The Assassin's Straw Box was a bundle of hay that, as indicated by the name, bears some resemblance to a cardboard box.


The Assassin's Straw Box had existed as early as the time of the Crusades, and in particular was utilized by the Order of Assassins as a means to sneak up on any targeted enemies with the presumed intent of ambushing and assassinating them.[1]

Centuries later, it later was discovered by Militaires Sans Frontières while about to infiltrate a Mine Base in Costa Rica, with Kazuhira Miller suggesting they acquire it by diving into it upon noticing some straw near a roofed area.[2] Afterwards, Miller gave a brief historical account on the box referencing its past usage by the order of Assassins during the Crusades,[1] and also suggested to Big Boss to drag an enemy into the box if they encounter them.[3]

Behind the scenes

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Assassin's Straw Box.

The Assassin's Straw Box was first shown in the Peace Walker Assassin's Creed trailer revealed the existence of another variant of the cardboard box: The Assassin's Straw Box. Although fans initially assumed that it was an April Fools' joke due to the humorous tone of the commercial, the timing of its airing, as well as the airing of a similar commercial around the time of Metal Gear Solid 4's development, its existence in-game was later confirmed. The Assassin's Straw Box is acquired by going to the Mine Base during the story mission Travel to the Mine Base, going onto the roof of the southeastern most building, and then doing a dive known as the Leap of Faith (also taken from Assassin's Creed) into the box when prompted. It also requires at least one open space in the equipment menu, as otherwise, the player will "bounce off" the Assassin's Straw Box. Upon procuring it via the soaring dive, [[Miller will contact the player and give a "historical account" on the usage of the Assassin's Straw Box. Keeping the Assassin's Straw Box to the end of the level upon first acquiring it will also result in it being included with Mother Base's menu and mass-produced. When the player equips and uses the Assassin's Straw Box, the player will, if approached by a soldier and when prompted, drag the soldier into the Straw Box and beat him up severely. If it is used in this manner during CO-OP, the other player will also send the soldier they beat up away via fulton recovery to be recruited into MSF. The assassin's straw box is also fragile, with overuse or a roll attack being enough to disintegrate it.

"A cardboard box made of straw. At first glance it may look like just an ordinary box, but if an unsuspecting enemy gets too close he might find himself dragged inside and knocked out cold. In addition, if you have a CO-OPs with the Fulton recovery system equipped, you can send the victim straight back to Mother Base."
―Assassin's Straw Box model viewer description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
"Assassin's Straw Box
Cardboard box made of straw. Allows you to pull enemies inside, knock them out and perform a fulton recovery.
―Assassin's Straw Box menu description in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Notes and references

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