The Assassination of Dr. Clark was an assassination targeted at the head of FOXHOUND's medical staff and secret founding member of the Patriots, Dr. Clark. Her death was plotted by both EVA and Revolver Ocelot as part of a plan to eliminate the faction of the Patriots that were allied against Big Boss's faction.


Six years after the events of Operation Snake Eater, Para-Medic was recruited alongside Big Boss (Naked Snake), Ocelot, Sigint and EVA into the Patriots by Zero. The organization was set up by Zero in an attempt to realize the dying dream of The Boss, who had wished to see the world whole again. In 1972, under the orders of Zero, and now going by her real name of Dr. Clark, she headed the Les Enfants Terribles project to create clones of Big Boss (she had always been fascinated by the prospects of human cloning and had even told him that she saw him as "such an excellent specimen" in 1964).[1] Dr. Clark's Japanese assistant served as an egg donor during the project.[2]

Dr. Clark later became the head of FOXHOUND's medical staff and chief geneticist, organizing and developing the Patriots' genetic research programs. Even though military-based genetic therapy was banned under international law by the early 2000s, the Patriots remained unperturbed, as the laws in question were simply declarations and not actual treaties.[3]

In 1999, Dr. Clark was the scientist in charge of placing Big Boss into an nanomachine-induced coma, following his defeat by Solid Snake in Zanzibar Land. She was also responsible for reviving Gray Fox by encasing him within a cybernetic exoskeleton and used him as a guinea pig to test her gene therapy techniques. During the next four years, Dr. Clark and her team kept Fox drugged while they experimented on him, the results of which were used in the creation of the Next-Generation Special Forces.[4] In addition, she also placed bad nerve connections on Fox, leaving him in constant agony.[5]

In 2003, Dr. Naomi Hunter, a civilian contractor, was sent by the private biotechnology company ATGC to oversee gene therapy for FOXHOUND members and the Genome Soldiers, in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense. Because Dr. Clark was responsible for testing the gene therapy techniques on Gray Fox, Naomi's adopted brother, Naomi complied with EVA and Ocelot's request to kill her. She helped Fox to escape his containment, which allowed him to kill Dr. Clark. The laboratory was then destroyed in an explosion to cover up the true nature of Dr. Clark's death. This kept even the Patriots from realizing someone was plotting to take out the founding members one by one.


Naomi assisted her brother's escape from FOXHOUND's medical research division after he killed Dr. Clark, covering it up as a lab accident and faking his death in the reports. She later succeeded Dr. Clark as head of FOXHOUND's medical staff and became chief geneticist, eventually perfecting the Pentagon's assassination virus, which she named FOXDIE.

Behind the scenes

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the "Truth: The Man Who Sold the World" ending timeline erroneously states that Dr. Clark was killed in 2005.


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