This Commander was in charge of an armored column for the Contract Forces of Africa. Prior to working as the armored column commander, he had previously worked with the mercenary group Commando 5 as well as for South Africa's 32nd Batallion, the latter of which he made a name for himself, and was overall a seasoned veteran.[1][2]

He heard of the exploits of Big Boss and wished to join him should he meet him in battle and end up defeated. At some point, he commanded two armored vehicles, two tanks, and a chopper, the latter of which he personally commandeered until he disembarked at the Nova Braga Airport.

Behind the scenes

The armored column commander is a character who appears in Mission 41: Proxy War Without End of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Extracting him requires the player to track his chopper to Nova Braga Airport without being spotted either by the chopper itself or any other enemies nearby, and doing so will complete the related mission task. If the player interrogates the commander first, he will briefly think that Snake came to kill him and accept his fate, also expressing his impressment at Snake actually sneaking up close to him without any notice, saying the legends were true, but then learns that Snake intends to recruit him into Diamond Dogs, to which he considers it an honor, as well as comment where he hid diamonds for another mission task.[3] The commander is a smoker. He can be seen smoking a cigarette in an office in the airport. Upon being recruited, he is given the name and rank "Sunny Platypus."

Notes and references

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