and as such are usually packed in either a manilla envelope addressed to the recipient (usually a high-ranking official with necessary clearance), or they are carried in satchels/briefcases.


Soviet Union

During the Virtuous Mission, the Soviet rocket scientist Dr. Nikolai Sokolov proceeded to place various classified documents relating to the Shagohod's development, including some blueprints of the weapon, into a lit stove, eventually disposing of all of them in a hurry after Naked Snake arrived, under the belief the latter was one of the GRU Colonel Volgin's soldiers. In addition, during Operation Snake Eater, documents detailing Metal Gear, as well as designs of the Shagohod with Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin's commentary were submitted to the CIA by Philosophers agent Ocelot shortly before Granin's arrest.

Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

San Hieronymo Peninsula

During the San Hieronymo Incident, the renegade FOX unit as well as former members of the Red Army kept guard of blueprints for both the San Hieronymo Missile Base and the ICBMG's rocket booster (which had been modeled after the Saturn V rocket), among various other classified documents in regards to its activities and locations of key establishments on the peninsula's Soviet missile base. Big Boss and his resistance movement later procured the blueprints for both, the former via a submission from the group's spy unit and the latter at the request of their anonymous contact Ghost (true identity Dr. Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov).

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Costa Rica/Peace Sentinel/Militaires Sans Frontières

Design specs for various weapons systems and equipment were scattered around Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Militaires Sans Frontières procured several of these documents and developed their own variations of the weapons and equipment used, either by stealing them from the Peace Sentinel or by rescuing defecting researchers who supplied them with the documents for developing their own variations. In addition, the MSF also created their own documents and used them to create their own weapons systems/equipment, at least one of which was developed before their missions in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Some time during the Peace Walker Incident, the R&D Team created blueprint documents for the Human Slingshot, with the MSF subcommander Kazuhira Miller delivering them to Big Boss and explaining its functions, although because none of the soldiers were willing to test out the weapon due to one of them having to act as ammo, Big Boss decided to have Miller act as "Subject D" (ie, the ammo) during a field test.

Diamond Dogs/Soviet forces/Private Forces

The Diamond Dogs frequently retrieved various blueprints allowing for the development of various weapons and equipment during the 1980s, some of which were stolen from the Soviets and/or various private forces active in Africa as part of a mission, while others were awarded by their successfully participating in various combat deployment assignments. When rescuing a disgruntled former Soviet bionics engineer after the latter made a failed defection to the West, the latter also supplied some blueprints for the device. Several of Huey's research notes were later left behind at Mother Base after he was exiled from Diamond Dogs for his role in a disaster involving mutated vocal cord parasites, with Miller later reporting this to Venom Snake and explaining that with the notes and blueprints, they won't need Huey to complete his various projects.

Warning: The following information is from outside Hideo Kojima's core "Metal Gear Saga." It has some level of canonicity within the continuity, but reader discretion is advised.[?]

Raiden and Maverick Security Consulting, Inc.

In 2018, four years after the events of the Guns of the Patriots Incident, Raiden ended up severely wounded during battle with Samuel Rodrigues, resulting in his employers, the Private Military Security Company Maverick, retrieving his severed left arm and downloading/retrieving various files and decrypting them as they were corrupted due to the damage Raiden's arm sustained, also keeping the entire ordeal classified so as to prevent rival PMSCs from gaining access to the classified info, which included video data access files on Raiden's emergency surgery, blueprints for various cyborg organs, various blueprints on a modified version of a Metal Gear RAY Unmanned Gear from Desperado, and blueprint cluster files for the new Unmanned Gears, the Mastiff and the IF prototype LQ-84i Blade Wolf, as well as records of Raiden's time at Force XXI.

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Behind the scenes

Wireframe blueprints appeared in the developer credits opening for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, where they frequently are focused on specific elements of Metal Gear D, such as the legs and weapons, and at the ending of the opening sequence appear in a jumbled mess before being placed in the correct order and merged together to form Metal Gear D itself.

The Blueprint was first introduced as a collectable item in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops as a required gameplay element for recruiting Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov. In-game coding and various hacks from Portable Ops indicated that both the blueprints and the secret docs were intended to also be viewable in the equipment menu, but were removed from the final version.[1] Similar to all plot-related items, it is represented as a red and black item box.


Design spec/CNFDTL DOC as it appears in Peace Walker. Note that its appearance is reused from the model viewer design of Huey's Letter.

MGSPW - Document Icon Large

Confidential Doc blueprints/culinary instructions as displayed on the Mother Base menu.

MGSPW - Hueys Letter Icon Large

The icon for Huey's letter on the Mother Base Menu, of which its model viewer served as the basis for the CFDL Docs item's design during gameplay.

"Confidential document (design specs for R&D Team). Details requirements for developing the ___________."
―CNFDTL DOC/design specs basic description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"Confidential document (design specs for R&D Team). Details requirements for cultivating bananas."
―CNFDTL DOC/Banana Cultivation Instructions in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Blueprints, this time called "CNFDTL DOC" and "design specs," reappeared in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Although they were called confidential docs, they were closer to blueprints as they were a means to develop weapons systems and various equipment. In some extra ops missions, one of the focuses is to procure design specs (which have five pages).

These can also be awarded upon clearing a mission, or in some cases, clearing a mission with an S-rank. Although most of them pertain to weapons and equipment building for R&D, one dealt with cultivating Bananas. In addition, various unlockable items, more specifically the Rathalos wing, the Tigrex fang, the Gear REX mucous, the Gear REX concentrate, and the Gear REX super extract, operate under a similar manner to design specs that result in the creation of the Tanegashima, the Human Slingshot Post, and sling bands rank 1, 2, and 3, respectively. The sprite for the design specs/CNFDTL DOC is reused from the model viewer display of Huey's letter.

Likewise, new reports for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance via viral marketing as well as blueprints (several also password-protected) are often supplied with secret documents sent by Maverick regarding Raiden's status and stuff relating to his mission and enemies. The contents were mostly composed of blueprints of the various unmanned gears in the game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Mission demo s10093 04

In the E3 2015 demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it was revealed that the player could retrieve blueprints for developing various weapons and equipment. In addition, a leaked trophy list revealed that collecting all of them will unlock the trophy/achievement "Collector."

The blueprints came in three varying designs: One was a yellow folder with a classified stamp as well as a striped border, another was in a tan folder with confidential written on it, and the last was a black folder with a bar code on it.

Blueprint image Name Location/Availability Development Unlocked
V bp geist p3 [GEIST P3] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Break Through the Blockade Forces" GEIST P3 (handgun)
V bp wu s333 [WU S333] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Restore the DMZ" WU S333 (handgun)
V bp uragan-5 [URAGAN-5] Blueprint Found in Bampeve Plantation after you've completed Mission 16 URAGAN-5 (handgun)
V bp zorn-kp [ZORN-KP] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Defend the Pipeline" ZORN-KP (handgun)
V bp riot smg [RIOT SMG] Blueprint Complete Side Op 05 (Wialo Village) RIOT SMG (submachine gun)
V bp ze'ev [ZE'EV] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Search and Destroy Remaining Forces" ZE'EV (submachine gun)
V bp macht 37 [MACHT 37] Blueprint Found in Kungenga Mine after you've completed Mission 23, or dropped by the gunship during Mission 21. MACHT 37 (submachine gun)
V bp un-arc [UN-ARC] Blueprint Found in Wakh Sind Barracks during Mission 05, or in Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost after you've completed Mission 06. UN-ARC (assault rifle)
V bp g44 [G44] Blueprint Found in Ditadi Abandoned Village. G44 (assault rifle)
V bp kabarga-83 [KABARGA-83] Blueprint Found in Mfinda Oilfield. KABARGA-83 (shotgun)
V bp bullhorn sg [BULLHORN SG] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Prevent the Coup d'état." BULLHORN SG (shotgun)
V bp isando rgl-220 [ISANDO RGL-220] Blueprint Found in Ditadi Abandoned Village, South Guard Post; or Kungenga Mine, West Guard Post, or Munoko Ya Nioka Station, NW Guard Post; or Nova Braga Airport, South Guard Post; ISANDO RGL-220 (grenade launcher)
V bp hail mgr-4 [HAIL MGR-4] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges." HAIL MGR-4 (grenade launcher)
V bp bambetov sv [BAMBETOV SV] Blueprint Found in Lamar Khaate Palace after you've completed Mission 06, or in Afghanistan Central Base Camp during Mission 12. BAMBETOV SV (sniper rifle)
V bp am mrs-71 [AM MRS-71 RIFLE] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft." AM MRS-71 RIFLE (sniper rifle)
V bp brennan lrs-46 [BRENNAN LRS-46] Blueprint Found in Lufwa Valley after you've completed Mission 23. BRENNAN LRS-46 (sniper rifle)
V bp un-aam [UN-AAM] Blueprint Found in Kiziba Camp, NW Guard Post; or Kiziba Camp, South Guard Post; or Bampeve Plantation, SW Guard Post; or in Nova Braga Airport during Mission 21. UN-AAM (machine gun)
V bp lpg-61 [LPG-61] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Recapture the Port Facilities" LPG-61 (machine gun)
V bp fb mr r-launcher [FB MR R-LAUNCHER] Blueprint Complete Dispatch Mission: "Liberate the Tanker". FB MR R-LAUNCHER (rocket launcher)
V bp pb shield [PB SHIELD] Blueprint Found in Ghwandi Town or Wialo Village during Mission 07, or Aabe Shifap Ruins, East Guard Post, or Smasei Fort once you've completed Mission 06. PB SHIELD (shield)
V bp stun grenade [STUN GRENADE] Blueprint Found in Kiziba Camp. STUN GRENADE (support weapon)
V bp stun arm [STUN ARM] Blueprint Complete Side Op 06 (Serak Power Plant) STUN ARM (prosthetic arm), SNEAKING (STUN) (D-Dog's equipment), H-DISCHARGER (D-Walker's armament)
V bp flamethrower [FLAMETHROWER] Blueprint Found in Munoko ya Nioka Station once you've created Mission 31, or dropped by the gunship during Mission 41. FLAMETHROWER (D-Walker armament)
V bp ir sensor [IR-SENSOR] Blueprint Complete Side Op 07 (Qarya Sakhra Ee) IR-SENSOR (security device)
V bp antitheft device [ANTITHEFT DEVICE] Blueprint Complete Side Op 08 (Masa Village, East Guard Post) ANTITHEFT DEVICE (security device)
V bp gun-cam defender [GUN-CAM DEFENDER] Blueprint Complete Side Op 09 (Nova Braga Airport) INTERCEPT HEAD (D-Walker armament) and GUN-CAM DEFENDER (security device)
V bp ua-drone [UA-DRONE] Blueprint Complete Side Op 10 (Afghanistan Central Base Camp) UA-Drone
DqJYdlM [AM A114 RP] Blueprint January 12, 2016 update. AM A114 RP
Bb5PJwy [E-RB WH GEN.] Blueprint January 12, 2016 update.
8500 Event Points
Sdt7QIh [MOLOTOK-68] Blueprint January 12, 2016 update. MOLOTOK-68
TB2KZi6 [MIRAZH-71] Blueprint January 12, 2016 update. MIRAZH-71

Emmerich's Research Notes key item. Note the similarities in the overall picture to the blueprint items.

Although technically not included among the blueprints above, the Key Item "Emmerich's Research Notes", which is unlocked after watching the cutscene of Huey Emmerich's trial and exile from Diamond Dogs and Mother Base, had a similar picture to the various blueprints, in particular the dark blue folder variants (barring that Huey's photo is in front of the folder rather than an icon of the weapon/item to be developed), and also allowed for the development of the Stealth Camo, similar to the various blueprints. The debriefing for "Cursed Legacy" also featured a manila folder with a similar design to the blue folders for blueprints for one of the images. Similarly, even though the Key Item "First Aid Manual" found at Bwala ya Masa isn't counted among the blueprints, it is stored in a similar briefcase to the ones containing blueprints in various areas, and procuring it will have the iDroid list the item as a blueprint.[2]

Leaked images for upcoming updates indicated that the AM A114 RP, E-RB WH GEN., MOLOTOK-68, and MIRAZH-71 weapons would require blueprints for development.[3] The message unveiling the January 2016 rerelease of the Event FOB Mission "Bound Dragons" confirmed that the E-RB WH GEN. Blueprints will be made available on January 19, midway through the event. The [AM A114 RP] Blueprint was later released on March 15-22 for the Event FOB Mission "New World Order". The [MIRAZH-71] Blueprint, like with the E-RB WH GEN. Blueprints before it, was confirmed to be released midway through the April 5 rerelease of Mosquito's Legacy. The Molotok-68 was the only one of the pre-May 10 update weapons systems to be released after the update, being released on the June 7 rerelease of Mosquito's Legacy. The Teaser image for the Event Point prizes in the December 2015 update implied that the blueprints, or at least the [AM A114 RP] Blueprint, would have cost 100000 Event Points,[4] although this was later proven false, as all four were confirmed to cost 8500 Event Points. Similarly, the same teaser image also depicted multiple items with far more expensive prices for various items than were in the actual game (ie, the uniforms costing 20000 in the teaser, yet 7200 in the actual game). Similarly, the same teaser image also implied that it was going to be one of the prizes for "Skull Attack" (which was the original intended FOB Event to be used)/"Freedom from Oppression" (the actual FOB Event used), although this was proven to not be the case. Although it was initially intended that they were to be released periodically, Event FOBs released after the May 10 update had the blueprints being released every event.

Dummied data after the August 1, 2017 update uncovered blueprints for the Grades 10, 11, and 12 Wormhole Generators, indicating they were originally going to be distributed as Event FOB prizes, although they ultimately were simply released as weapons updates (with their only being indirectly developed by procuring the earlier Grade 9 weapon blueprints).

Although the dummied data indicated that there were three different blueprints for the Wormhole generator grade 10-12 unveiled in the August 2017 update, the actual Event prizes still used the standard E-RB WH GEN. blueprint.


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